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Big Brother 18: Day 39 Recap!

Nicole Franzel from Big Brother 18 - Source: CBS

Nicole Franzel from Big Brother 18 – Source: CBS

It’s veto day in the Big Brother house, which means that it’s virtually guaranteed to be a hectic and busy day. This week will be completely determined by who wins today. If Frank manages to pull himself off, it’s possible that a newer and bigger target than Bridgette gets put up, especially since James is starting to regret his nominations after feeling like he’s doing Paulie’s dirty work.


9:45 AM BBT: Frank told Paulie that he’s going to pick him to play in the veto for. Paulie told Frank that he didn’t know if they could be able to sway the house to get the replacement nominee out even if he did win the veto and come down. Frank questioned where Paul were to stood on voting the replacement nominee out. Paulie explained that it would have to be Da’Vonne or possibly Victor. Frank told Paulie that he expected this because he said that he didn’t expect to be put up and not attempted to be sent home. Paulie told Frank that the odds of saving him go down if Bridgette is the one who pulled herself off.

11:30 PM BBT: James told Bridgette that he feels really bad about putting her up because he promised her that he wouldn’t during the HOH competition. James told her that a lot of people wanted her and Frank up, but said that he isn’t opposed to one of them coming off and getting the votes to evict the replacement nominee. James told Bridgette that if Frank does leave, it’s good for her game cause that’s 80% of the heat off her.

12:35 PM BBT: Bridgette told Natalie about the Fatal Five, Eight Pack, and everything that Da’Vonne was involved in leading up to this week. Bridgette told her about the plan for Frank and the other guys to get James to nominate Da’Vonne if they have the votes. Natalie questioned why Day out of all people, to which Bridgette told her that Da’Vonne was the head of the snake and the one creating the lies. Natalie told if that if rally the votes is what it takes for her to stay, than that is what they should do.

2:15 PM BBT: Da’Vonne, Michelle, and Nicole are chosen to play in veto.

2:20 PM BBT: Da’Vonne told Paul that she heard that Frank is wanting her to be the replacement nominee if either Frank or Bridgette come down. Paul told her that wouldn’t happen, and even if it were to happen, she’d have the votes to stay. Paul explained that James is set in stone and hates Frank and Bridgette just as much as they do. Paul told Da’Vonne that he believes he can get Bridgette to not use the veto if she were to win it and said that he doesn’t see Frank being able to win.

2:35 PM BBT: James told Corey, Nicole, and Paul that if Frank or Bridgette win veto, he’s going to let them choose who goes up as the pawn, but said that he doesn’t want to nominate someone who’s already been on the block.

3:10 PM BBT: Bridgette told Paulie that she feels like even if her or Frank were to come off the block, the person left nomination would go home. Bridgette told him that nobody has the balls to go after Da’Vonne. Paulie told her that he’s going after her the first chance he gets because Paulie says that Da’vonne has thrown his name out to people four different times.

3:40 PM BBT: Frank and Bridgette discussed who they’d put up if they both stayed and who they’d put up if one left and the other won HOH. If one of them were to leave, they’d put up James and Da’Vonne, but if they both were to stay and one of them won HOH, they’d put up Da’Vonne and Michelle or Zakiyah. Frank told Bridgette that if he comes off the block, he’s thinking about telling James that he knows how Frank competes when his back is against the wall and will come after James if he doesn’t nominate Da’Vonne.

4:20 PM BBT: Frank and Nicole talked about their relationship. Nicole told Frank that after he threw her under the bus during the HOH competition, she doesn’t know if Frank really wants to work with her. Frank explained that he did it with the intention of making a deal with Da’Vonne to drop in exchange for the information, which he thought would make either Bridgette or James win, then Da’Vonne would go up and go home. Nicole told him that it does make sense. Nicole questioned if Frank would still want to work with her if Bridgette went home. Frank told her that he would.

8:15 PM BBT: Frank told Bridgette that part of him thinks that the guys would work with him if he stayed and the other part thinks the entire thing involving the guys has just been one big charade. Frank told her that they could get the votes to evict Victor if James didn’t want to put up Da’Vonne.

8:25 PM BBT: Frank told Paulie that he had a couple people tell him that James said he’d be willing to play ball if people came to him with a plan to change the target. Frank told him that he thinks they could get the votes to get Da’Vonne out, to which Paulie agreed.

10:40 PM BBT: Michelle wins POV. Full details here

11:00 PM BBT: James questioned who they were sending home. Paul told him Frank because he can operate without Bridgette while Bridgette will be lost without him. Paul explained that they know Bridgette would go after the girls while they don’t know what Frank would do.

11:10 PM BBT: Frank told Bridgette that he’s not going to campaign against her because it wouldn’t work. Frank points out that he’s been campaigning for the last two weeks without any luck. Frank told her that they can go over what her best plan is moving forward once he’s evicted.

11:15 PM BBT: James told Frank that he doesn’t know which of them is the target and will have to ask around first. James told him that he put them up because he didn’t have much time to think about it and people were putting their names in his ear.

11:55 PM BBT: Michelle told Natalie that she wants Bridgette out because she’s the one who can win competitions, but said that she’ll do whatever James is wanting this week.

12:15 AM BBT: Da’Vonne tells James that he needs to be mindful of people that are trying to use him since he’s HOH. Da’Vonne told him that she rather come in third to him and Natalie than to come in fifth of Nicole, Corey, Paulie, and Zakiyah.

1:05 AM BBT: Frank and Paulie discuss votes. Paulie told Frank that he wants to keep him over Bridgette and knows votes that would vote to keep him. Frank told him that he isn’t going to campaign against Bridgette, but will try to get Michelle to use the veto on one of them.

1:20 AM BBT: Natalie questioned if it’s okay for James to break a deal like he did. James told her that you can only break a deal with the house has your back and it was justified, which James says it was for Frank and Bridgette. James told Natalie that moving forward, Bridgette and Victor will be targeted next, followed by Da’Vonne and Michelle. James told Natalie that he thinks people will vote out Bridgette, but said that he could see Michelle trying to use the power of her veto to vote out Bridgette.

1:40 AM BBT: Paulie told Nicole and Corey that he feels like either Frank or Bridgette has to go, but he said that moving forward, he’s rather target Da’Vonne instead of Bridgette. Paulie explained that if Zakiyah didn’t want to get Da’Vonne out, he could put them both on the block together. Corey told him that they should let Paul or Victor win the next HOH so that they could target who they wanted and then the two of them could play in the double eviction HOH. Nicole asked who they’d get Paul or Victor to put up. Paulie told her that it would be Da’Vonne and someone, likely Michelle.

2:05 AM BBT: Bridgette told Corey, Nicole, Paulie, and Zakiyah that she rather have Bridgette go home this week cause Frank would be someone better to have around in jury.

2:25 AM BBT: Michelle told Paul that she rather have Bridgette go home. Paul told her that there was no way that would happen.

2:30 AM BBT: Paul told Corey, Nicole, Paulie, and Zakiyah that he’d like to reiterate that they’re sending Frank home because they have him pinned right now and they wouldn’t know when they’d be able to repeat that if he were to stay.

3:35 AM BBT: Paulie old Frank, Bridgette, and Victor that he’s upset with Zakiyah cause she said that student athletes get to skate through school without doing any hard work, which Paulie said isn’t true cause he got all As from working as hard as he could. Paulie told him that he’s going for the HOH and will put put up Zakyiah next to Da’Vonne.

3:50 AM BBT: Frank beings his campaign to Michelle. Frank told Michelle that America loves when the veto is used, when people get backdoored, and when the power shifts, which are all reasons she should use the veto. Michelle told Frank that she knows, but said that she wants Bridgette gone and isn’t going to wavier on that. Michelle told Frank that she doesn’t know if she could even trust him because she’s heard that Frank has thrown her name out there. Frank swore to her that it wasn’t true and people were making it up to drive a wedge between them. Michelle told Frank that she is open to options and is here to do what is best for her game.

4:15 AM BBT: Da’Vonne told James that Paulie and Michelle are starting to feel bad for Frank and are possibly wanting to keep him. James told her that she’ll tell Paulie that if he gets Michelle to use the veto, Paulie will be the replacement nominee.

4:25 AM BBT: Da’Vonne, James, Paul, and Zakiyah tried to break up Frank and Michelle’s conversation, but Frank told him that he’s pleading his case to the veto winner, so he’d like them to go away.

4:40 AM BBT: Paul began telling everyone that he’s going to confront Frank for campaigning to Michelle when he gets done talking to her.

4:50 AM BBT: Paul confronts Frank. Complete recap of the entire confrontation HERE

5:15 AM BBT: Paulie told Paul and Victor that Frank was right about Da’Vonne wanting the guys out because that is a fact.

5:20 AM BBT: Paul told Da’Vonne that Frank’s plan is to get Michelle to use the veto, get her nominated, then stack the votes against her. Paul also told her that Frank is also after Zakiyah now for reasons he doesn’t understand. Paul told Da’Vonne, James, and Natalie that Frank trusts him again, so if they see him acting buddy buddy with Frank, it’s all an act.

5:45 AM BBT: Michelle tells Paul that she feels like Bridgette is more of a threat than Frank is. Paul explained to her that it would be harder to get Frank back in this position than it would be to get Bridgette back to being nominated.

5:55 AM BBT: Michelle told Da’Vonne everything from her conversation with Frank.

6:15 AM BBT: Zakiyah told Paulie that she was only joking about the student athlete comment and said that she knows better because she’s been with plenty of them. Zakiyah asked Paul what Frank said about her. Paul explained that Frank didn’t say why, but said that he wants Zakiyah out.

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