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Big Brother 18: Day 33 Recap!

We’re only a day away from the veto ceremony, which means that we’ll see plenty of planning for what they’ll do, along with the vote and even their plans for next week. However, we’ll also get plenty of downtime since the backyard will be opening up for the first time since early last Wednesday morning.


11:10 AM BBT: Frank apologizes to Zakiyah for popping her and Da’Vonne on the butt a couple weeks ago. Frank tells her that he didn’t know that it made the feel so uncomfortable.

11:25 AM BBT: Da’Vonne questions if there is a twist that involves Vanessa coming into the house once they take Tiffany out. James tells her that he doubts that would happen. Day tells them that apparently Frank had a full session with certain people where he’d explain how Tiffany isn’t a threat and Da’Vonne is, all in hopes of flipping the vote. James tells them that they need to protect Paulie next week cause Paul said that Frank’s master plan is to gun for Paulie next week when he can’t compete in the HOH.

11:45 AM BBT: Frank tells Paul that Tiffany told her about a 5 girl alliance between Nicole, Da’Vonne, Zakiyah, Michelle, and Tiffany that named “The Fatal Five”. Frank tells Paul that he doesn’t mind having Tiffany around cause she is all by herself, that she thinks she’s with him, but she’s not. Frank explains that he rather get rid of Da’Vonne cause if she were to win, she’d likely put him and Paulie up. Frank adds that if Tiffany stays, she’s likely going to put up two girls cause she told him that she’s not going after Paulie. Frank tells him that if Da’Vonne doesn’t go this week, he’s going to make sure of it next week.

12:00 PM BBT: Paul tells Paulie that Frank wants to Keep Tiffany in the house, go after Da’Vonne, then start picking off the girls. Paulie tells him that they should still get rid of Tiffany. Paul tells him that he’s not too worried about most of the girls, but that he is still worried about Tiffany being in the house. Paulie tells Paul that even though they do want Frank gone, if he’s sitting next to Da’Vonne, they should really think about who they send home. Paulie tells Paul that they can keep their cover with Frank even if they vote Tiffany out. Paul tells Paulie that Frank told him about a five girl alliances between Nicole, Da’Vonne, Zakiyah, Michelle, and Tiffany that was called “The Fatal Five”. Paulie tells him that there might be some truth to that one.

12:20 PM BBT: Paul tells Natalie, Nicole Paulie, and Zakiyah that Tiffany told him that there was an eight person alliance and a five girl alliance that he didn’t know about. Zakiyah brushed it off as if it wasn’t true.

12:30 PM BBT: Paulie tells Paul that Tiffany saying there is an eight person alliance, five girl alliance, and a small guys alliance contradicts everything. Paul tells him that Da’Vonne is sketchy. Paulie agrees, saying that Frank has put it in her head enough times to get him and Corey out. Paul tells him that there has to be a sliver of truth to what is being said about her cause she’s the only one who is getting her name thrown around like this. Paulie explains to him that the last thing they need is another Tiffany situation where Day feels left out, then teams up with the people they planned to target next.

1:00 PM BBT: Frank tells Bridgette that he wants to get Day out, then have one of them win HOH and put up Nicole and Zakiyah, with Nicole being the main target. Frank tells her that they need to get Tiffany to throw the HOH so that they can nominate Nicole.

1:35 PM BBT: Frank tells Paulie that there was a five girl alliance between Da’Vonne, Zakiyah, Michelle, Nicole, and Tiffany called the “Fatal Five” and Da’Vonne was the one who created it. Frank tells him that if they get rid of Day, all the girls from that alliance would disperse cause she’s the one keeping them together. Frank tells Paulie that he’d like to send Day home this week and Tiffany the following week. Paulie says they can’t send her home if she wins HOH since she has a better shot at winning than Day does. Frank explains that Day would put them two up while Tiffany would nominate two girls. Frank adds that they could ever get Tiffany to throw the HOH so that they could target the girls. Paulie tells him that they should wait until next week to make any move against Day. Frank tells Paulie that he likes Zakiyah and says that they could trust her even more if they got rid of Da’Vonne since she’s in Zakiyah’s ear.

Paulie tells Frank that he’s still gunning for Tiffany. Frank tells him that Tiffany’s sights aren’t even on him, they’re no the girls. Frank adds that it’s like the same thing that happened with Jozea’s group. Once they got Jozea out, his group dispersed, so Frank says that if they get Da’Vonne out, The Fatal Five would do the same.

2:10 PM BBT: Da’Vonne tells James that he is the only person she fully trusts, but says that he’s only one vote. James tells her that he thinks that she’ll be fine. Day tells him that she’s upset that Zakiyah didn’t back her when Frank was saying he didn’t call her a slut. James tells her that Zakiyah is trying to play a lowkey game. Da’Vonne tells him that floaters like that are the type to win the game.

2:50 PM BBT: Tiffany tells Bridgette that she has a lot of information that she didn’t even say cause she thought she was going to be putting up Corey, not Da’Vonne, so now she has to start telling people about it. Tiffany tells her that on day one or two, Da’Vonne apportioned her about a final two, then around day four or five the Eight Pack alliance was created. Tiffany tells Bridgette that Michelle has been making fun of her, Natalie, and Bronte behinds their backs just about the entire game. Tiffany tells her that Nicole didn’t trust Paulie, which is why he wasn’t included in the big Eight Pack alliance. Tiffany tells Bridgette that Da’Vonne put a wedge inbetween her and Paulie cause she saw the two of them were getting close, and that’s when Day started planting seeds. Tiffany tells her that there was a girls alliance called ‘Fatal Five’ that involved every girl that was in Eight Pack. Tiffany tells her that Da’Vonne also told her about an alliance that she was in that involved her and both showmances.

Tiffany asks Bridgette what information would be beneficial to let Paulie know about. Bridgette says that she needs to let Paulie know that Da’Vonne crossed him. Tiffany tells her that she’ll also promise Paulie to go after the girls in the Fatal Five over anyone he’s working with. Tiffany tells Bridgette that if she won HOH, she’d likely put up Nicole and a pawn in hopes that Nicole goes home.

3:30 PM BBT: Tiffany tells Paulie that she has nothing to lose, so she’s going to be 1000% honest with him about everything that has happened since day one. Tiffany tells him that she let someone play her like a ragdoll all while thinking they were loyal to her. Tiffany tells Paulie that Da’Vonne is the one who formed Eight Pack, saying that she looked around the room and said that it was a good deal for them to work together, then did the same thing a few days later in the bathroom with all the girls of Eight Pack and formed the Fatal Five alliance. Tiffany tells Paulie that she wanted to work with him and bring him into the Eight Pack, but whenever she tried Michelle told her that he couldn’t be trusted cause he’d hang out with Victor’s group some. Tiffany adds that Da’Vonne is also the one who told her about the showmance alliance. Paulie tells her that Day might have made that up cause she’s paranoid about how close Zakiyah is to him and Nicole is to Corey.

Tiffany tells Paulie that the only reason she put up Corey is because Da’Vonne told her that she was being targeted and that she’d have the votes to evict Corey. Paulie tells her that it came out during Frank and Da’Vonne fight that Frank told Tiffany to put up Corey because Day told him that they’d have the numbers. Tiffany tells Paulie that he wouldn’t be her target, that none of the girls in the house are to be trusted, so that is who she’d go after.

4:35 PM BBT: Paulie tells Corey that he doesn’t believe Tiffany, but at the same time Da’Vonne has got to go too, that Tiffany confirmed so many things. Paulie tells him that Tiffany said word for word what he said to Zakiyah, which then ended up going to Da’Vonne, then finally to Tiffany. Corey tells him that Tiffany owes him so many favors that he could get her to do whatever he wanted if they kept her and she won HOH. Corey tells him that he’s down to send Day out because Tiffany isn’t coming after either of them. Paulie tells him that they have until Thursday to make their decision and says that they should look into it.

Frank joins them, and Paulie tells him and Corey that he’s wary now about every single important conversation that is had is joined by someone that was in the Fatal Five alliance. Paulie tells them that Day had no reason to be crying after Corey won veto if she wasn’t up to something. Paulie tells Corey and Frank that he’s not 100% with the idea of evicting Day yet, but says he does want to see how Day would react to being confronted by Tiffany. Paulie tells them that Da’Vonne doesn’t have a chance at winning the next HOH like Tiffany does. Frank tells him that Day could get into the ear of anyone from the Fatal Five and influence who they put up. Corey tells Paulie that they know Day is coming after them and that Tiffany would put up two girls. Corey asks Frank who would vote Day out. Frank tells him them two, Paul, Bridgette, and possibly James. Paulie tells him that they only need four votes and he can break the tie.

5:50 PM BBT: Frank asks Nicole if she’d vote out Da’Vonne with him. Nicole says that she would if she had enough votes and Corey was also on board. Nicole tells Frank that she came into the house wanting to work with him but feels like she got crapped on. Nicole adds that he shouldn’t be scared of her at all because she’s not a threat to his game. Frank tells her that she has to see where he’s coming from cause of the blindside last Thursday, but says that he doesn’t hold a grudge. Nicole asks if he thinks she was the one to go behind his back and rally the votes. Frank tells her that he knows it was Da’Vonne. Nicole tells him that she’d love to work with him moving forward and have been sticking up for him this whole time.

Frank tells Nicole that Da’Vonne’s biggest mistake was flipping the vote to save Tiffany because it allowed him and Tiffany to compare notes about her. Frank adds that Da’Vonne is still in people’s ear, which is what makes her so dangerous. Frank tells her that he doesn’t trust Tiffany or want to work with her, just knows that working with Tiffany for this week will get Da’Vonne out. Frank questions if she could get Michelle on board. Nicole tells him that they have to be careful about this because everyone is still so afraid of keeping Tiffany in the house. Frank tells Nicole that the only reason Tiffany nominated Corey is because Da’Vonne told her that they’d have the votes to get him out.

6:15 PM BBT: Da’Vonne begins crying to Michelle, Nicole, and Zakiyah, telling them that every time she steps out of the room Frank has one of her friends cornered and she says that she knows it’s about getting her out. Nicole tells her that nobody is going to fall for any of Frank’s crap anymore. Michelle questions if Natalie is a rat that is leaking information to Bridgette. Nicole says that she might be and Da’Vonne says that they’ll find out soon enough.

6:30 PM BBT: Pualie tells Paul that Tiffany is going home this week and that they’re not going to fall for anyone’s crap when it comes to trying to flip the vote. Corey joins them and Paulie tells him that they’re going to get Day out eventually, but says that this week needs to be Tiffany. Corey tells him that he’s down for whatever. Zakiyah joins them, asking if any of them have been talking to Natalie. Paul asks her if it’s cause she’s a snake, to which Zakiyah nods her head yes.

6:40 PM BBT: Michelle asks James if Natalie is a rat. James explains that he doesn’t think Natalie is a rat nor even talks to Bridgette to be able to rat on anything. Da’Vonne joins them, questioning who talked to Bridgette and gave her information. James tells her that Paul is playing both sides, so it could have been him. Michelle asks if Natalie knows they’re gunning for Frank and Bridgette. James tells her that it’s pretty obvious. Michelle asks James if he’d put up Bridgette and Frank. James questions if she’s asking him if he’s afraid to put up big targets then questions if she watched his season or not. Da’Vonne tells James that she said a lot of things to Natalie last night, so if anything were to get out, she’d be screwed. James tells her that he’ll talk to Natalie about it tonight and find out the truth.

6:55 PM BBT: Paul asks Paulie if he wants to ask James what Natalie said. Paulie tells him that he doesn’t think James would know what Natalie says to Bridgette. Paulie adds that Bridgette is the only one who would give information to Bridgette, but says that she doesn’t really even have any information to give. Corey asks them if Bridgette will be their last target to leave since they’re taking out Tiffany this week. Paulie tells him that Frank is next, then maybe Day, then Bridgette.

7:10 PM BBT: Michelle tells Paulie that she’s worried that Natalie has been leaking information. Paulie tells her that he doesn’t think she has. Paulie tells them that Paul infiltrated Frank’s alliance and figured out that their plan is to flip the vote against Day, then target him next week, so they need to get Frank out as soon as possible.

7:15 PM BBT: Da’Vonne tells Nicole that Vanessa would make assumptions into facts, then confront people with them and get them to tell on themselves, which she says Tiffany is trying to do and is failing miserably at it. Da’Vonne tells her that she trusts Paul for now, but says that she’s worried that he might be spying for both sides, giving each information on the other group while he floats in-between.

7:25 PM BBT: Frank tells Michelle that Da’Vonne is the one who started their spat and that on top of all of that, she’s attacking his character. Frank tells her that he felt really close to Day, which is why he would mess around with her. Frank tells Michelle that he knows about the Fatal Five. Michelle denies knowing about it, questioning what it even was. Michelle tells Frank that she doesn’t want Tiffany in the house for another week. Frank tells her that he won’t even ask her to vote out Da’Vonne until he has the votes. Michelle tells him to let her know when he does get them.

7:50 PM BBT: Corey tells Nicole that they might want to tell Paul  about the Eight Pack and explain it as something that Frank put together with the intentions of just getting Jozea and Victor out. Corey tells her that Da’Vonne has been acting shady. Nicole agrees, saying that she doesn’t know how to get Day out though because Michelle is still oblivious to the type of game that Da’Vonne is playing.

8:30 PM BBT: Frank tells Bridgette that he’s having to keep telling Michelle that he’s going to take Michelle farther in the game than Bridgette. Frank explains that he’s going to stay a little bit closer to Michelle and that way she won’t get so jealous. Bridgette tells him that Michelle is jealous of a bunch of different things, including the fact that she doesn’t have body issues and that she has a boyfriend. Frank tells her that he can’t wait to get Michelle out because she is childish.

8:40 PM BBT: Frank tells Paul that if people don’t believe him and want to keep Da’Vonne to vote out Tiffany, he’ll win HOH himself and send her packing next week. Frank tells him that Day knows he can win competitions and knows the game while Day only knows the game but can’t win competitions.

8:45 PM BBT: Corey asks if it was Da’Vonne who wanted to get Tiffany the most last week. James tells him that it was Michelle. Corey says that he would prefer to send Tiffany out this week and then go after whomever the following week. James agrees, saying that they can’t flip the vote like they did last week.

9:15 PM BBT: Paul tells Corey and Paulie that Frank said he wants to take the two of them out during the double eviction.

9:30 PM BBT: Frank tells Paulie that they need to be careful around Paul because he brought up being worried about the couples in the house. Frank tells Paulie that Da’Vonne cannot win competitions and isn’t very sociable, so her entire game revolves around creating lies. Paulie tells him that is why he wants to get Day out next week.

9:50 PM BBT: Tiffany tells Nicole that her mistake was not speaking out sooner about everything she knew about Day. Nicole tells her that Day always made it seems like the girls couldn’t tell her things. Tiffany tells her that the only reason she put up Corey is because Day told her about a showmance alliance. Nicole tells her that everything is starting to make sense to her now. Tiffany tells her that their eight could have stuck together. Nicole agrees, saying that if it wasn’t for Day pinning her and Frank against each other.

10:25 PM BBT: Corey tells Michelle that he’s all for keeping them together for as long as possible, but says that she knows Da’Vonne really did tell Tiffany to nominate him so that they could vote him out. Corey explains to her that Day was crying after he won veto because she knew all this information about her would come out as a result. Paul joins them, saying that he understands their concern with Day, but right now Tiffany is a way bigger fish to fry because she is nuts. Corey tells Michelle that he trusts her 1000%, a couple other people in their alliance 1000%, but it’s just Day who he can’t trust like that. Michelle agrees, saying that it’s been like that for her too.

Michelle tells Corey and Nicole that she doesn’t want them to fall for any of Tiffany’s lies because she’s trying to play them like a fiddle. Corey questions why she’s getting so worried and worked up. Michelle explains that she just really wants Tiffany to leave. Michelle keeps telling them that she’s worried they’re not going to see Tiffany as a threat anymore, so she tells them that Tiffany is smart and that her sister nearly won. Corey tells her that she needs to relax because Tiffany is going home. Michelle tells them that keeping Tiffany was the worst move in Big Brother history.

11:00 PM BBT: Nicole tells Corey that Michelle trusts Da’Vonne way too much. Corey tells her that Tiffany probably has things on Michelle too which is why Michelle wants her out so bad. Nicole tells him that everything Tiffany told her made sense and wants to send Day home so bad. Corey tells her that she’s down to make it happen. Nicole tells him that she wants to be able to get everybody on board with the plan somehow. After some discussions with Corey, she says that they should just get Tiffany out this week and go after Da’Vonne next week. Corey tells Nicole that he’d put up Natalie and Bridgette. Nicole asks how he’s going to justify leaving Frank off for the rest of the house. Corey says he can just say that Frank would win veto. Nicole tells him that Day is a way bigger threat than Frank.

11:25 PM BBT: Corey tells Frank that his biggest worry with Tiffany is that she throws the HOH competition, causing his and Nicole’s team to lose. Corey adds that he’d like to keep Tiffany, but says that he just can’t trust her.  Frank tells Corey that Day is good to get out because people like Michelle and Zakiyah tell her everything. Frank adds that Tiffany isn’t going to be able to get into anybody’s ear like Day can and does. Frank tells him that Tiffany said she’s willing to be a pawn in the coming weeks if that is what it takes for her to stay.

11:25 PM BBT: Michelle tells Paul that Corey and Nicole think she is sketchy now for being upset when all she wants is for Tiffany to go home. Paul tells her that she has nothing to worry about cause all they’re doing is taking in the information Tiffany gives them, finding out if it’s true, but still sending Tiffany home no matter what. Michelle tells him that their seven person group needs to have a meeting to make sure that everyone will still vote out Tiffany.

11:40 PM BBT: Nicole tells Zakiyah that Da’Vonne had a final two with Tiffany. Zakiyah tells her that the way Tiffany has been putting things, it’s all making a lot of sense. Zakiyah asks Nicole if Tiffany said who she’s going to put up. Nicole tells her that she thinks she’ll put up Da’Vonne. Nicole asks her what she thinks about Day. Zakiyah says that she doesn’t know and sometimes Day has been acting really weird.

11:45 PM BBT: Michelle begins crying to Corey, telling him that she doesn’t want to seem sketchy, it’s just that she’s scared if Tiffany stays she’ll be the one who ends up going home. Corey tells her that Tiffany is going to go home no matter what. Michelle tells Corey that she didn’t know how shady Day was until now. Corey tells her that it sucks, that it might be untrue, but that he thinks some of it is true. Michelle asks if Nicole is mad at her. Corey says no, that she just didn’t want her freaking out.

11:55 PM BBT: Corey asks Paulie if he’s going to confront tomorrow after the veto ceremony like they had talked about. Paulie tells him that he doesn’t know if he was supposed to or not. Michelle tells him that Paul said he was going to yell at Frank. Paulie tells them that he doesn’t want the confrontation to happen anymore because Frank is back to feeling comfortable. Pauile tells them that as long as they get Tiffany out this week, he’s not worried about Da’Vonne cause even if she managed to win anything, she’d go after Frank.

12:25 AM BBT: Corey tells Nicole that Michelle was crying to him upstairs, so he says that there has to be something that Michelle either said or did. Nicole tells him that she probably thinks that Tiffany would have something to spill about her. Paul joins them, telling them that Frank is wanting to vote with the house now even if it’s against Tiffany, so they should make it seem like they’re all voting Da’Vonne out, then when him and Bridgette are the only two to vote against her, they can call them out for it.

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