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Big Brother 18: Day 35 Recap!

Da'Vonne Rogers from Big Brother 118 - Source: CBS

Da’Vonne Rogers from Big Brother 18 – Source: CBS

It’s Tuesday, which means that it’s going to be a relatively slow day in the Big Brother house like it is every week. There are no competitions or ceremonies to be held, so houseguests are likely to sleep in and take naps whenever throughout the day. However, we will get more talk about this week’s planned evictee and people’s plans moving into next week.


11:45 AM BBT: Da’Vonne told James, who is in an showmance, that they need to start cutting showmances because they’re never going to choose them over the guy or girl that they’re with. After James raised the issue of him being in a showmance too, Da’Vonne explained that she wasn’t talking about him, she was talking about the likes of Paulie, since he’s actually feared by people in the house. Da’Vonne also mentioned how attached Nicole has become to Corey. James told her not to worry because they’re all going to target Frank over them.

1:10 PM BBT: Tiffany told Frank that they could get Nicole to hide in the chest that is in the safari room while he talked to Da’Vonne and got her to reveal she wants Corey out, but Frank told her that it wasn’t a good idea.

1:55 PM BBT: Zakiyah told James and Nicole about her displeasure with Natalie taking a picture with Paulie even though Zakyiah had told Natalie she could when she asked. Zakiyah told Nicole that maybe she’s just someone Paulie can flirt with during the summer. Zakiyah added that she’s going to start pulling back from Paulie so that she doesn’t get her feelings hurt.

3:45 PM BBT: Tiffany told Bridgette about her idea of getting Nicole to hide in the safari room while Frank baited Da’Vonne into saying she wants Corey out, but Bridgette told her that it was too risky. Tiffany told her that she just needs to talk about normal stuff to Nicole all day today and then tomorrow or the day after is when she should start talking game.

4:10 PM BBT: Nicole questioned Zakiyah if she believed that them two, Corey, and Paulie could go far. Zakiyah told her that she believed they could because they’re the only people she trusts. Nicole told Zakiyah that she believes Da’Vonne has made a lot of final twos with everyone. Zakiyah agreed, saying that Day gets iffy when she sees her around other people. Nicole told Zakiyah that as they spoke Da’Vonne was out talking to Natalie even though she knew Zakiyah wasn’t happy with Natalie. Zakiyah said that Day probably told her that she was upset.

Nicole told Zakiyah that James said he would never vote against Da’Vonne and Day is out working on Natalie right now, which means that it could be 5 vs 5 after Tiffany is evicted. Nicole explained that it would be Nicole, Zakiyah, Paulie, Corey, and Michelle vs Da’Vonne, Frank, Bridgette, James, and Natalie.

4:25 PM BBT: Frank told Bridgette that the way Da’Vonne and Tiffany are acting is good because it shows that Tiffany wouldn’t have anyone if she were to stay. Frank told Bridgette to try to connect with Nicole because they’re both nurses, but Bridgette told him that she already tried and Nicole still wouldn’t talk to her.

4:40 PM BBT: Paulie told Frank that he feels like people are pinning them against each other in hopes they take each other out while those orchestrating it will have an easy ride moving forward. Frank told Paulie that Tiffany doesn’t have anyone in the house anymore, while Da’Vonne has plenty of people’s ears and would be someone dangerous to have in the jury house. Paulie told him that he wants Da’Vonne to go too, it’s just that he doesn’t know if this week is the right time or next week is. Frank told Paulie that the only people who would be butthurt about Day going home is Michelle and Zakiyah. Paulie told Frank that Da’Vonne is a liar, has been lying about everything, and is now trying to get Natalie into her fold for future votes.

8:00 PM BBT: Paulie told Frank and Corey that he wants both Da’Vonne and Tiffany gone, but said that he doesn’t want to miss this opportunity to get Tiffany out because he said he knows they’ll get another shot at Da’Vonne. Frank told Paulie that Tiffany is a long wolf that doesn’t have anyone and that even if she nominated one of them, they’d have the votes to stay. Corey agreed, telling Paulie that Da’Vonne has the ability to get her hooks in people while Tiffany doesn’t. Paulie told them that Tiffany is a wounded animal at this point who can only become more dangerous, so he said he wants her out this week.

9:10 PM BBT: Corey told Nicole that Frank thinks they need get Da’Vonne out because she can sway people such as Michelle and James, which Corey told her that is something he completely agrees with. Nicole told him that they wouldn’t have the votes even if they wanted to flip. Corey told her that they could get the numbers.

10:15 PM BBT: Frank told Bridgette that Corey wants Da’Vonne out, but is hesitant to actually vote her out until Paulie is on board.  Frank told her that they’re going to need to send one +1s in Paulie’s group, which Frank said should probably be Zakiyah because it would break up Paulie and her and Nicole and her, freeing up both of them to work more closely with Frank and Bridgette.

10:35 PM BBT: Frank told Tiffany that Corey sees it just like he does and is ready to drop the hammer on Da’Vonne, but wants Paulie on board. Frank explained to Tiffany that Paulie isn’t on board because he believes that she would nominate him. Tiffany told Frank that she wouldn’t, that she’d nominate whoever Frank wanted because if she were to stay, she’d owe everything to Frank.

11:40 PM BBT: Michelle told Zakiyah about Da’Vonne questioning the overwhelming power that the showmances have in the house. Zakiyah told her that Da’Vonne isn’t on her radar right now, but said that she just doesn’t want her to pull a Frank and start making up stuff that isn’t true.

1:50 AM BBT: After playing Hide and Seek with everyone in the house and finding Paulie hiding with Natalie, Zakiyah told Nicole that she wasn’t going to sleep upstairs and would start pulling away from Paulie because she said that Paulie and Natalie’s relationship might be innocent, but said she didn’t want to fall into a trap. Nicole and Zakiyah started to discuss that Da’Vonne is the one who encouraged Paulie and Zakiyah to hide together, which they believe was a move to frazzle the showmances.

3:25 PM BBT: Paul and Paulie had a long conversation in the storage room. They both discussed that keeping Natalie for as long as possible would be the best bet because she is the weakest link that is easiest to get out later. Paulie explained to Paul that he’s not going to do the whole kissing thing on TV with Zakiyah. Paulie said his feelings for Zakiyah are real, but this is a game and he’s keeping Zakiyah close to make sure she doesn’t turn Da’Vonne against him. Paulie told Paul that they could also use Michelle to target the girls they wouldn’t want to go after, such as Nicole and Zakiyah. Paulie told Paul that when Da’Vonne is saying things about showmances, she is pointing at him because men are always the first one targeted in couples.

3:45 AM BBT: Paulie told Zakiyah that if Frank were to survive next week, he’s fairly positive that Frank and Da’Vonne would link up to go against the showmances and he said that if Da’Vonne were to win HOH, he could see that same scenario happening. Paulie told her that Da’Vonne has 100% been the one going around and planting seeds about getting the showmances out while she has been making the rounds in recent days.

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