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Big Brother 18: Day 53 Recap

8-6 paul

It’s veto day in the Big Brother house, which means that we’re going to be in for another day filled with game talk and potential drama. We’ll also see more debating between Paulie and Paul as to who should go this week and possibly even an agreement be reached between them depending on who is able to win today’s veto competition.


4:05 AM BBT: Paul asked Victor if he rather Zakiyah go home over Michelle, to which Victor told him that he feels 100% that way. Paul told him that he might need Victor to back him up when it comes to The Executives since Paulie is pushing for Michelle to go.

9:35 AM BBT: James, Nicole, and Paulie are chosen to play in the veto competition alongside Victor, Michelle, and Zakiyah.

9:40 AM BBT: Michelle began talking to the viewers at home. She said that she doesn’t understand why Victor would want her to go home, so she’s hoping that he has a backdoor plan in mind. She said that if she doesn’t win veto, she’s going to blow things up in the house to try to make others targets.

9:55 AM BBT: James told Natalie that he’s going to throw the veto competition.

7:10 PM BBT: Paulie won the POV. Full details here.

7:10 PM BBT: James told Natalie that Victor said that the kitchen was such a wreck that it would be enough to warrant being the replacement nominee.

7:35 PM BBT: James told Paul about Victor’s replacement nominee comment. Paul told him that Victor wouldn’t dare to do something as stupid like putting James up. James told him that Zakiyah is going to be expecting Paulie to use the veto on her. Paul said that he knows, and that if Paulie doesn’t use it on her, they have to send her home, otherwise they’d be screwing Paulie over and Paul said that they can’t have that.

7:45 PM BBT: James came upstairs to talk to Victor to make sure that they’re good after Victor made that kitchen comment. Victor told James that they’re good and he has nothing to worry about. Victor added that the plan is for Paulie to keep the nominations the same and send home Zakiyah. James told him that might be an issue because Paulie was thinking about keeping Zakiyah, but James told Victor that Paulie also said that he’ll do whatever is best for the guys. James told him that Paulie is fine with Zakiyah going home, but said that he feels like Michelle is the bigger emotional threat and that Paulie could control Zakiyah more with Michelle gone.

8:05 PM BBT: Paulie told Nicole and Paul that he’s thinking about just keeping the nominations the same.

8:10 PM BBT: Victor told Paulie that James came upstairs and said that Paulie was wanting to keep Zakiyah. Paulie told him that he was thinking about it and told Victor that it was the same conversation that they’ve all had together. Paulie told them that he’s not against Zakiayh going and said that if it’s Zakiyah’s time to go it’s her time to go. Paulie told Victor that he does know for a fact that if Zakiyah does get saved, she’d be loyal to him.

8:15 PM BBT: Paulie told Nicole and Corey that he’s thinking about keeping the nominations the same and told Nicole that she’s the only girl he likes and actually wants to keep in the house. Paulie told them that Paul and Victor want to keep Michelle, so Paulie added that when he doesn’t use the veto on Zakiyah, she’s going to want to kill him. Paulie said that he does want Zakiyah gone, just not this week or next week, the week after they get Bridgette out. Paulie told Nicole to get close with Zakiyah so that she could manage the fallout from the veto meeting.

8:20 PM BBT: Paulie told Corey and James that he’s not going to use the veto on Monday, so Paulie told them that they’re going to have to help him with Zakiyah acting crazy afterwards.

8:50 PM BBT: Paul told Paulie that it’s in his best interest for Zakiyah to go because she will be livid once the veto isn’t used on her. Paul explained that if they reeled in Michelle, Michelle is over James, James is over Michelle, Victor is over James, and James is over Victor, which leaves all of them on the outside looking in while those three go after each other. Paulie told Paul that he can tell him for a fact that Corey, James, and Nicole want Zakiyah to stay. Paul told him that he needs to tell them that he wants Zakiyah to go and say that they’d be screwing him by keeping Zakiyah in the house after he didn’t use the veto on her. Paul questioned why they would get Michelle, James’ target, out for him. Paulie told him that they’re getting everyone’s target out for them at this point.

Paul told Paulie that he wants to use Victor to get rid of James, then they’ll get rid of Victor afterwards. Paulie told Paul that it’s going to be clear as day what they’re doing after they get Zakiyah out this week, then Bridgette, then another female. Paulie told him that The Executives need to have a meeting where they lay everything out on the table so that they can make a logical decision. Paulie told him that the only people Zakiyah would go after is Bridgette, Natalie, and Victor.

9:35 PM BBT: Michelle told Natalie that she wouldn’t be surprised if Paulie didn’t use the veto on Zakiyah. Michelle added that she was hoping that there was a secret backdoor plan in the works, but she guesses there isn’t. Natalie asked Michelle if she thought James would use the veto on her if she was on the block. Michelle said that it would depend on what the house wants. Michelle added that she didn’t think James would ever vote against her no matter what. Michelle told Natalie that she loves Bridgette now and said that she was just jealous of how close Bridgette and Frank were. Michelle told her that she thinks she’ll have Natalie, James, Bridgette, and Paul’s vote, but said that she didn’t know about the rest.

10:25 PM BBT: Michelle told Zakiyah that she’s going to be pissed if Paulie doesn’t use the veto on her (Zakiyah).

11:50 PM BBT: Paulie told Bridgette that everyone but Paul and Victor are pushing for Michelle to go this week. Paulie explained that he’s leaning more towards Michelle leaving since she has been randomly saying things in front of James and Victor. Paulie added that Zakiyah lying to him about a comment that Michelle made also made him question why he’d want to keep her as well. Paulie went on to say that the only person he trusts 100% is Corey since Paul likes to exaggerate things when he has an agenda. Bridgette asked if he’s definetly not going to use the veto, to which Paulie confirmed that he wasn’t. Bridgette told him that she knows that if Michelle got the chance to shake things up, she would. Bridgette added that if Michelle were to win HOH, it could be the two of them on the block. Paulie agreed, saying that if Zakiyah won it, he’d be able to deflect that.

Bridgette told Paulie that she’s trying really hard to trust James because Natalie wants it. Paulie told her if he was in her position, he wouldn’t trust James. Paulie added that the only two people that Bridgette needs to worry about right now are the two women on the block. Paulie began to talk about Nicole, saying that he doesn’t know where she stands considering she was the only person that Frank singled out and that James has come to him with suspicions about.

12:15 AM BBT: Corey told Paulie that the reason he’s so gung-ho about getting Michelle out is because she’s a better player and is also the one who made up the Advancemen so that the heat would be taken off the Fatal Five. Paulie asked where he got this information from, to which Corey told him that he got it from Nicole since she was in the Fatal Five with Michelle. Paulie told him that he’s in a tough position because he’s being told not to use it, but at the same time Victor couldn’t get too mad if he did use it considering Victor can’t compete in the next HOH and will be vulnerable.

12:35 AM BBT: Michelle began talking to herself in the safari room. She said that if the nomination stay the same, she’s going to campaign hard after the veto meeting, but won’t throw Zakiyah under the bus. Michelle added that Victor claims he’s playing strategically, but if that were true, he’d put up someone who is beating him time after time. Michelle said that if she is going home this week, she’s going to blow up some people’s games on her way out, but said she’d likely only focus on Paulie, James, and Nicole since she doesn’t have anything to say about anyone else. Michelle added that she has a feeling that Paulie is going to walk away with $500000, but Michelle said that she’s not going to let that happen.

2:00 AM BBT: Zakiyah asked Paulie what the replacement nominee situation was looking like. Paulie told her that it’s something that they’re going to have to figure out, but said that it doesn’t matter since Michelle is going home. Paulie added that even if he didn’t use it, Michelle would still go home. Zakiyah asked if he’s thinking about not using the veto. Paulie told her that it’s just an option, but went on to say that if he thought she was in danger, he’d use it on her without question, but right now she isn’t in danger. Paulie told her that he feels like she trusts him enough to know that he wouldn’t leave her nominated if there was any chance she would go home. Zakiyah told him that she does trust him. Paulie explained that by leaving her on the block and letting people think she might go home, people will reveal their cards to him.

Zakiyah asked Paulie if the roles were reversed and he was on the block after she had just won veto, would he want her to use it on him. Paulie told her that he would know he was safe if she said he wasn’t in danger. Zakiyah asked if Paulie trusted James enough to vote to keep her. Paulie told her that he trusts that James wants Michelle out more than her.

3:25 AM BBT: Paulie talked with Corey and James about getting Michelle out. Both Corey and James agreed that Michelle needed to go and James said that he can use his ability cancel out two votes to ensure that Michelle is the one who goes. James suggested that Paul and Victor want Michelle to stay so bad because they’re forming a squad with Bridgette, Michelle, Paul, and Victor, which will mean that they’ll instantly be one of the strongest in the house. Corey and James told Paulie that Michelle has to go. Paulie told James to axe his and Paul’s vote to ensure that Zakiyah stays.

Paulie told Corey and James that Paul and Victor are only stepping stones that they’re using to win competitions win they must. James told them that they cannot sleep on Victor becaues they’re getting to the point where Victor will be competing in every veto, so taking him out will get harder.

3:55 AM BBT: Paulie told Zakiyah that there is no reason to worry because Michelle going home is already a done deal. Zakiyah told him that she fears that people are going to try to appeal to him to agree to get her out. Paulie reassured her, saying that James’ ability to nix two votes will ensure that it’s a unanimous decision to evict Michelle. Paulie told her that once Michelle is gone, James could replace her in their alliance with Corey and Nicole.

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