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Big Brother 18: Day 31 Recap!

James Huling from Big Brother 18 - Source: CBS

James Huling from Big Brother 18 – Source: CBS

It’s nomination day in the Big Brother house, which means there is always a chance for some good drama, especially when there was a big meltdown like there was last night. Today’s game talk with be based around the Roadkill competition that’ll be played this afternoon and the plan for the veto competition that’ll be played soon.


9:40 AM BBT: James tells Da’Vonne that if Bridgette or Frank when anything at this point moving forward, they’re going to be able to do real damage because all of their targets will be good, so someone that they’re working with will have to go home. Da’Vonne tells James that the one good piece of information that Tiffany told her last night is that Corey, Nicole, Zakiyah, and Paulie are all working together, which is something that they need to break up. Day adds that when it comes to Nicole, she doesn’t trust Corey. James tells her that they need to send him home, and adds that honestly he wouldn’t be upset about sending Nicole home neither cause she’s the one who caused a lot of this drama. James asks her if they should jump on the Tiffany and Frank bandwagon or the Paulie and Corey bandwagon. Da’Vonne tells him that she’s worried about the Paulie and Corey bandwagon cause she knows that those two will always have Nicole and Zakiyah as their main four.

11:15 AM BBT: Paulie nominates Natalie and Tiffany. Details here

11:20 AM BBT: Tiffany tells Frank that she has another person who will vote Corey out, but says that she was told not to say who, but that they are 100% on board with that. Tiffany tells him that Paulie can’t win everything moving forward to always be protected. Tiffany adds that if he thinks he can trust Paulie, he’s wrong because Paulie cannot be trusted at all. Frank asks if this means he needs to put up Corey if he wins Roadkill or HOH. Tiffany says yes, that she’ll put up Corey and Paulie if she wins it. Frank asks if he can trust Nicole. Tiffany says no, that she is the fakest one out of all of them. Tiffany tells Frank that she’s done crying and that 80% of the crying last night was strategy.

11:25 AM BBT: Paulie and Da’Vonne discuss how Tiffany is the exact same girl as her sister and how that it would only work on a house of people who didn’t know about her relationship to Vanessa.

11:25 AM BBT: Frank tells Bridgette that there is a change of plan and that if they win Roadkill, they have to nominate Corey. Frank tells her that Tiffany just told him that she knows another vote who would vote Corey out. Frank tells Bridgette that it sounds like Nicole is one of the worst ones and that whole side of the house just sits around talking crap about him.

11:30 AM BBT: Nicole asks Frank if he’s mad at her. Frank tells her that he’s not mad, that her and Corey are all he and Bridgette has. Nicole tells him that they both have each other’s back. Frank warns Nicole that if she’s lying to him, she better not take a shot and miss.

11:45 AM BBT: James tells Paulie that Da’Vonne told him that Nicole name dropped him during a conversation, saying that he said there was an all girls alliance going home. James explains to him that he didn’t say that. Paulie tells him that he doesn’t think Nicole would do that, that Frank and Tiffany are just trying to cause paranoia because it’s the only card they have. James tells him that he doesn’t want to confront Nicole, but saying things like that in a house like this could end up being used against him.

Zakiyah brings Nicole upstairs to talk with James. James explained to her that he heard she name dropped him about an all girls alliance. Nicole tells James that Frank told her and that she shouldn’t have believed him to begin with. Nicole tells James that Frank had been trying to throw him under the bus to her about something she didn’t believe. Paulie tells them that Tiffany told Da’Vonne straight up that she’s working with Frank now. Paulie tells them that Tiffany and Vanessa are basically the same person, that Tiffany is coming up with stuff in her head like Vanessa did and that Tiffany’s crying is an act just like it was for Vanessa.

6:55 PM BBT: Tiffany wins the Roadkill competition. Full details here

6:55 PM BBT: Corey tells Paul that they shouldn’t have gotten Bronte out. Michelle joins them, telling Corey and Paul that she just talked to James and says that he’s pretty sure Frank won the Roadkill again. Paul told Corey that it’s either Frank or Tiffany. Michelle tells Corey that she doesn’t think Frank would put her up. Corey tells her that he would, that it’ll either be him or Nicole.

7:00 PM BBT: Zakiyah tells Paulie and Nicole that she’s pretty sure Tiffany has the Roadkill and plans to nominate her since she’s a big target that is attached to Paulie. Paulie tells her that it doesn’t matter because Tiffany won’t be able to beat him in the veto competition. Paulie tells them that he’s still trying to compare notes between Frank and Da’Vonne, he says that he knows Frank’s lying, but also says that he feels like Da’Vonne might try something given the chance. Paulie adds that he can threaten Frank before the veto that if he throws it to Tiffany or wins it with the intention of using it on Tiffany, he’ll be the next one targeted. Nicole asks if he thinks Tiffany would put up a strong target. Paulie tells her that Frank said if Tiffany won it, she’d likely put up Corey. Paulie says that he plans to rattle Tiffany by making her feel all alone before the veto competition.

7:05 PM BBT: Tiffany tells Da’Vonne that she might have won the Roadkill competition and that Corey might be going up.

7:10 PM BBT: Tiffany tells Frank and Bridgette that she won the Roadkill and will have their backs as long as they have hers. Tiffany tells them that she currently plans to put up Corey, and will put up Nicole if Corey manages to take himself off. Tiffany asks for Frank’s advice because she says she isn’t sure about what to do. Frank tells her to up either Corey or Nicole.

7:15 PM BBT: Frank tells Bridgette that he thinks the guys aren’t actually against him, that Da’Vonne and Tiffany are colluding to pin him and Paulie against each other because Paulie seemed so genuine in their conversation earlier today and yesterday.

7:45 PM BBT: Paulie tells Michelle that he knows that Tiffany won the Roadkill. Michelle questions who she’d put up. Paulie tells her that it’ll be whoever Frank tells her to put up.

7:45 PM BBT: Zakiyah asks Tiffany what’s going on. Tiffany tells her that she doesn’t know what Paulie is talking about, that Paulie is going crazy. Tiffany adds that she has nothing to worry about because she didn’t nominate her, that she made a strategic move that didn’t include any of the girls. Tiffany tells Zakiyah that she had all of their back’s, then everyone left her in the dark for two weeks and expected her to be okay with that. Tiffany tells Zakiyah that Paulie is freaking out because someone other than his team won something and now he doesn’t have control. Tiffany tells Zakiyah that she knows there is a master plan going on to get her out, but says that it’s not going to happen. Tiffany adds that everyone knows about her showmance alliance with Paulie, Corey, and Nicole. Tiffany tells Zakiyah that she doesn’t trust Paulie and thinks that she should be careful with him.

7:55 PM BBT: Michelle tells Nicole and Corey that if James is thinking about voting to keep Natalie over one of them after Tiffany comes off, they can just tell him that he’ll be with the other side of the house moving forward. Michelle adds that the Brigade and the Quack Pack had five people, so five is obviously a good number, between them three, Paulie, and Zakiyah.

8:25 PM BBT: Tiffany nominates Corey. Full details here

8:25 PM BBT: Frank tells James that it was Tiffany who nominated Corey, not him. Frank tells James that he trusts him and that the votes to evict Tiffany were them two, Natalie, and the fourth might have been Da’Vonne. James tells him that if Natalie goes home, it’ll be just him left on his team. Frank tells him that he doesn’t have anything to worry about. Tiffany joins them, asking Frank why he wanted her out so bad. Frank tells her that he was told by Da’Vonne that she wanted him out before jury. Tiffany asks James if he thinks he isn’t low on Paulie’s group’s totem pole. James tells her that he doesn’t know where he’s at. Tiffany tells Frank that Paulie wanted her to win HOH so that she’d put him up. Tiffany tells James that there is an alliance between Corey, Paulie, Zakiyah, and Nicole.

Tiffany asks Frank if he’ll use the veto on her if he wins. Frank tells her that he would. James tells Tiffany that Natalie will expect him to use the veto on her if he wins it. Tiffany tells him that it’s fine because they’ll then have the votes to get Corey out.

8:30 PM BBT: Paul asks Paulie what Da’Vonne is up to since he saw her whispering to Tiffany on the couch. Paulie tells him that he doesn’t know, but does know that she is up to something. Paulie tells him that if Tiffany comes down, he’ll replace her with Da’Vonne and they’ll send her home. Paul tells him that Tiffany told Frank, Bridgette, and Natalie everything, including that they’re all after Frank.

8:40 PM BBT: Tiffany tells James that there is two powerhouses in the house and it’s Paulie and his numbers because nobody else has been making any moves. Tiffany tells him that Corey is Paulie’s right-hand man, but Corey doesn’t do anything other than be a vote that does whatever Paulie wants. Tiffany tells James that Da’Vonne said she wants to get Natalie out so that he’d be closer to them and then they could control his vote more easily. Tiffany explains to James that she put Corey up because Frank and Bridgette told her that she’d vote them out.

9:10 PM BBT: Frank tells Bridgette that he’d love to screw Paulie’s group’s world up this week, and a way to make that even better is by telling them that he’d use the veto on Corey, then take Tiffany off.

9:15 PM BBT: Nicole tells Natalie that she knows what it feels like to feel alone after your best friend was just evicted, but tells Natalie that she’s not going to let her go through it alone and will be there for her like Victoria was there for Nicole during her season.

9:20 PM BBT: Paulie tells Natalie that she has nothing to worry about no matter what. Natalie tells him that she’s on board with doing whatever the house wants at this point.

9:30 PM BBT: Zakiyah tells Nicole that she wants to tell Paulie about Da’Vonne sitting on the couch talking to Frank because that is sketchy. Nicole tells her that Day is looking for any excuse to flip the vote.

9:40 PM BBT: Corey tells Natalie and Nicole that he’s thinking about using the POV on Natalie if he wins it because he knows that if he takes himself off, the Roadkill winner isn’t going to do what they want, they’ll likely put up Nicole.

9:50 PM BBT: Frank asks Da’Vonne who she thinks Paulie would put up if Tiffany managed to take herself off. Day tells him that Paulie has been acting weird, so it might be her. Frank tells her that people would have been better off sending Tiffany home and quietly coming after him the next week if that was their plan.

10:00 PM BBT: Natalie tells James that she’s getting pulled into a lot of different directions by Frank, Bridgette, and Tiffany, but says that she doesn’t trust any of them. Natalie tells him about Corey wanting to use the veto on her to ensure that Paulie gets to choose the replacement. Natalie questions why people would think that she’d keep Frank when he’s the reason her best friend went home. James explains to her that Frank isn’t the direct reason Bronte went home, he’s just the indirect reason. James tells Natalie that Bronte was sent out to piss off Frank.

10:15 PM BBT: Corey tells Frank that there is no way that Tiffany won the Roadkill because she is the worst player in the house when it comes to competitions. Frank asks who he thinks Paulie would put up if Natalie came off. Corey says that he doesn’t know, that all he knows is that there is no way Tiffany wins.

10:30 PM BBT: Michelle tells Frank that she felt betrayed by him because she wanted to go far with him, but he ended up taking Bridgette under his wing instead of her.

10:35 PM BBT: James tells Paulie that Frank was trying to pull him into his group with Frank, Bridgette and Tiffany. James tells him that Tiffany said that Frank told her to put up Corey because she would have the votes to get him out. Paulie tells him that Frank has no votes at all.

10:45 PM BBT: Nicole tells Corey about Zakiyah saying she is starting to not trust Da’Vonne because of all the private conversations she’s having with Frank and Tiffany. Corey tells her that if he wins veto, he’s going to take Natalie down and have Paulie put up Da’Vonne in Natalie’s place.

10:50 PM BBT: Paul tells Paulie and Corey that Da’Vonne has been acting weird recently. Paulie tells them that he’s noticed it to and that if Tiffany manages to pull herself off, he’s going to nominate Da’Vonne in her place and they can send her home. Paulie tells them that even if Frank gets chosen to play in veto, he isn’t going to try to win because he’d have to show his cards to them by taking down Tiffany.

12:10 AM BBT: Frank tells Bridgette that Paulie and Corey try to tell him that they don’t know if they have Zakiyah and Nicole’s votes. Frank adds that he feels like he believes James and Natalie, which means that the guys have been lying to him.

12:45 AM BBT: Da’Vonne tells James that Nicole is always going to ride with Corey over them, which only makes her want to get him out. James tells her that Corey is nominate right now and they have the chance to get him out. Da’Vonne tells him that it means another week of Tiffany in the house. James tells her that Tiffany isn’t after them, so they wouldn’t be in any danger even if she won HOH.

12:55 AM BBT: Nicole tells Michelle that she thinks that Da’Vonne is looking for any reason to flip the vote against Corey because she was acting as if he didn’t have the votes earlier. Nicole tells her that she’ll be livid if the votes somehow flip on Corey.

1:20 AM BBT: Da’Vonne tells Tiffany that Michelle cried when they thought they weren’t going to be able to flip the votes to save her last week. Tiffany questions why Michelle hasn’t talked to her at all in these last few days. Day tells her that people are petrified of Frank and think that she’s going to tell him whatever they tell her. Da’Vonne explains that she needs to be the one to go to Michelle to have a conversation about their relationship.

1:45 AM BBT: Frank tells Nicole that if he wanted to take a shot at her or Corey, he would have done it when he won Roadkill last week. Frank explains that Bridgette wanted him to take a shot, but he didn’t do it. Nicole tells him that she feels like if Tiffany won Roadkill this week, she would have told him about it because Tiffany has been going around the house saying that the two of them are working together.

2:55 AM BBT: Frank and Bridgette begin speculating about relationships and alliances. Frank told Bridgette that he warned Paulie that Corey might be going up but didn’t tell Corey about it, which means that they might not be as close as they originally thought. Frank also said that Day wanting Corey out doesn’t make any sense since she’s in an alliance with them, unless she’s wanting to create an alliance of five girls with her, Zakiyah, Michelle, Nicole, and Tiffany. Frank tells Bridgette that it doesn’t matter if Paulie is playing them at this point because if they manage to get Corey out, they’re either getting rid of his right-hand man or they’ll bring Paulie closer to them, either of which could be considered a win/win. Frank suggests an alliance with the two of them, Michelle, Tiffany, Da’Vonne, James, and Natalie that could be called “The isle of misfits toys”.

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