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Big Brother 18: Day 36 Recap!

We’re only one day away from eviction, which means that today’s feeds will consist mostly of last minute campaigning from likely all three nominees and everyone’s plan heading into the new week and who their targets will be. Everyone was up late last night, so there might be some downtime today with people taking naps.


1:40 PM BBT: Da’Vonne told Michelle that she trusts Zakiyah, Paulie, and the rest of their alliance to keep her, but said that the fan in her needs to get confirmation at least once today.

1:45 PM BBT: Nicole gives Da’Vonne confirmation that she’ll keep her, but told Day that she feels like Day has been questioning her a lot more recently. Da’Vonne explained that she feels like a wedge has been placed between after they started out with a really good friendship. Nicole told her that she doesn’t want her to feel this way and will do what it takes to repair their relationship.

1:50 PM BBT: Zakiyah asked Nicole what happened downstairs. Nicole told her that Da’Vonne wanted to make sure she’s good tomorrow and said that Day has noticed Nicole has been gravitating towards Zakiyah. Zakiyah told Nicole that if Da’Vonne is feeling left out, it isn’t their fault that she is sleeping all day. Nicole mentioned the final two she made with her, Frank, and James, so she should be able to go to those people at least.

2:25 PM BBT: Nicole told Corey that they could get Da’Vonne out if they wanted to. Nicole told him that preferably they’d get Michelle, Paulie, and Zakiyah on board before making a move like that, though. Corey told her that if Da’Vonne stays, he’s going going to nominate Day and Bridgette. Nicole told him that strategically speaking, Da’Vonne is a bigger threat to them but Frank is a bigger threat when it comes to the upcoming double eviction. Nicole told him that if Tiffany wants to stay, she needs to blow up on Da’Vonne in front of everyone and then they’d all point out Day’s lies.

2:55 PM BBT: Nicole told Frank that Tiffany is going to be the one that leaves this week if she doesn’t blow up on Da’Vonne in front of everyone and also spill all the beans on the information she has told people in private. Frank told her that it could happen tomorrow morning. Frank told Nicole that neither her nor Corey would have anything to worry about if he, Bridgette, or Tiffany won HOH during a normal week or during double eviction because Frank said that they have other people in mind. Nicole told Frank that if Da’Vonne doesn’t go this week, she needs to go next week. Frank told Nicole that they should make a final four deal between them two, Bridgette, and Corey.

3:15 PM BBT: Paulie told James that Da’Vonne will be the one to try to knock out the couples, but said that Frank will try to get him and Corey out, then use Bridgette to get Zakiyah and Nicole out. Paulie told him that Frank would send home Natalie so that James would come back to him. James told Paulie that if they were to play their cards right, James, Paulie, Natalie, Zakiyah, Corey, Nicole, and Paul would make a strong alliance. Paulie agreed, saying that he just wants Frank, Bridgette, and Da’Vonne out, but said that he’d want Day out before Bridgette because Bridgette wouldn’t have anyone after Frank left.

5:00 PM BBT: Corey told Tiffany that there are people want them to vote her out, but Corey told her that he is leaning more towards Da’Vonne cause she wants him out. Corey explained to her that the vote would be 4-4 and Paulie would have to break the tie. Corey told Tiffany that Paulie is worried that she’d come after him, so she’ll need to swear to go after the girls. Tiffany told Corey that she’d have his back if they kept him, to which Corey responded by telling her to tell Paulie that.

5:20 PM BBT: Corey told Paulie that if the vote is 4-4 and it’s Michelle, Z, Paul, and Michelle on the other side, he’d have to choose which side he wants to be on with his tie-breaking vote. Corey told Paulie that Tiffany has swore to him that she wouldn’t come after the guys, but Paulie said he doesn’t believe her. Paulie said that Tiffany will change her attitude like the seasons just like her sister did. Frank told Paulie that Tiffany isn’t like her sister. Frank explained to Paulie that they don’t have anyone who can rope in Da’Vonne while they have Frank and Bridgette to rope in Tiffany for the time being. Paulie told him that Da’Vonne can’t win any competitions. Frank agreed, but said that the main difference between Day and Tiffany is that nobody will listen to Tiffany while Da’Vonne already has her hooks in people. Paulie told Frank that he doesn’t want to be in the position where he has to break a tie. Frank told him that he wouldn’t be, that they’re only looking to get his ‘OK’ on their plan.

6:05 PM BBT: Paul told Paulie that Tiffany is a number for Frank, so she needs to go. Nicole told Paul that Da’Vonne has been saying that he is playing both sides and has been telling everyone everything. Paulie explained to Paul that more and more is coming out about Da’Vonne and it’s not just coming from Tiffany and Frank. Paulie told Paul, Zakiyah, Corey, and Nicole that nobody would ever work with Tiffany, while he believes that Day would go right to Frank if she were to stay.

7:05 PM BBT: Zakiyah told Paul that she wants to get Frank and Bridgette out before they move onto thinking about getting anyone else out. Zakiyah told him that they should just lay low and listen like she said she’s been doing with Da’Vonne.

8:00 PM BBT: Bridgetee and Tiffany both discussed their dislike of Michelle because of how rude she is to people. Tiffany said that she wants Michelle out because she’s like a leech who sucks the life out of people.

8:00 PM BBT: Frank told Nicole that he believes he can get the vote to be 7-1 to evict Da’Vonne even without talking to James. Nicole told him that she’d get to work campaigning to people about it tonight. Nicole told Frank that she is serious about their group of four with them, Bridgette, and Corey.

8:35 PM BBT: Paulie told Corey that James told him about Da’Vonne saying that they needed to break up the couples and then pointed at Paulie specifically saying that he needed to be the first of the couples to go. Paulie told Corey that they don’t have anything to worry about when it comes to James because he isn’t letting Da’Vonne get into his ear.

9:00 PM BBT: Nicole told Tiffany that she 100% believes her when it comes to everything that Tiffany told her and Nicole said that she’s going to talk to people tonight to figure out how they plan on voting. Nicole questioned Tiffany if she had talked to anyone, to which Tiffany told her that Frank and Bridgette on are on board, Nicole and Corey are on board, so Tiffany tells her that she only needs one more person. Nicole voiced her concerns about Tiffany going after them if she won HOH, but Tiffany told her that she would never do that and would put up whomever Nicole wanted. Nicole told Tiffany that Da’Vonne said Tiffany found out about the showmance alliance by eavesdropping by putting a cup against a wall and listening in on a conversation. Tiffany told her that isn’t true and it was Da’Vonne who personally told her when they were still close.

9:20 PM BBT: Frank told Bridgette that Nicole is good to go and will be talking to some people tonight to try and sway their votes too. Frank told her that they might have to get Tiffany out next week, but said that he doesn’t want to do that.

9:45 PM BBT: Paul told Michelle that the plan for next week is to put two strong competitors like him and James on the block to ensure that Frank isn’t the one who wins veto.

9:45 PM BBT: Zakiyah told Paulie that everyone is getting so excited about Da’Vonne, but she says they should come down and worry about that later. Paulie told Zakiyah that she agrees they should stay on course, but said that he only included Da’Vonne in their original alliance because Zakiyah trusted her.

10:30 PM BBT: Paulie told James that he should just tell Tiffany that he’s going to vote with the house if Tiffany tries to come campaign to him. Paulie told him that they need to take care of Tiffany, go after Frank and Bridgette, then after all that is taken care of is when they can think about going after Da’Vonne. Paulie explained that Da’Vonne will throw them under the bus and will create an alliance with Frank next week, but they still need to get Tiffany out. James asked if he’s 100% sure everyone is on board with getting Tiffany out. Paulie confirmed, saying he just needed to talk with Corey.

11:00 PM BBT: Natalie told James that Michelle told her that Frank was planning to use either her, Corey, or Nicole next week as a backup target if he were to win HOH and his main target pulled themselves off. James told her that she doesn’t have to worry because Frank is going home.

12:00 AM BBT: Corey told James that Da’Vonne hasn’t even come to him, that at least Tiffany came to him and actually tried. Corey added that Tiffany is trying to work with him while Da’Vonne hasn’t offered him anything.

12:10 AM BBT: Both Nicole and James told another another that they’re going to be doing what the other plans. James told Nicole that he is willing to vote either way. Nicole tod him that Da’Vonne is 100% putting targets on a few of their backs, while Nicole said that Tiffany would be grateful to be saved, so she’d go after who they wanted. James told her that they already kept Tiffany in here once and told her to look at the hell it has raised. Nicole told him that they should just get rid of Tiffany so that they don’t make that same mistake twice.

12:20 AM BBT: Nicole told Corey that James is wanting to keep Tiffany, so if he isn’t okay with that, Nicole told him that the two of them would need to go talk to him. Nicole told Corey that Paulie is HOH, so they’d might want to do what he wants in order to resepect him winning and keeping them safe.

12:25 AM BBT: Corey made his pitch to James, telling him that Da’Vonne wants the guys out and that they’d have no idea as to who she’d put up. James told Corey that he believes Da’Vonne would do what the house wants. Corey told James and Natalie that they can keep Da’Vonne, but she needs to be someone they get out soon. Corey, James, and Nicole agreed to vote Tiffany out tomorrow.

12:45 AM BBT: Nicole told Frank that they don’t have the numbers, that she doesn’t want to go against the house, James doesn’t want it, and that she doesn’t want to make Paulie mad. Frank told Nicole and Corey that if DA’Vonne wins, which he said that she is due for one, she’s going to put him up with either Corey or Paulie. Nicole told him that it doesn’t work like that because she said that if you stink, you just stink. Nicole asked Frank if he’s okay with sending Da’Vonne home next week, but Frank just replied that he doesn’t want her in jury. Nicole told him that they’re just going to have to get Da’Vonne out next week because everyone isn’t on board. Frank told her that if they keep Da’Vonne and take her to jury, neither him nor Corey could take Nicole to the final two because they know that Day will have all the girls voting against the guys. Frank told Nicole that if Da’Vonne wins and comes after him, he’ll be pissed and come after Nicole. Nicole told him that he can’t hold that against her, but Frank told her that he was only playing.

1:05 AM BBT: Tiffany makes her pitch to Paulie. Tiffany told him that if she were to stay and win HOH, it would be another one of his HOHs because she would do whatever he wanted in return for breaking the tie in her favor. Paulie told Tiffany that if it’s a tie, he’d consider saying he made a mistake and then send Da’Vonne home. Tiffany told Paulie that she doesn’t know how to prove it to him, but swore that she isn’t gunning for him.

1:05 AM BBT: James told Frank that he doesn’t want to go against the house, so he plans to vote whomever out that they choose. Frank told him that Nicole and Corey are feeling like he doesn’t want to get Da’Vonne out. James explained that he doesn’t want to piss Paulie off. Frank explained to him that he still would want Tiffany out next week and would nominate her if he were to win HOH.

1:40 AM BBT: James questioned Paulie about what everyone is thinking about for tomorrow’s vote. Paulie told him that everyone is thinking about voting Tiffany out and he’s 100% for that. Paulie told him that if it comes down to a tie, he’s going to vote Tiffany out too. Paulie explained that he doesn’t worry about taking Da’Vonne to jury like Frank does because he doesn’t have any plan on taking a girl to the final two.

2:05 AM BBT: Frank told Tiffany that people need to know that Paulie is on board with get Da’Vonne out, otherwise nobody is going to flip their vote. Tiffany thanked him for campaigning for her and said that all she can do now is just try to stay positive.

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