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Big Brother 18: Day 49 Recap


It’s going to be a relatively slow day in the Big Brother house, however, there is still plenty to be talked about in regards to the vote. There has been some talk about throwing a vote Da’Vonne’s way, which means that it’ll only take one more vote to tie it up and force Paul to choose who he personally wants to go home.


2:10 PM BBT: Da’Vonne talked to the people are home again. She said that Bridgette is apparently going home, but that you can never know for sure in the house. Da’Vonne added that if God lets her, she’ll survive this week, win HOH, and finally make a big move to shake up the house.

2:35 PM BBT: Paul told Corey, James, and Nicole that the double eviction is why he wants to get Bridgette out soon because she’d come after any of them. James agreed, telling them that she’s not going to forget that he lied to her and Paul confronted her. James explains that Bridgette is likely to put him up with Paul. Paul said that is exactly why they should get Bridgette out next since it’s already too late for them to not get Da’Vonne out. Nicole questioned who the votes were, to which Paul explained that it’s Corey, James, Natalie, Nicole, Paulie, and Victor. Corey told them that they can get Da’Vonne out, then Bridgette. Nicole asked if they’re going to blindside Da’Vonne, Michelle, and Zakiyah. Paul confirmed that they are.

2:55 PM BBT: Da’Vonne joined them in the safari room. They told Da’Vonne that they were talking about the double eviction, to which Day questioned what they’d do during the double. James told her that they’d put up Victor and Bridgette. Da’Vonne reminded him that they can’t put up Bridgette if Da’Vonne stays this week. James tried playing it off as saying he meant it as Bridgette going first, with Victor going out during the double.

3:05 PM BBT: Da’Vonne told the viewers at home that she’s glad she walked in on that conversation and she began saying that “They’re really trying it”, but didn’t give further context.

3:10 PM BBT: Natalie told James that she’s been nothing but nice to Nicole but she’s still throwing her under the bus. James told her to just not worry about it because he plans to take Nicole out if he wins HOH. Natalie asked how everyone was voting, to which James told her that it’s going to be 6-2 to evict Day. Natalie told him that she feels bad for Da’Vonne and said that it’s going to be hard for her to vote Day out. James told her that if it’s going to be hard for anyone, it’s going to be hardest for him since Day trusts him and was on his season. Natalie told him that she could talk to Paul about letting her vote to keep Da’Vonne, then Day can think that it was James who voted to keep her.

3:25 PM BBT: Natalie told Paul that she’s torn about her vote, but said that she still wants to respect his HOH and not go against his wishes. Paul asked who she wanted to vote for, but Natalie told him that she really doesn’t know and that is why she’s asking him. Natalie added that Da’Vonne is super sweet, super nice, and is a mother, but Bridgette has been her friend this entire time. Paul told her to not use Da’Vonne being a mother as an excuse since people will take advantage of her if they find out that she’s sympathetic like that. Paul asked Natalie which it felt right to keep, to which Natalie said Bridgette, so Paul told her that she should keep Bridgette.

5:20 PM BBT: Da’Vonne asked James what they were really talking about when she walked in on them talking. James told her that they really were talking about the double eviction. Da’Vonne told him that he made her nervous when he said he was going to put up Bridgette and Victor. James explained that he thought she was talking about who they’re going to target. Da’Vonne asked James  what he isn’t telling her and then said that she wouldn’t freak out if he tells her that she’s in danger. James told her that he really doesn’t know anything and would let her know if he caught wind of something. Da’Vonne asked James if he trusts Paulie, to which James told her that he doesn’t have a reason not to since Paulie has never came after him.

5:55 PM BBT: Nicole told Paulie that it’s not a good idea to tell Michelle how they are voting since Paul doesn’t want them to. Paulie told her that Corey said Michelle might be mad at Nicole if they don’t tell her. Paulie told Nicole that he wants to tell Michelle that her and Zakiyah are worried about Bridgette while everyone else in the group is worried about Da’Vonne. Paulie went on to tell her that he’s done with Zakiyah’s crap and plans to put her up with Michelle if he wins HOH. Nicole told him that she doesn’t understand why they’re protecting Da’Vonne so much.

6:25 PM BBT: Zakiyah asks Paulie what conclusion they came to last night. Paulie told her that they didn’t, that he just laid out his reasoning for wanting Da’Vonne out. Paulie explains to her that he knows Da’Vonne trusts her 100%, trusts Paul to an extent, but doesn’t trust him. Zakiyah told him that Da’Vonne has never said his name to her. Paulie said that he knows the people who Da’Vonne did say his name to and told her that Da’Vonne isn’t going to talk to her about him until she sees that there has been a wedged placed between them. Zakiyah asked Paulie if she has a reason to worry, but Paulie didn’t give her an answer.

6:45 PM BBT: Zakiyah told Da’Vonne that she is over this game and just wants to call her mom. Da’Vonne asked her what happened. Zakiyah explained that she doesn’t know who to trust anymore. Da’Vonne asked her what Paulie had said, but Zakiyah explained that Paulie didn’t say anything and that’s the problem. Da’Vonne told Zakiyah that she believes she’s going home because nothing has been the same since she’s gone up on the block, including with Paulie. Da’Vonne explained that either Paul knows about it or they’re doing it behind his back. Da’Vonne told Zakiyah that if she does get taken out, Zakiyah just needs to play the game the best she can and warned her that she caught Paulie and Nicole whispering numerous times, so if Zakiyah feels some type of way about Nicole, she shouldn’t voice it.

7:00 PM BBT: James told Natalie to not worry about Nicole because he’s going to take Nicole out for her.

7:05 PM BBT: Da’Vonne told James that she believes they’re going to take a swing at her this week. James asked her how she knew, to which Da’Vonne explained that she’s walking up on conversations and people are shutting up, which is something they didn’t do before. James told her that he can find out for sure if she wanted by telling people that he’s on board with the plan, then reporting back to her.

7:35 PM BBT: Zakiyah started to cry to Nicole, telling her that Paulie won’t tell her what’s going on and that she just doesn’t know what she did to him. Zakiyah told her that she just feels alone, that people are getting mad for her for talking to Da’Vonne even though she’s only talking to her because she feels bad for her. Nicole told her that she shouldn’t stop talking to Da’Vonne since it’s smart to try to get her jury vote. Zakiyah told Nicole that she questions if Paulie is using her, playing with her feelings so that he can string her along and make her do what he wants later. Nicole told Zakiyah that her and Paulie just needs to talk it over. Zakiyah told Nicole not to tell Paulie that she was crying, but to just tell him to meet her in the Paris room.

8:15 PM BBT: Da’Vonne told Michelle that before she was on the block, she was invited to conversations, but now everyone just shuts up when she enters the room. Michelle explained to Da’Vonne that she talked to Paulie about it and he said that Bridgette is going home, so she doesn’t know why he’d be lying. Da’Vonne told her that she hopes so and said that she wants to win HOH so that she can question Paulie as to why she wasn’t included in any conversations.

8:20 PM BBT: Nicole begin filling in Paulie about Zakiyah wanting to talk to him, but the conversation got changed to a new subject about their plan for this week and relationships in the house. Paulie told Nicole about Zakiyah saying that she doesn’t like her since she was withholding information from Zakiyah. Nicole told Paulie that Zakiyah has to go, but Paulie told her that it needs to be Michelle who goes first. Paulie explained to Nicole that he doesn’t even talk game with Michelle or Zakiyah, he just feeds them misinformation, but when he wants someone out, he’ll explain his reasoning behind it. Paulie told her that Zakiyah is playing just like Vanessa by using the crying card and acting like she’s all alone.

8:50 PM BBT: Paulie and Zakiyah’s conversation started. Paulie began explaining to Zakiyah that she didn’t come clean to him about James being in the room when Michelle came in to voice her displeasure of who the target was, which Paulie said makes him question where she’s taking the information he gives her. Zakiyah tried telling Paulie that she doesn’t even know what he’s talking about, but Paulie broke it down for her, saying that she lied about two different things when it comes to what Michelle told her. Paulie explained that Zakiyah told him that there were two people in the room, but there were actually three, and that third person was James, who told him what was really said. Zakiyah tried to tell Paulie that she wasn’t counting herself when saying how many people were in the room and said that James was sleeping to begin with. Zakiyah began to cry, telling Paulie that she doesn’t know how they went from her telling him everything since week one, to now him accusing her of being a liar. \

Paulie told her that he never said that, then told her that she feels some type of way because he gave her three separate chances to tell the truth, but never did. Zakiyah told him that testing her like that proves he doesn’t trust her. Paulie said no, that if he didn’t trust her, he’d tell her straight up. Zakiyah tried to tell Paulie that he was being cold with her, but Paulie insisted that he was just speaking logically. Zakiyah apologized for him feeling betrayed for whatever reason, but Paulie told her that he never said that. Paulie told her that she’s trying to make everything more complex than it really is, but Zakiyah finally snapped back, telling him not to tell her what she’s trying to do. Paulie then got up, telling her that the conversation is over and leaving her in the Paris room to cry by herself.

9:20 PM BBT: Paulie explained everything to Paul. Telling Paul about him and Zakiyah’s conversation and where everything stemmed from. Paulie explained that Zakiyah lied about who was in the room when Michelle told her that she was upset about them targeting Da’Vonne and that James was actually in the room too. James ended up joining them, then Paulie broke everything down for him too. Victor joined them, telling Paulie that Zakiyah was downstairs crying to Nicole. Paulie explained that he finally called Zakiyah out on her lies. Paulie explained to them that this is exactly what Tiffany did when it came to using her emotions to play people.

9:30 PM BBT: Zakiyah retold her conversation with Paulie to Nicole, explaining to her that everything had just backfired, that Paulie just snapped on her and basically cut her off. Nicole told Zakiyah that Paulie still has her back when it comes to the game, though. Zakiyah said that she just feels stupid because she would never betray Paulie even though he’s making it seem like she’s going to be careful moving forward. Zakiyah told Nicole that from now on, she’s going to be completely business only with Paulie. Nicole told Zakiyah that Paulie is hurt too, it’s just that boys are better at hiding it and that it’s obvious his emotions were involved too, otherwise he would have finished their conversation.

10:00 PM BBT: Corey, Paulie, Paul, and Victor agreed that Michelle needed to go during the double eviction and the they shouldn’t get Bridgette out until she starts to get upset about being used a pawn so much. Paul asked if they could focus more on Bridgette, but Corey told him that Bridgette would likely put up Michelle and James. Paul explained that Bridgette isn’t going to waste an HOH on the girls. Paul told them that they could put up Bridgette and Michelle, then if Michelle pulled herself off, they could use Zakiyah as the replacement.

10:25 PM BBT: Da’Vonne talked to the viewers at home, saying that she might have gotten her girl Zakiyah back to being focused and willing to be able to help her take out Paulie. Da’Vonne said that they might actually be able to win this thing if she can survive the week.

10:30 PM BBT: Natalie told James that Da’Vonne trusts him 1 million percent and that Bridgette has made comments indicating that she’s annoyed with him. Natalie added that Bridgette might put him on the block while Da’Vonne wouldn’t. Natalie explained to him that Da’Vonne would be crushed if he were to go against her. James told Natalie that they don’t have the votes, that if anything it’ll come down to a tie and then they’ll just be pissing off the people who can win and Da’Vonne will still be sent home.

10:55 PM BBT: Zakiyah told Michelle about her conversation with Paulie. Michelle told her that Nicole has been acting shady all day. Zakiyah agreed, saying that each time Nicole had something to say, she stopped herself before revealing something. Zakiyah said that she is hoping that James and Natalie stick to their guns about getting Bridgette out. Michelle told her that Paul wouldn’t break the tie.

Zakiyah told Michelle that she’s not going to be protecting Paulie anymore if one of them win HOH since it hurt her how he flipped on her like that. Zakiyah tells her that Paulie is wanting the person he talks with to tell on themselves and that is how he treated their entire conversation. Zakiyah told Michelle that Paulie is mad at her, not Michelle. Michelle said that Paulie knows that she’s onto his crap and said that he shouldn’t have made it so obvious. Zakiyah said that she’s onto it too. Zakiyah told Michelle that she feels like Paulie created this fight so that they’d lose the emotional connection they had. Michelle told him that since there isn’t an emotional connection, there shouldn’t be a physical one either. Zakiyah agreed, saying that would never happen again. Zakiyah and Michelle agreed that they didn’t want to see Paulie win and wouldn’t vote for him if he made final two.

11:20 PM BBT: Victor told Michelle that she looks pissed and asked her why. Michelle told him that she might be pissed and that there is a lot of reasons for her to be. Victor said that it seems like a lot of small drama is happening, to which Michelle confirmed and said that it’s because people have big mouths.

11:25 PM BBT: Victor told Paul, Corey, and Nicole about Michelle being pissed, so Paul went to ask Michelle what was up. Michelle told him that she’s sick of everyone’s crap and that it looks like people are going to push for Da’Vonne to go home this week. Paul asked who, but Michelle didn’t tell him. Michelle told Paul that she’s pissed and annoyed to there point where she’s about to cry.

11:35 PM BBT: Paul told Paulie about Victor asking Michelle if she was pissed and the response that he got. Paulie told him that Zakiyah will 100% put him up if she gets it, which is to be expected now. Paulie told Paul that he should act panicked and blindsided after Da’Vonne’s eviction and try to get in on Michelle’s side.  Victor joined them, telling them that he doesn’t care anymore and will make sure to personally send Michelle home if he wins HOH and will not even attempt to mend anything. Paul told Victor to say something to Michelle and Zakiyah before the HOH to psych them out.

12:10 AM BBT: Da’Vonne told Natalie that the way the house is going, she might need her vote. Da’Vonne added that she thinks Natalie knows that she’d never put her or James up. Da’Vonne told her that it would suck if someone did flip and the two of them could have been the one to save her. Natalie told her that she understands. Da’Vonne told Natalie that before she was put up, she was giving Bridgette advice, so this might be a time where having a heart could come back to bite her. Natalie told her that on a personal level, her and Bridgette are good friends. Da’Vonne repeated that she didn’t want to end up going home because she was too nice.

12:25 AM BBT: Zakiyah came upstairs and jumped into Paulie’s arms. Da’Vonne joined them shortly after. Da’Vonne asked if everything is good for Thursday and if they’re still voting Bridgette out. Paulie told her that it all is as far as he knows since that is what Paul wanted. Da’Vonne jokingly asked him what he wanted, not what Paul wanted since Paulie didn’t sound do convinced. Paulie told her again that he’s voting Bridgette out. Da’Vonne told Paulie that she was just coming to double check since it feels like they haven’t talked much since the veto meeting. Paulie told her that he’s sorry and will make sure to be more mindful of talking to her more.

12:35 AM BBT: Paulie told Zakiyah that he’s going to be honest with Da’Vonne and tell her that he’s the one who pushed for her to go up. Zakiyah asked him what the plan for this week was, to which Paulie told her that he wants to see how Da’Vonne reacts to his conversation with her, but that he’s likely going to vote Bridgette out. Zakiyah told him that if he still feels uneasy about Da’Vonne, that is what she’ll go along with, but said personally that she’d like Bridgette out.

1:10 AM BBT: Michelle told Da’Vonne that she hadn’t been upstairs all week and it feels like people are starting to plot against her. Da’Vonne told her that the worst case scenario is for her to be evicted and they get to hangout in jury together. Da’Vonne told Michelle about Paulie telling her that he’s voting to keep her.

Zakiyah later joined them. Michelle asked Zakiyah if she had told Paulie about her saying she didn’t want Paul to win since Paul hasn’t been talking to her. Zakiyah said that she hadn’t. Zakiyah told them that after today’s argument with Paulie, she’s going to be more guarded and will just sit and listen to people like James does since he’s successfully coasting right now.

1:35 AM BBT: James told Paulie, Corey, and Nicole that Da’Vonne, Michelle, and Zakyiah are going to start piecing things together soon. Paulie told him that it doesn’t matter since Da’Vonne is going home.  Paulie added that after they get out Da’Vonne, Michelle and Zakiyah should be next.

1:35 AM BBT: Da’Vonne told Michelle that she caught James, Nicole, and Corey whispering with the door closed twice yesterday. Da’Vonne questioned Michelle on how she feels about Nicole. Michelle said that she’s been sketched out lately since she’s always with Corey and Paulie. Da’Vonne told Michelle that Frank and Bridgette told her that Nicole approached them to do a final four with Corey. Michelle told her that she believes it. Da’Vonne told her that the entire time Frank and Bridgette were trying to get her out, Nicole and Corey were too.

1:40 AM BBT: Corey, James, Nicole, and Paulie agreed to talk to Bridgette as little as possible until Thursday to ensure that Michelle and Zakiyah are completely convinced that Da’Vonne is staying.  Corey and Paulie were left to talk alone, where Corey told Paulie that he hopes Da’Vonne isn’t dumb and can catch up on that she’s going home. Corey also added that Michelle and Zakiyah weren’t targets at all last week but they’ll be prime targets going into this new week. Paulie told Corey that Zakiyah is still trying to get information out of him. Corey told him that he should play that part and keep Zakiyah close as possible.

1:45 AM BBT: James told Michelle that he knows that her bestie, Zakiyah, called him a social floater.

2:05 AM BBT: James told Da’Vonne that he told Michelle that one of her friends called him and Paul a social floater. Da’Vonne told James and Natalie that she had some conversations today and is going to need them to have her back come Thursday. James told her that if it comes down to it, she’s going to need Paul’s tie-breaking vote. Da’Vonne told them that as long as they can tie the vote, she has a fighting chance. Da’Vonne told Natalie that if Corey, Nicole, Paulie, and Victor want her out, then Natalie votes to keep Bridgette, Day is going to be out of the house. James told her that he’d have to talk to Paul to make sure that he’d keep Da’Vonne in the event of a tie-breaker. James added that if Paul isn’t willing to, they’re going to have to have a talk. Da’Vonne told James that when she’s in the DR, she always talks about him being her main guy in the house, so it would really hurt her feelings if he voted her out.

2:15 AM BBT: Natalie told James that Da’Vonne really does trust him and she has always known that. James told her that it would make no difference how he voted since Paul wants Da’Vonne out. James explained that if they voted Bridgette out and she didn’t leave, they’d be screwed. Natalie questioned why Paul wants Da’Vonne out, to which James explained that it’s because Paulie wants it. James told her that he knows it’s best to vote Bridgette out but there is nothing he can do. James told Natalie that if they want to play the game, it’s best for them to vote Da’Vonne out, but if they want to play personal, they should keep Da’Vonne. Natalie told him that she’s going to vote how he votes, so if he’s going to vote out Da’Vonne, so will she.

2:40 AM BBT: Da’Vonne told Michelle and Zakiyah that hopefully nobody is lying to them, it’s an easy week, Bridgette goes home, then she wins HOH so that she can shake things up, but told Zakiyah that she’s not going to put up her boo.

3:00 AM BBT: Zakiyah and James had a private talk about the comment she made regarding him being a social floater. Zakiyah explained that she has never said anything but good things about him and that when she called him a social butterfly, she meant it as a compliment since he’s playing such a good game right now. James told her that he has no problems with her and if she hears about anything else she wants to ask him, he’ll be straight up about it. The conversation got changed towards today’s argument and James confirmed to Zakiyah that he told Paulie about Michelle’s comment regarding Paulie, Corey, and Nicole whispering a lot.

3:15 AM BBT: Michelle asked James if he had ever went and told someone something that she had said. James told her that he has, that he told Paulie about the whispering comment she made for the good of the group since if she was able to spot it, so would other people. Michelle told James that when he says he doesn’t name drop, she’d like to think he doesn’t actually name drop.

3:20 AM BBT: Da’Vonne, Michelle, and Zakiyah have a late night conversation about the day’s events. Michelle said that she doesn’t like how James ran and told Paulie but wouldn’t tell her about the other people who had told him about the comment she made. Da’Vonne talked about shaking up the game if she were to stay and win veto. Zakiyah realized Paulie was the one who told James about her social butterfly comment.

3:55 AM BBT: Da’Vonne told Zakiyah that if what Michelle said about James and Nicole being close, they’re screwed because of how much they’ve talked about Nicole in front of him. Da’Vonne told her that she caught James, Corey, and Nicole in the safari room with the door shut just today. Da’Vonne asked Zakiyah if she’d be willing to get Paulie out if the time came to it. Zakiyah told her that it would have to be someone else who gets him out.

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