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Big Brother 18: Day 29 Recap!

Paulie Calafiore from Big Brother 18 - Source: CBS

Paulie Calafiore from Big Brother 18 – Source: CBS

It’s the day before eviction, which means all game talk today will revolve around campaigning and the plan for next week. Da’Vonne attempted to flip the vote yesterday but it fell flat, so there is a chance that she might attempt to flip it once more before finally giving up. By the end of today, we should have a good idea as to who is going home tomorrow afternoon.


1:25 PM BBT: Bridgette begins talking to herself in the HOH room. She says that Natalie is too emotional and that Bronte has surrounded herself by people who are too emotional. She goes on to question why Corey is even in the house, but answers her own question by saying that he’s only there for free promotion. She says that Paulie’s game is ruined by Zakiyah. She says that she knows Frank wants Michelle to win the next HOH, but she’d prefer Bronte or Natalie won it. She explains that she could get Natalie and Bronte to both go after Paulie, which would prove to Frank that they can be a benefit to their game. She says that if they go after Day and Paulie next week, she much rather target Paulie because Day isn’t coming after her like she is Frank. She says that Paulie should go first, followed by Da’Vonne, James, and then Natalie.

2:55 PM BBT: Corey tells Nicole that he thinks it would be stupid not to nominate Frank and Bridgette outright because that way at least one of them will go home. Corey tells her that he doesn’t want to send Frank out next week if he’ll be loyal to them. Corey explains that they can get Frank to be loyal to them by threatening to send him out like the rest of the house has been planning to if he doesn’t. Nicole tells him that them two working with Frank and Bridgette could have been the strongest alliance in the house if Frank wasn’t so hard to work with and didn’t run his mouth off. Corey asks Nicole if she still trusts Michelle. Nicole tells him that she trusts her about 80% and says that she didn’t know that Day was Michelle’s #1 who she ran and told everything to. Corey tells Nicole that they don’t need to win HOH next week because they have Frank, Bronte, Natalie, and even Day as people who will be targeted before them.

Paulie joins them, telling them that he can’t wait for Bridgette and Frank to be on the block together. Corey tells him that he’s been thinking about it and he believes it would be best for them to nominate Frank and Bridgette outright, that way they ensure that at least one of them goes home, otherwise one could win veto and take the other off, making them both safe.

3:50 PM BBT: Frank tells Paulie that he has to talk about getting James to throw this next HOH competition because he’s starting to get worried about Natalie. Paulie tells Frank that James has nothing to worry about because both Bridgette and Bronte would go home before Natalie ever would.

3:50 PM BBT: Tiffany tells Da’Vonne that she’s done all she can do in regards to campaigning and says that she thinks it’ll be alright because Corey keeps reassuring her. Da’Vonne tells her that she needs to make the rounds and double check with everybody because Day says that she doesn’t trust anyone.

4:05 PM BBT: Nicole tells Frank that James doesn’t want Natalie to go up at all. Frank tells her that he won Roadkill twice and kept James safe both weeks, so he’s just going to have to get over it. Nicole tells him that she thinks that James might even sacrifice his game to keep Natalie safe. Frank tells her that James isn’t that stupid. Frank tells her that Natalie and Bronte want to get all the guys out, which is just stupid and shows how juvenile their mindset is.

4:20 PM BBT: Natalie and James both discuses how much they do or don’t trust Paul. Natalie tells him that she trusts Paul to a degree, but doesn’t trust him completely. She adds that she knows Paul is trustworthy, it’s just that she personally wouldn’t tell him anything. James tells her that he feels the same way. Natalie tells James that she loves Bridgette, but doesn’t know if she can trust her anymore. Natalie explains that the only people she trusts is him and Bronte.

4:30 PM BBT: Frank tells Da’Vonne that Natalie and Bronte aren’t real threats. Day tells her that they need to stay wary of people who are just in the house and not doing anything. Frank tells her that he thinks that Bridgette could be a solider for them and that Nicole would always pick the two of them over Corey. Da’Vonne questions who his target will be if his team wins HOH. Frank tells her that it would be Corey so that Nicole can be 100% with them. Frank questions Day as to who they should get out first between Natalie and Bronte. Day tells him that it should be Natalie so that James can focus.

4:40 PM BBT: Da’Vonne tells Nicole that Frank is trying to hype of Bridgette as someone who could be loyal to them and be their solider that would take shots at people so that they wouldn’t have to get the blood on their hands. Day adds that Frank said he wanted Bronte to win because she’d put up Corey and Paulie. Day tells Nicole that she really wishes that Tiffany would stop rubbing people the wrong way cause it would be much better to have her in the house over Bronte. Day says that she doesn’t want to stick her neck out for Tiffany, though. Nicole agrees, saying that all she’d be is a vote.

Da’Vonne tells Nicole that it’s almost like Frank is trying to sabotage his own game because he keeps talking without even giving a single thought to the idea that people have been comparing notes and the fact that he keeps making dumb game moves over and over. Day tells Nicole that she’s excited to see Frank go, but more excited to see Bridgette’s reaction. Nicole tells her that they have to send Bridgette out the door the following week. Day tells her that they’ll send home Tiffany, then Frank, then Bridgette, and then they’ll get out Natalie.

4:55 PM BBT: Da’Vonne tells Corey that he’s Frank’s target now because Frank said that if they get him out, Nicole will come back to them. Day adds that all of this is supposed to happen under Bronte’s HOH reign. Day tells him that he’s the main target, but Frank wants to keep Paulie as the backup target by using the Roadkill on him. Da’Vonne tells Corey that he shouldn’t win HOH because if he puts up any of the guys, he’s going to be putting a target on himself. Corey tells them that he wants to put up Frank with whomever their backup target is outright. Da’Vonne tells him that they can’t do that cause it would give Frank a chance to win the veto.

5:30 PM BBT: Frank tells Paul that if he were him, he’d be careful about taking the HOH because he might end up putting a target on his back based on who he chooses as nominees, while he could have someone else do it for him. Frank tells him that the house wants Bronte and Natalie up, so Frank tells him that he doesn’t want him to damage his relationship with Bronte.

5:35 PM BBT: James tells Frank that he’s thinking about putting up a returnee, but not Nicole. James tells him that he just wants to take out on of the big guys next week. Frank tells him that Da’Vonne is someone who has been talking about making a big move soon, which scares him because he doesn’t know who she plans on taking a shot at. Frank tells James that if Bronte or Natalie win HOH, they’re going to put up two boys. James questions why he’d think that. Frank tells him that Bridgette told him that Natalie and Bronte were upset about Bridgette nominated a girl.

Frank tells James that the house wants to put up Natalie and Bronte next week, but he says that doesn’t mean that they can’t put up Da’Vonne using the Roadkill. James tells him that Day wouldn’t win veto even if they nominated her outright. James tells him that he can’t put up Natalie or Bronte since they’re on his team. Frank tells him that is why he was thinking it was best that he throws it tomorrow.

6:15 PM BBT: Da’Vonne tells Michelle that the way Frank is playing is so stupid that it’s almost like he’s intentionally tying to get caught so that they send him home. Michelle questions if the guys are really trusting Paul to win the HOH. Day tells her that she doesn’t plan on throwing it to him or anybody, that she’s going to try to win it herself. Day tells Michelle and Zakiyah that Frank told Paul to throw the HOH and that Paul said he thinks it’s so that he can nominate her. Zakiyah tells them that Bridgette has to go right after even though she’ll say that she had no idea about what Frank was doing. Paulie joins them, to which Da’Vonne tells him that frank is wanting Bronte to be the next HOH so that she can nominate Corey. Paulie tells her that it’s going to be sweet when Frank is finally sitting next to Bridgette on the block.

6:30 PM BBT: Frank tells Corey that James said that he thinks they should get a female returnee out and that he is worried about Da’Vonne too. Frank tells Corey that they’re going to need James to throw this next HOH so that they have Bronte and Natalie to be able to be nominated. Corey tells Frank that someone has been throwing his and Paulie’s name around, acting shady, and just telling lies to a lot of different people. Frank tells Corey that Natalie and Bronte as the ones who want Paulie gone because they think he’s the one who won Roadkill. Frank adds that people bring his name up because they know that him and Nicole are close, but Frank says that their closeness doesn’t bother her. Frank tells Corey that Da’Vonne also told him that she would nominate him and Paulie, so what they need to do is win HOH, backdoor Day, then they’ll be good to go moving forward.

6:55 PM BBT: Houseguests are shown pictures that they must remember for an upcoming competition.

7:25 PM BBT: Frank tells Corey that he’s feeling good about this upcoming competition. Frank tells him that he doesn’t think that Paul will do great because he was only focusing on the name of the pictures instead of what was in the pictures. Corey tells him that Natalie and Bronte won’t do good either.

7:30 PM BBT: James tells Paulie that Frank told him that he wants to backdoor Da’Vonne. Paulie tells him that it all depends on who wins this next HOH. Paulie tells him that he thinks that Frank will try to convince Bronte to come after him if she wins HOH and would have Bridgette try to convince Natalie, so they need to make sure that none of those three win it.

7:35 PM BBT: Da’Vonne tells Nicole and Zakiyah that she’s not studying with anybody else anymore. Zakiyah tells her that she’s feeling good about it. Nicole tells them that she doesn’t yet, but hopefully she’ll get there before the competition.

7:50 PM BBT: Bronte tells Natalie that if Frank wins HOH next week, they should be fine, but if anyone else wins HOH from Frank’s team, they’re going to be in trouble. Bronte adds that if Paulie wins, she’s going home.

7:55 PM BBT: Corey tells Paulie that there has been a change of plans, that Da’Vonne has been saying she wants him out, then Paulie the next week. Paulie tells him that they have to get Frank to win this next HOH so that he can go after Day.

8:20 PM BBT: Nicole asks Michelle if she’s heard anything weird today. Michelle tells her that she hasn’t. Nicole tells her that she’s feeling bad about how they handled the Tiffany situation. Michelle tells her that she thinks they handled it the best they could. Frank joins them, telling Michelle that James is on board with the plan to get Da’Vonne out. Nicole rejoins them as Michelle leaves. Frank tells Nicole that Da’Vonne has to go next and that James is on board. Nicole tells Frank that she trusts him and he is where he allegiance lies. Frank tells her that he trusts her and would never throw her under the bus. Nicole tells him that Corey trusts him too because Corey has been telling him more than he’s been telling her.

8:30 PM BBT: Zakiyah tells Nicole that she thinks that Frank is telling her targets just to be manipulative and wants her to think that is what he’s actually going to do. Zakiyah adds that she believes Frank wants Bronte to win HOH so that she could take a shot at one of the stronger targets. Nicole tells Zakiyah that the boys have been acting weird, like they’re stressed out about something they don’t know.

8:45 PM BBT: Corey tells Michelle that Da’Vonne is wanting to pull Paulie away from Zakiyah. Michelle tells him that she doesn’t think Day would do that. Corey asks her if Day has said anything to her about wanting to get him out. Michelle tells him no, that Day only talks about getting Frank and Bridgette out. Corey questions why they’re even keeping Bronte this week if she’s wanting to go after him and Paulie. Michelle tells him that she doesn’t know why. She tells him that technically they have the votes to keep Tiffany and that they could just tell everyone that they gave Tiffany a sympathy vote without thinking anyone else would do it. Corey says that them two, Nicole would vote Bronte out, but asks who the others are. Michelle tells him that James and Day would be enough to keep Tiffany. Michelle tells Corey that Bronte is probably going to put him up with Paulie to make sure that one of them goes home. Michelle adds that Tiffany wouldn’t put them up because she wants Frank gone, then Bridgette, then the remaining girls in Spy Girls. Michelle adds that she’d be willing to take Tiffany out right after they got out the Spy Girls.

Corey asks Michelle if she’s on Day’s side or Frank’s side. Michelle tells him that she’s probably on Day’s side. Corey tells her that some of the stuff that Day is telling him just doesn’t add up with what Frank is saying. Michelle tells him that Frank could intentionally be trying to sabotage his relationship with Day because Michelle says that is what he tried doing with her. Michelle tells Corey that her, Day, and James share the back bedroom so they’re always talking and night and Michelle says that Day has never once said anything about him.

9:15 PM BBT: Nicole questions if they’re for sure going to vote Tiffany out. Zakiyah tells her that she guesses, but says that she doesn’t think it’s the smartest move they can make.

9:45 PM BBT: Nicole tells Michelle that it doesn’t make sense for them to send Tiffany home. Michelle tells her that they have the votes if they want to keep her. Michelle tells her that the only person that would be upset about it is Paulie.

Paulie joins them and Michelle asks him if he thinks it’s a good idea to send Tiffany home. Paulie tells her that he doesn’t know because he’s been thinking about it too. Nicole and Michelle tell him that Tiffany might be able to win this competition and she would go after Frank. Michelle tells Paulie that Frank isn’t even studying right now, so they could blindside him and ensure he doesn’t win HOH. Michelle tells Paulie that Bronte is coming after him and won’t be taken out for another 3-4 weeks if they don’t get her out now. Nicole adds that Tiffany would owe them if they kept her cause she was almost out the door. Paulie tells them that all someone would have to do is whisper in Tiffany’s ear and she might come for them. Nicole tells her that they could just deny everything.

Paulie tells them that if Tiffany wins HOH, she’ll send Frank home. Paulie says that they’ll send Bronte home, and then that would be another person that could win and go after Frank. Corey joins them, telling Paulie that Bronte has to go because she’s coming after the two of them hard and is determined to get them out. Paulie tells them that if they get Bronte out, that is another Power Puff Girl number down, which weakens Frank’s power. Corey tells Paulie that they can just take Tiffany out in a few weeks since she can’t win competitions. Paulie tells them that if they keep Tiffany, they can’t let anyone else know before the vote and can’t explain anything to anyone after the vote. Paulie tells them that Bronte is going home tomorrow.

10:10 PM BBT: Nicole tells Tiffany that she’s going to be fine, that she has five solid votes. Nicole tells her that she wants her to get a good night’s sleep cause she needs to try to win the HOH competition tomorrow.

10:30 PM BBT: Nicole tells Corey that it does suck to send home someone who isn’t going to put them up. Corey tells her that Tiffany isn’t going to put them up either. Corey adds that they can’t tell anyone about this plan. Nicole tells him that Michelle is going to tell Da’Vonne, which is fine but will make her look sketchy.

10:35 PM BBT: Paulie tells Nicole and Corey that he believes that Da’Vonne will eventually take a shot at them. Nicole agrees, telling him that Day told her that she feels like the fifth wheel in their alliance. Corey tells Paulie that Da’Vonne wants to tear them all down, including Zakiyah. Paulie tells them that he knew they should have picked Michelle to be in their five person alliance over Da’Vonne. Corey tells them that he doesn’t want Paul to win HOH because that would make Day safe for the week. Paulie tells him that they’re going after Frank and Bridgette this week anyway. Corey tells them that Frank has to stay loyal to them for another week or two because he’ll have no other option. Paulie tells him that they can use Frank to go after Day for them, then just nominate him the following week. Corey tells him that they’ll need Zakiyah’s vote to get Day out. Paulie tells him not to worry because he could get her on board. Paulie tells them that when the time is right, they need to take their shot at Day and Michelle. Corey tells him that they can keep Michelle because she wouldn’t open her mouth.

Paulie tells Corey and Nicole that they need to put up Frank and Bridgette outright, and if one of them wins veto, Da’Vonne can be the replacement nominee. Corey tells them that they need to make sure that Tiffany knows they’re the one that saved them and didn’t have to, so she owes them.

10:50 PM BBT: Paulie tells Tiffany that the look on Frank’s face tomorrow is going to be awesome because he 100% thinks that she’s going home. Tiffany tells them that she’s going to make her speech epic now. Paulie tells her that she should make it elaborate to where Frank knows that she thinks she’s going to stay, that way it hits him even harder when she finally does end up staying. Tiffany tells them that she should tell everyone during her eviction speech to keep her because she’ll be going after Frank. Tiffany asks if Michelle has known that Frank has been trying to get her out. Paulie tells her that she and everyone else in the house has. Tiffany tells them that she has their back. Paulie and Nicole tell her that they have her’s too.

11:20 PM BBT: Nicole tells Tiffany that once she is safe tomorrow after the eviction, the two of them can sit down and have a long talk so that Nicole can answer some of her questions. Nicole tells her that she was never going to vote her out. Tiffany tells her that she knows that and knows how this game works.

11:35 PM BBT: Frank tells Michelle that he’s worried about Da’Vonne because she has been acting real weird with him lately. Frank tells her that he thinks that Day tried to go tell Corey that he wanted to target him.

11:35 PM BBT: Da’Vonne tells Zakiyah and Paulie that she’s going to nominate both Frank and Bridgette outright if she wins HOH.

11:40 PM BBT: Frank tells Paul that if he can, he needs to throw this HOH to someone on his team or to the Freakazoids. Paul asks him if he knows who he’d put up. Frank tells him that he knows one person, but will only say that it’s not him, Bronte, or Natalie. Frank tells Paul that if the HOH competition is down to him and Zakiyah or Da’Vonne, he needs to just take it.

11:45 PM BBT: Paul tells Da’Vonne, Paulie, and Zakiyah about what Frank told him. Paul tells them that they need to figure out what Frank’s plan is so that they can tell him they’ll do it and that way Frank will throw the HOH since he’ll think he won’t have to do anything himself.

1:40 AM BBT: Paulie tells Corey that he’s worried that if they tell Da’Vonne about them flipping the vote, she’s going to think they did it to protect themselves and not their alliance. Paulie adds that Zakiyah told him that he should talk to Day in private and explain how the votes flipped, then Day would likely just hop on board. Paulie warns that they can’t look like the ringerleaders of their small group, so they need to not make it look like they’re the ones who are trying to call the shots. Corey asks Paulie if they’re going to tell everyone that they voted Tiffany out. Paulie says that they are, that way if Frank wins HOH, they’re protected.

3:55 AM BBT: James asks Paulie if they want Bronte out now. Paulie tells him that he doesn’t know, that Michelle just told him that she wants to talk to him about something and the vote is the only thing he can imagine it being about. Paulie tells him him that Bronte is coming after him and Corey. James tells Paulie that they just need to put their foot down and tell the girls that the vote is staying how it is and they’re already moved on to next week. James tells him that Bronte will always be an easy out and that if Tiffany stays, Frank is going to go all out for HOH.

4:15 AM BBT: Paulie asks Nicole how she thinks that Da’Vonne and James are going to take it after they hear the vote was flipped by Julie. Nicole asks him if they don’t already know. Paulie tells her tha they have no idea. Nicole tells him that she’ll talk to Da’Vonne about it if he doesn’t want to because Day has told her in the past that she’d be willing to keep Tiffany if they had the numbers.

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