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Big Brother 18: Day 30 Recap!

Da'Vonne Rogers from Big Brother 18 - Source: CBS

Da’Vonne Rogers from Big Brother 18 – Source: CBS

It’s eviction day in the Big Brother house, which is always one of the most hectic days of the week. Power will finally be changing hands and we’ll enter into a new week that involves a completely new plan and a completely new target. Tonight’s HOH will determine if they grand scheme to get Frank out will finally come into play or not.


1:05 PM BBT: Michelle and Nicole tell Da’Vonne and James that they were approached last night about flipping the vote to keep Tiffany. James tells them that if they vote off one more person from Team Unicorn, he’s never going to throw another competition. Zakiyah joins them, asking if they’re still down to keep Tiffany like they were a couple days ago. Da’Vonne tells her that she is. Nicole tells James that they’re wanting the vote to still be 5-4 to evict Bronte, but he can be one of the votes against Tiffany if he wants. Paulie joins them, after being informed about the plan that he already knew about, he acted surprised and told them that Tiffany is still a dangerous threat they’ll need to get out soon. Da’Vonne tells her that she agrees and they can take her out during the double eviction.

1:50 PM BBT: Paulie tells Corey that him and James are going to be votes against Tiffany so that the vote is 5-4 and doesn’t reveal any plans that involved the entire house. Afterwards, Corey heads to ask Da’Vonne who is actually voting Bronte out. She tells him that it’ll be them two, Michelle, Zakiyah, and Nicole.

2:10 PM BBT: James begins contemplating telling Natalie before the vote because he doesn’t want to lose her trust after promising her that Bronte was safe.

2:15 PM BBT: Corey tells Nicole that he wants to vote Tiffany out because he’s been talking crap about her all week, so it just exposes him to not vote against her at this point. Nicole tells him that he can switch the way he’s going to vote with Paulie, that way he can swear to God that he voted out Tiffany and won’t be lying. Nicole tells him that she’s going to deny everything to Frank afterwards, but says that she isn’t going to swear to God about it.

6:35 PM BBT: Bronte is evicted. Full details here

6:50 PM BBT: Paulie wins the HOH. Full details here

7:05 PM BBT: Frank tells Paulie that he thinks they should put up Da’Vonne and Tiffany, then the third person could be whomever. Paulie tells him that it could be Natalie. Corey joins them, telling them that they have the numbers to do whatever they want now. Paulie tells Frank that he didn’t flip, that the only thing he told Tiffany was that she’s going to be good. Paulie adds that one of their teammates flipped. Frank tells them that it was Michelle. Paulie says that he doesn’t think James would flip.

7:10 PM BBT: Frank and Da’Vonne have a confrontation. Frank tells Tiffany that Day siad she was coming after him, which is the only reason that he was coming after her. Day tells Tiffany and Frank that he said Bridgette was the one who told him that Tiffany was coming after him. Tiffany tells Frank that somebody had come up to her around day four and said that he was coming after her. Frank tells her that isn’t true because he didn’t have any bad feelings toward her until after he was told by Day that she was after him. Tiffany tells Frank that he’s been saying a lot of things to a lot of people, so she can’t believe anything he says. Frank tells Day that it’s true he wants to send her home. Day tells him that she’s not going home and he’s the one who is going home.

7:15 PM BBT: Paulie asked Frank if he had been saying anything about him and Corey. Frank tells him that him and Corey have always been good in his book. Frank explains to him that the only time he brought up his name is when Day would talk bad about him and he’d have to go along with it.

Paulie tells Frank that James and Da’Vonne are closer than he thought, so it might have been James who flipped and not Corey. Frank asks if he’d put Da’Vonne up. Paulie told him that he’d put up Tiffany next to Day. Da’Vonne walks up to Frank and shakes his hand, telling him that they know how each other feels, that it’s a game, and it doesn’t need to be awkward.

7:15 PM BBT: Nicole tells Da’Vonne that Frank is going to attack them all now. Day tells her that she doesn’t care and that she knew Frank told Bridgette about being the one who put her up with Roadkill in order to cover his own butt.

7:25 PM BBT: Paul asks if Tiffany is going up. Frank tells him that he doesn’t know, that he wants Da’Vonne and Tiffany put up, but not sure who the target would be. Paul tells Frank that this is a time when the guys need to stick together because clearly something is happening with the girls. Frank explains that if there was something with the girls, he would have been sent home.

7:30 PM BBT: Paulie tells Da’Vonne that Frank is going to put her up if he wins Roadkill again. Paulie tells her that Bridgette and Frank are imploding, so they can just let that happen. Paul asks Paulie who he’s wanting up. Paulie explains to Paul, Da’Vonne, Zakiyah, Corey, and Nicole that he’s going to put up Tiffany and Natalie, with Tiffany being the main target. Paulie tells them that Frank is going to say a lot of crap this week, so they all just need to stay solid and target Frank next week.

7:40 PM BBT: Frank tells Nicole that they know that Da’Vonne and Zakiyah voted Bronte out, but doesn’t know who else. Nicole tells him that it’s going to be everyone closest to Day, like Michelle. Frank tells her that he doesn’t want Tiffany out this week, he wants Day. Frank tells Nicole that James kept saying there is an all girls thing going on, but says he thinks James is saying that to keep heat off of him for possibly flipping. Nicole tells him that there isn’t a girls alliance because she personally wants a lot of the girls out. Frank questions why James would go against them. Nicole explains that it might be two returnees vs two returnees. Frank tells her that if she’s not lying, it was them two, Paulie, and Corey who voted Tiffany out. Nicole tells him that it makes sense.

Nicole tells Frank that she wants to work with him because he’s one of the best BB players in history when it comes to competitions, but says that she heard he’s throwing her name around, but says she won’t hold it against him. Frank promises her that he has never said anything about her, only Corey and Paulie.

7:55 PM BBT: Da’Vonne tells Zakiyah and Michelle that the plan this week is for Frank to put her up with Roadkill and for Tiffany to be the main target. Michelle asks if they should make Tiffany feel safe. Day says yes, that they have to cater to every whim and need of Tiffany this week. Nicole joins them, telling them that Frank doesn’t know who it is who flipped, that Frank thinks it was James and Natalie. Da’Vonne tells them that Tiffany ran right up to Frank after the vote and told him that she only made that speech cause she was told he was after her. James tells her that Vanessa did the same thing last season when people flipped the vote to save her. Da’Vonne tells them that they should have sent Tiffany home.

8:20 PM BBT: Da’Vonne tells James that Natalie is going to go up as a pawn, but says that he doesn’t need to worry because Tiffany is the target. James tells her that there is no flipping the vote this week. Paul and Paulie join them in the safari room, with Paulie telling James about Natalie going up as a pawn. James asks if he’s going to nominate Tiffany. Paulie tells him that he is and says that he wanted to send her home last week.

8:30 PM BBT: Paulie tells Da’Vonne and James that all he has to do this week is win the veto to keep Tiffany nominated, then them two have to send Frank and Bridgette out next since he can’t play. Paulie tells them that Tiffany isn’t swaying his vote this week and that Tiffany provedto them that she can’t win, so they don’t need her.

8:40 PM BBT: Da’Vonne asks Frank when he started to come for him because she thought they had a final two and didn’t say anything about him. Frank tells her that he just got a weird feeling because he was trying to talk to her the past few days and she was seemingly putting distance between them. Day tells him that the whole house has successfully divided them. Day tells Frank that he should have came and talk to her when he started feeling weird. Frank tells her that he feels like Michelle flipped, or possibly Nicole and Corey. Day tells him that she doesn’t think any of them flipped cause Michelle likes Frank too much and Nicole and Corey are on Tiffany’s team. Frank explains that there are only four people who voted Tiffany out and she is saying too many people didn’t.

Frank tells Da’Vonne that both James and Nicole came to him, saying that they wanted to get her out. Da’Vonne tells him that obviously they’re both threats, and now the house has them divided. Day tells him that moving forward, they have to trust each other. Frank tells her that he doesn’t have anyone to trust, so he has to work with somebody. Before ending the conversation, Da’Vonne tells Frank that James might have motive to flip because he has complained about Bronte taking Natalie away from him.

9:05 PM BBT: Da’Vonne tells Corey and Paulie that she did damage control with Frank and now Frank thinks they’re working together. After Day leaves, Paulie questions why she’d do that and what kind of game Day is playing.

Frank joins Corey and Paulie in the lounge, telling them that Da’Vonne said that even she didn’t flip. Paulie tells him that people are just scared to tell him the truth. Paulie tells Frank that he wants Tiffany gone this week and says that he doesn’t know how she survived last week. Frank tells Paulie that he’s more worried about Da’Vonne than Tiffany because Da’Vonne just lied to his face while smiling, while Tiffany could never lie to him like that. Paulie and Paul tell Frank that they need to get Tiffany out this week because she threatens them working together. Frank tells them that he doesn’t think Natalie should be nominated because it would be a wasted HOH if she left. Paulie tells them that he could use Nicole as a pawn because he trusted her week one when he was a pawn.

Frank tells Paulie that if Tiffany is up, he’ll be willing to vote her out like he wants. Paulie tells him that if Tiffany somehow wins veto, he can put up Da’Vonne as the replacement nominee. Frank tells them that Da’Vonne said she’d tell him who turned against him and started telling Day that he was after her in a few days.

9:10 PM BBT: Da’Vonne tells Zakiyah, Nicole, and Michelle that Frank thinks they’re working together now. Michelle asks who Frank thinks flipped the vote. Da’Vonne tells them that he knows Corey doesn’t like Tiffany, that James might have flipped, and that Nicole and Zakyiah are both question marks in his head.

9:30 PM BBT: Paulie tells Paul that he still wants to put Natalie up as the pawn even though Frank tried to convince him not to.

9:35 PM BBT: Corey tells Frank that Michelle didn’t like him saying he would nominate her, that the girls didn’t like seeing Da’Vonne cry. Corey tells Frank that he doesn’t want him out of his game cause they could work together. Nicole joins them, upset about what he had told Da’Vonne. Frank tells Nicole and Corey about his conversation with Da’Vonne in full. Nicole tells him that he needs to be 100% loyal to her. Frank tells them that he’d like to establish something with them three and Bridgette.

9:40 PM BBT: Paulie tells James that he can’t let Natalie play him, that this is a classic jersey girl tactic to get him to feel like crap. James tells him that he isn’t the type to chase girls so he’ll be fine. Paulie tells James that he rather go after Tiffany next week if she stayed than go after Frank. James agreed.

10:05 PM BBT: Corey tells Nicole that he got Frank off their backs 100% this time. Corey tells her that Da’Vonne needs to go because she tried doing some shady stuff with Frank that Frank ended up telling them about.

Tiffany joins Corey and Nicole in the have-not room. Nicole tells her to try not to associate with Frank and Bridgette because Da’Vonne was thinking she made a deal with Bridgette. Tiffany tells her that she swears on everything that she didn’t make a deal and says that she doesn’t trust Da’Vonne. Nicole tells her that she knows because she thinks it got back to Da’Vonne because of something Paul told her.

10:15 PM BBT: Frank tells Bridgette that Nicole wants a four person alliance with them two, her, and Corey. Frank tells her that he also isn’t sure about Paulie voting Tiffany out. Bridgette told him that she was thinking the same. Frank tells her that their best move now is to work with Corey and Nicole and hope that they’re being serious.

10:25 PM BBT: Paulie tells Zakiyah that Tiffany cannot be trusted and has to go home this week. Paulie tells her that Natalie will be the backup target cause he isn’t buying into the “I just want to get to jury” spiel.

10:30 PM BBT: Corey tells Paulie that he isn’t sure about sending Tiffany home because he says that Tiffany isn’t coming after them. Paulie tells him that it’s only a matter of time and that they need to compare Tiffany’s gameplay to her sister’s cause they match up. Nicole tells Corey that getting Tiffany out is best for them, to which he finally agrees.

11:20 PM BBT: Frank tells Nicole that he has done nothing to cross her because he knows she wouldn’t go against him. Nicole tells him that she’s love to work together moving forward. Nicole asks Frank if he ever had a conversation with Tiffany and Bridgette that involved Tiffany telling him that she was never coming after him and was only doing so because she was made to. Frank tells her that conversation never happened. Nicole tells him that everyone is against Tiffany right now because of that fake rumor that Paul made up. Corey joins them and Nicole tells him that the rumor Paul was spreading is a lie. Corey tells them that Da’Vonne is a liar. Frank tells him that Day told Paul to spread the rumor.

12:40 AM BBT: Frank tells Paulie that he’s down with getting either Da’Vonne or Tiffany out, that he can’t be a dictator anymore so he will vote whomever Paulie wants out. Paulie tells him that preferably they’d get Tiffany out. Frank tells Paulie that the rumor about a conversation he allegedly had with Tiffany after the HOH competition didn’t happen and that he only talked to Tiffany after that competition when everyone was right there. Paulie tells him that he doesn’t know about Day anymore, saying that he thought he could trust her. Frank tells him that after today, he can’t trust her anymore. Frank tells him that at least them two, Corey, Nicole, and Bridgette are solid.

1:05 AM BBT: Nicole asks Frank who he thinks that Paulie is going to nominate. Frank tells her that he thinks Paulie wants to put up Natalie and Tiffany, though Frank says that he wants Day to be put up with Tiffany, but says that he told Paulie to do what he wants.

1:15 AM BBT: Paul catches wind of the rumor that he apparently started, and goes upstairs to explain to Paulie that he isn’t lying and that he really did see and hear Tiffany talking to Frank and Bridgette about Da’Vonne. Paulie tells Corey and Nicole that Frank thinks that they stuck to the vote and they three were the people who voted Tiffany out. Paul tells them that Tiffany is a lying sociopath. Paulie tells them that they cannot give into any of Frank’s sob stories or anything else he’ll say this week because they all need to target him the next week. Corey tells them that he just wants them all to agree that both Day and Tiffany need to go eventually. Corey tells them that it didn’t make sense why Day wanted the HOH so bad when everyone was going to go after Frank, not just her.

Paulie begins talking to Corey, Nicole, Zakiyah, Michelle, and Paul about putting up a really strong player next to Natalie, with the intention of the strong player winning veto and them backdooring Tiffany, that way she will stay calm for at least the first couple days of the new week.  Paul tells them that Tiffany is a sociopath who is probably already throwing them all under the bus.

1:20 AM BBT: Natalie tells Bridgette that she thinks it’s Frank and Paulie who voted Tiffany out. Natalie adds that she’s a little insulted that she would think she would flip on her best friend. Bridgette tells her that it’s because she wouldn’t look her in the eyes and had been avoiding her. Natalie explains that it’s just because she was already upset. Natalie tells her that she always keeps her word because her word is the only thing she has left.

1:25 AM BBT: James tells Natalie that Bridgette tried asking him the same thing. James tells her that Bridgette is just fishing for information that she can bring back to Frank. Natalie tells him that she doesn’t trust Bridgette at all, that Bridgette’s been a really good actress this whole time.

1:30 AM BBT: Tiffany begins crying to Natalie, telling her that she should have worked with her from the start, but Bridgette screwed everything up. Tiffany tells her that nobody is talking to her and everyone has been avoiding her for the last two weeks. Tiffany explains that she knows that the only reason she was saved was as a “Screw you” to Frank. Tiffany tells her that the girls are so rude to her and that she doesn’t know what she did to deserve this kind of treatment. Natalie tells her that she’s here for her, that her bestfriend was sent home and the two of them were left in the house together for a reason.

2:15 AM BBT: Natalie asks Frank if he expected the vote to evict Bronte. Frank tells her no, that he thought it would be unanimous to evict Tiffany. Natalie tells him that James swore on his daughter’s life that he didn’t know, so she doesn’t think he’s lying when it comes to not knowing about that vote happening.

2:40-5:00 AM BBT: Tiffany spills the beans to Frank, Tiffany and Nicole had a spat, and Tiffany confronted Da’Vonne. Get a full in-depth recap here.

5:10 AM BBT: Da’Vonne tells Paulie, James, and Michelle that Tiffany is working with Frank now. James asks if that means that Frank’s plan now is to screw some crap up. Day tells him that pretty much sums it up. Da’Vonne tells them not to tell Tiffany that she told them anything. Paulie tells them that he’s sending Tiffany home and will make a great speech when he nominates her tomorrow, letting her know that he’s been after her for three weeks and will make sure he’s successful this time.

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