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Big Brother 18: Day 28 Recap!

James Huling from Big Brother 18 - Source: CBS

James Huling from Big Brother 18 – Source: CBS

It’s Tuesday in the Big Brother house, which means we’re going to be looking at a day spent mostly outside, and when not relaxing, a lot of campaigning and strategizing will take place. Da’Vonne has been working on a few of her closest alliance members to flip their vote, so that will continue on into today.


9:35 AM BBT: James tells Da’Vonne and Michelle that if they wanted to put in the work, they could possibly get the house to flip their vote, it just comes down to determining if it is worth it or not. James adds that if Tiffany stays, she’ll always be a target before any of them. James tells them that if they will vote Paul out, he can get Natalie’s vote.

10:05 AM BBT: Da’Vonne tells James that she feels bad for the poor girl and wants to tell Tiffany what’s going Wednesday night or Thursday morning. James tells her that they need to put some heat on Nicole and Corey to possibly flip their vote. Day tells James that she wants to get Tiffany votes, but she feels like everyone is so stuck on Bronte. James tells her that he isn’t stuck. Day tells him that maybe Tiffany could just tell Nicole that she knows she is going home and then ask for a sympathy vote. James tells her that Nicole is going to feel so played, but says that it is better to ask for forgiveness than for permission. James adds that if they do keep Paul around, he says that he could see everyone keeping him in the house as the ultimate pawn until final six, then the week that everyone wants to finally get him out, he wins HOH and sends one of them home.

1:55 PM BBT: Tiffany tells Nicole that James said he’d vote to keep her. Nicole tells her that once Michelle and the other people they’re close to wakes up, they’ll sit down and talk about what the plan is moving forward.

2:50 PM BBT: Tiffany tells Paulie that she hasn’t heard anything about what people are thinking for the rest of the week. Paulie tells her that he hasn’t heard about anything or spoken about anything with anyone else. Tiffany tells him that James, Michelle, and Da’Vonne all told her that they’d keep her. Tiffany adds that it makes sense for Nicole and Corey to keep her also sense she’d never target either of them. Tiffany tells him that if they keep her, she’s going to be an extra vote to get Frank out. Paulie tells Tiffany that Frank straight up said that he wants to separate him and Corey, then backdoor Da’Vonne. Paulie adds that he told Da’Vonne that if she were to win, she could nominate him and Corey.

3:30 PM BBT: Da’Vonne tells Michelle that she told Tiffany that she needed to be the person that people would want to keep in the house, and by that she meant socialize, but Tiffany is cleaning the house for people who currently want to send her home. Day tells her that this sucks because she hates lying to Tiffany cause she was in the same position last year. Da’Vonne tells Michelle that she’s going to vote for Tiffany even if she’s the only one doing so. Day tells her that if they do get the votes to keep Tiffany, the house will be divided, but says she’s okay with that because she trusts James, Michelle, and then James trusts Natalie and Tiffany is still gunning for Frank. Michelle questions if James could handle sending Natalie home. Day tells her that she talked to him about it and told him that he wouldn’t have to vote against her. Day adds that James told her that he wouldn’t seek vengeance on those who did end up sending Natalie out.

3:55 PM BBT: Tiffany tells Da’Vonne that she talked to Paulie and he told her that he’s on board with getting out Bronte and that plan hasn’t changed for two weeks. Tiffany asks Day what her guts says about Paulie telling her these things. Da’Vonne tells her that she doesn’t know because people looked her dead in the eyes like that last season, then they sent her home. Day asks what she contributes to Paulie’s game. Tiffany explains that she’ll be another one of the votes against Frank. Tiffany asks if she feels like James and Michelle really will vote to keep her. Da’Vonne tells her that she is sure because both of those people are solid. Tiffany tells Day that she helps Paulie’s game because Bronte would go after him while she never would.

Tiffany tells Da’Vonne that Nicole wants Bronte out, but is still being sneaky and talking to Frank a lot. Tiffany adds that if she stays, her, Day, Michelle, and James need to form something. Da’Vonne agrees, saying that it was the main topic of conversation with Michelle and James. Tiffany questions what kind of deal Nicole made with James during their talks. Da’Vonne says that she doesn’t know, but will get to the bottom of it and that is why she has been wanting to win HOH since people always spill the beans to protect themselves. Da’Vonne tells Tiffany that if she ends up going home, it’s going to start a war because she’ll be pissed. Tiffany tells her that it would just be a really dumb game move for Nicole and Corey because Bronte hasn’t built that trust with them like she has in the two alliances they were in together.

4:05 PM BBT: Paulie tells James that if they kept Tiffany in the house, she would eventually turn into her sister, so they need to nip that in the bud now by sending her home. Paulie adds that if Tiffany stayed and found out that she was the main target for most of the week, he could see her going crazy. James tells him that he understands and just wanted to make sure that they weren’t getting Tiffany out because that is what Frank wanted.

4:35 PM BBT: Tiffany tells Da’Vonne that she’s wondering if Zakiyah ever put information into Paulie’s ear to make him put distance between her and him because Zakiyah feared they were getting close. Tiffany adds that the difference in the way that Paulie has been treating her has been night and day, and it all started after he found out about Eight Pack. Da’Vonne tells her that Zakiyah is the one laying with him, so it wouldn’t make sense for Paulie to feel more betrayed by her than Zakiyah. Tiffany tells Day that she doesn’t trust Nicole and Zakiyah and that those two are both self-centered girls. Da’Vonne agrees that she doesn’t trust them that much.

5:00 PM BBT: Michelle asks Nicole if she would vote to keep Tiffany. Nicole tells her that she will if the rest of them are willing to. Da’Vonne tells her that they should do it than. Nicole tells them that she can get Corey to vote to keep Tiffany too since they’re on the same team as Tiffany. Nicole tells them that they just have to keep this quiet because Frank is going to try to figure out who voted to keep her.

5:05 PM BBT: Frank tells Da’Vonne, Michelle, and Nicole that Bronte is likely going to try to win this next HOH cause she is getting tired of being nominated. Michelle tells them that she wants to send Bronte and Natalie home. Frank agrees, saying that he doesn’t buy into the “just let me get to jury” spiel. Frank tells them that he really likes Paulie, but him and Zakiyah slept together last night and cuddled hard the whole night, so possibly backdooring him next week wouldn’t be a bad idea.

5:45 PM BBT: Da’Vonne tells Nicole that their votes are them two, Michelle, and James. Nicole tells her that she cannot guarantee Corey will be on board with this alliance because he really doesn’t like Tiffany. Nicole tells her that they have to get Zakiyah on board. Day says no, that they can just get James to convince Natalie. Nicole asks if she’s sure about James. Day says that she is 1000% certain that he’ll vote out Bronte because he said that he sooner Bronte is out, the sooner he’ll have Natalie fully.

5:50 PM BBT: Da’Vonne asks what Zakiyah feels about flipping the vote and getting out Bronte. Zakiyah tells her that she’ll do whatever they want. Nicole tells Zakiyah that Tiffany would never put her or Day up, while Frank has been in Bronte’s ear all week. Da’Vonne tells her that she doesn’t care if Corey and Paulie get mad at them for flipping the vote. Nicole tells her that she just doesn’t want them to be shellshocked going into the HOH competition. Nicole adds that even though Paulie and Corey aren’t on board, she’s still 100% down to save Tiffany. Da’Vonne tells her that she’s fine with her telling them before the eviction. Nicole tells them that a boy either needs to win HOH or guy up as a pawn so that they can compete against Frank in the veto competition.

Zakiyah asks the girls how she can explain why the vote is going to flip to save Tiffany. Nicole tells her that Tiffany would never put up Paulie and Frank would be her only target moving forward. Zakiyah tells them that she’s glad that they realized they should vote to keep Tiffany before it was too late.

6:20 PM BBT: Zakiyah asks Paulie what he thinks about changing the person they get out to Bronte. Zakiyah questions why they would get out somebody that is on the same team as them and would be targeting Frank and not them. Paulie tells Zakiyah that whether Tiffany is here or not, they have the votes to get out Frank. Zakiyah tells him that Tiffany wouldn’t come for him. Paulie tells her that she is a long term threat because once Frank is gone, she’d be coming after one of them next. Paulie adds that if you have the chance to take Tiffany out now, they should do it. Paulie tells her that if Tiffany stays, Frank could get into her ear about their games and start blowing people up. Zakiyah tells him that the way he’s putting it makes more sense.

Paulie tells Zakiyah that the first two people that Tiffany will target will be either him and Corey, him and her, or Nicole and Corey. Paulie adds that Tiffany and Vanessa are very similar, so they shouldn’t make the same mistake last season’s cast made and just get her out while they can.

6:25 PM BBT: James asks Nicole if she really wants Tiffany to leave. Nicole says no, that Tiffany is on her team. James questions why they’d be voting her out than. Nicole tells him that if they do vote Bronte out, Natalie will come running right to him. James questions when they’re ever going to take a shot at Paul. Nicole tells him that they can take a shot after their plans with Tiffany and Frank are done cause she likes Paul. Nicole tells James that Tiffany is only targeting Frank, so the two of them wouldn’t have anything to worry about if they kept her. Nicole questions if he’s trying to protect Bronte. James says no, that it doesn’t matter to him and that the only people he’s loyal to are the people he came into the house with. James tells Nicole that getting Tiffany out is basically letting Frank know about their plan before ever actually acting on it. Nicole says she realizes that and that is what she is deciding on.

6:45 PM BBT: James calls a backyard meeting with Nicole, Paulie, Corey, Michelle, and Zakiyah. James questions them who they’re getting out. Paulie tells him Tiffany because she’s the long term threat. Corey tells them that it doesn’t matter to him and is willing to do whatever they’d like. James tells Corey and Nicole that it is dangerous to vote out one of their own team members because it leaves them vulnerable. James adds that if he was HOH, he’d take a shot at them since they have so few teammates, then they’d be down to just one person. Nicole tells them that if Tiffany stays, Frank will still target her over any of them. Paulie tells them that Tiffany is extremely dangerous if she is anything like her sister. Nicole tells Paulie that Tiffany would never put him up. Paulie tells her that Tiffany would 100% pt him up when the numbers started dwindling. Nicole tells him that Bronte would do the same. Paulie tells them that Frank is Tiffany’s target now, but who will she target after that and what will Tiffany do when she finds out that she was their number one target all week.

Paulie tells them that if they want Bronte out, they’ll get Bronte out. Corey tells him that he doesn’t think that Tiffany is a threat right now, while Bronte is. Corey questions if Bronte will go after Frank next week. James tells him that Bronte and Natalie both told him they’d put Frank up. Nicole and Michelle both tell them that they want Bronte out. Paulie tells them that they must be forgetting what Vanessa did last year. Corey tells him that Tiffany sucks at competitions and nobody will like her, so they’d be able to get her out later.  James tells them that if they keep Tiffany, Frank will know they’re onto something and will actually try to win this next HOH. Paulie adds that getting Tiffany out isn’t doing Frank’s dirty work because it’s something they all planned to do eventually too. James tells them that Bronte isn’t going to put any of them up because she’ll do whatever he tells her to.

7:15 PM BBT: Tiffany tells Michelle that Paulie keeps telling her that she’s going to be good this week, but says that she doesn’t know if she should trust that or not. Tiffany adds that she’ll be one more person with the idea to target Frank over anyone else in her mind.

7:20 PM BBT: James tells Da’Vonne that Nicole said she wouldn’t mind keeping Tiffany while Zakiyah said she wanted to vote Tiffany out. Da’Vonne tells him that she can’t believe Zakiyah would say that after just telling her that she’d vote out Bronte. James tells her that Zakiyah probably doesn’t want to because Paulie is so against it. Day tells her that the two of them have to solidify something tomorrow because if Tiffany goes, she has to go, but at least they can say they tried.

7:25 PM BBT: Nicole tells Da’Vonne that James is 100% on board with keeping Tiffany, but says that James called a meeting in front of Corey and Paulie, which didn’t give her time to warm Corey up to the idea. Nicole tells Day that Paulie listed off 10 reasons why Tiffany should leave and said that she’s going to be a huge long term threat. Day asks if Zakiyah helped her when arguing to keep Tiffany. Nicole tells her that Zakiyah didn’t help at all, that Michelle ended up helping but they still lost the argument. Nicole tells her that there might not be enough votes because of what Paulie told Zakiyah. Day tells her that if they don’t have the votes, at least they can say they tried.

7:30 PM BBT: Paulie tells Nicole that if information slips and Tiffany finds out they were after her, she’d target everyone if they left her in the house.

7:35 PM BBT: Nicole tells Corey that they have to get Tiffany out, that they have the votes to keep her but says that it isn’t worth pissing Frank off and having him come after them. Corey says that Tiffany shouldn’t have ever of had that freak out. Nicole tells him that she doesn’t trust Da’Vonne and wants to target her next week. Nicole adds that she’s almost considering telling Frank about Day trying to flip the votes to keep Tiffany. Nicole tells Corey that they can’t let Day win HOH. Corey tells him that he can just get Paul to throw it. Nicole tells Corey that they need Frank to stay in a little bit longer because by going after Frank, they’re doing her dirty work because right now Frank is going after Da’Vonne, but if they all start going after her, it gives Day a clean slate while someone else might be targeted instead.

7:40 PM BBT: Nicole tells Frank that they have to make sure that Da’Vonne doesn’t win HOH and that she is still eligible for nomination. Frank tells her that they could get Paul to throw the HOH competition to ensure that.

7:40 PM BBT: Da’Vonne tells Paulie that Frank said he wants Bronte to win HOH next week because he’s in her ear, which means that they should consider getting her out so that she can’t be another number for Frank. Paulie explains to her that they have information about Frank’s roadkills and various other things that he’s said that would turn her and Natalie against Frank. Pauile adds that once it gets down to 8 or 9 left, Tiffany will take a shot at them. Da’Vonne tells him that they should just stick to the plan then.

7:45 PM BBT: Nicole tells Corey that Da’Vonne is wanting them to throw this next HOH, which they aren’t going to do. Nicole tells him that they might need to tell Frank about the vote possibly flipping so that they can cover their own butts. Nicole adds that she doesn’t trust Day because she is always scheming and always talking game. Corey agrees, saying that Day has gotten pretty shady recently. Nicole tells Corey that he needs to let Paulie know that she’s on board with getting Tiffany out this week. Nicole tells Corey that he can’t let anyone know that they’re thinking about keeping Frank next week. Corey tells Nicole that ideally they could keep Frank another week, then use Frank to go after Da’Vonne for them before finally pulling the trigger on Frank himself.

8:20 PM BBT: Nicole tells Paulie that Da’Vonne has been trying to talk her into keeping Tiffany, but says that isn’t what she wants to do. Nicole tells him that she just wants to make sure that he knows where she stands and is on board with getting Tiffany out. Nicole adds that she needs to be careful with Da’Vonne because of how she’s been playing. Nicole tells Paulie that she only trusts him, Corey, and Zakiyah. Paulie tells them that they need to break up Natalie and James because Da’Vonne could link up with them and Bronte.

8:30 PM BBT: Paul tells Nicole that his plan is to go nuts during the HOH competition and hopefully win it because he says that he’s willing to do what needs to be done. Nicole tells him that her and Corey are also willing to make whatever big move needs to be made. Paul questions if Tiffany is getting in people’s heads and if he needs to worry. Nicole tells him that he’s fine and that she’ll be voting out someone that is on her team. Paul questions who they’re going to put up next week since they plan to backdoor Frank. Nicole tells him that it should be people who will do good in a veto competition.

8:45 PM BBT: Frank tells Nicole and Corey that he’s willing to put up Da’Vonne as the replacement nominee next week even if they don’t win Roadkill.

8:50 PM BBT: Corey tells Paul that he is fine with either of them winning HOH, but say that they just have to make sure that Da’Vonne doesn’t get it. Paul tells Corey that he could nominate Paulie and Natalie, with Paulie being the one who is nominated to win veto and ensure Frank is backdoored. Corey tells Paul that he’s glad that they’re getting rid of Tiffany this week.

9:25 PM BBT: Paulie tells Zakiyah that they can get Bridgette to turn on Frank by threatening to go after Natalie or Bronte if she doesn’t. Paulie tells her that Da’Vonne might feel like she’s on the outside of their alliance and they don’t want her feeling like she has to get one of them out to get back into the center of things. Paulie tells Zakiyah that she needs to tell Da’Vonne that she’d take her to the end over him. Paulie adds that they could stage a mini-falling out, that way Da’Vonne doesn’t think they’re as close as they once were. Zakiyah tells him that Bridgette needs to keep her name out of her mouth. Paulie tells her that it doesn’t matter because she’s just going home the week after Frank.

Nicole joins Paulie, asking him if Zakiyah is going to vote out Tiffany. Paulie says that both Zakiyah and James will be voting her out.

9:45 PM BBT: Nicole tells Michelle and Zakiyah that Paulie’s reasoning for wanting Tiffany out didn’t make sense to her, but says that she doesn’t want to start any crap just to keep Tiffany. Nicole adds that James was also on board with keeping Tiffany, but then he got weird about it because he doesn’t want to get Frank mad. Nicole asks if they’re going to be voting Tiffany out. James tells her that they are. Michelle says that she’s not even going to give Tiffany a sympathy vote because it wouldn’t change anything.

10:00 PM BBT: Frank tells Nicole that an alliance with them two, Bridgette, and Corey could be a dangerous foursome. Nicole tells Frank that Michelle isn’t going to be on board with their plan to get Da’Vonne out if he gives HOH to her. Frank tells him that it doesn’t matter as long as they win Roadkill. Frank adds that Da’Vonne suggesting Michelle to go up as a pawn was very sketchy. Nicole agrees, saying that Day could promise her anything and she wouldn’t be able to believe it. Nicole tells him that she’s been dealing with trust issues with Day from the start.

10:15 PM BBT: Michelle and Nicole both say that they feel guilty and bad about Tiffany leaving, but both say that at least they tried. Nicole tells Zakiyah and Michelle that she straight up asked James if he would put up Natalie and he told her that he would if he had to, but Nicole says that she isn’t buying it.

10:45 PM BBT: James tells Da’Vonne that he hopes that Paulie comes through with throwing this upcoming HOH so that they can get Frank out. James adds that if they see Paulie going hard for this HOH with Frank, they’ll know that something is up. James asks Day if she thinks that Nicole is up to something shady. Day tells him that she doesn’t know and hates the fact that she doesn’t know. James tells her that he thinks Frank really trusts Nicole cause he sees them talking a lot. Da’Vonne tells James that Paulie seems to want Tiffany and Frank gone because he thinks he’ll be the one running the house. James agrees, saying that Paulie is starting to feel like a dictator.

11:20 PM BBT: Paulie tells Paul that preferably him or Corey win HOH since he seems the most level headed. Paul tells him that he’d have an excuse to backdoor Frank since Frank would likely come trying to get him to put up Paulie or Corey, who he could say he’s working with. Paul tells him that they cannot put up Bridgette next week either because she would pick Frank to play in the veto for her, then he could win it and they’d both be safe.

11:45 PM BBT: Nicole tells Zakiyah that she’s not even cute enough for Corey, that he’s a solid 10 and the cutest thing she has ever seen. Nicole tells Zakiyah that they should just get Corey out so that she can focus on the game.

12:45 AM BBT: Frank tells Nicole that he believes James is interested in putting up Paulie and Corey. Nicole asks him if he could stall on wanting Corey out so bad right now. Frank tells her that he just needs to talk to James and tell him that he needs to throw the HOH. Frank adds that he’ll tell James that they’re trying to get Bronte out. Frank tells her that he’ll talk to Paul too, telling him that they’re trying to get Natalie out.

1:05 AM BBT: Da’Vonne tells Zakiyah that if she wins HOH, she’s going to put up two strong players to ensure that they win POV over Frank. Day tells Zakiyah and Nicole that when she suggested Michelle be a pawn for next week, Frank went and told her that she was trying to set her up to send her home. Day tells them that that the only people they don’t want winning HOH is Michelle and Paulie who need to throw it. Nicole tells her that James’ team can’t win either cause they can Natalie and Bronte as backup targets.

Da’Vonne tells Nicole that Frank would secretly nominate her next week. Nicole tells her that Frank hasn’t talked to her about it and even if he did put both of them up next week, she says that she is confident that the third nominee would go home over them. Day tells her that she thinks that Frank already told Bridgette that he nominated her the first week using Roadkill and just said it was what the house wanted.

2:05 AM BBT: Frank tells Michelle that if they have the chance to throw the HOH to Corey or Nicole, they should but still fight hard for the Roadkill so that they could nominate Paulie. Frank asks Michelle what her gut feeling about Da’Vonne is. Michelle tells him that she trusts her, but what he told her about Day’s alternative plans behind asking her to be a pawn is scary. Frank tells her that she believes it is a lie when Day asks her to be a pawn because Frank says that he believes Day has a bigger target in mind. Michelle questions Frank if he thinks Day would put him up. Frank says that he thinks it’s too soon for him to do that, but says that he doesn’t know for sure. Bridgette tells Frank and Michelle that she thinks that Da’Vonne would.

Frank asks Michelle if she’s okay with their plan against Da’Vonne. Michelle says that she swears she is, to which Frank tells her that Nicole was worried that she wouldn’t be on board. Michelle asks him who is all on board with this plan against Da’Vonne. Frank tells her that it’s them two, Bridgette, Nicole, and Corey.

3:15 AM BBT: Michelle tells Da’Vonne everything about Frank’s plan to give her HOH so that she can nominate Da’Vonne. Michelle includes the part where Frank said that both Nicole and Corey are on board with the secret plan to get Day out.

3:20 AM BBT: Nicole joins them, but denies that she had anything to do with the actual plan. Nicole tells them that she’ll go talk to Frank about him lying, but Da’Vonne tells her that she shouldn’t do that because it could tip him off that they’re comparing notes against him.

3:40 AM BBT: Da’Vonne tells Michelle that she doesn’t trust Nicole’s story because of how much she was protesting because it made her look guilty. Nicole and Corey both rejoin Day and Michelle, telling them that they want Michelle to throw the next HOH to ensure Frank is a have-not. Nicole continues to tell them that she didn’t say anything to Frank because she doesn’t even talk to Frank in quiet that much.

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