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Big Brother 18: Day 27 Recap!

Tiffany Rousso from Big Brother 18 - Source: CBS

Tiffany Rousso from Big Brother 18 – Source: CBS

It’s veto meeting day in the Big Brother house, which means that nominations will be finalized and we will be seeing who will be up for eviction come Thursday. Today’s feeds will be all about who they’ll evict, campaigning from some of the nominees, and plans for next week!


11:45 AM BBT: Bridgette decides not to use the POV. Full details here

11:45 AM BBT: Da’Vonne tells Tiffany that if Frank wanted to take her out, he should have taken a shot this week. Day adds that everyone is getting tired of Frank’s farts and dumb stuff that he does, so he’ll be gone next week. Da’Vonne tells her that she’s just praying that there won’t be anyone returning from pre-jury since they’re getting Frank out next. Michelle tells them that they have to continue to boycott Frank’s jokes, cause that would be a shot to his ego. Tiffany questions what Frank is telling Bridgette, Bronte, and Natalie. Day tells her that she doesn’t know, but says that he has to be promising something to get Bridgette to not take her friends to an Outback Steakhouse dinner and to not use the veto on her friend that is up for eviction.

Da’Vonne tells Michelle and Tiffany that after this week, there will be a team with only two people in it, so hopefully they end the team twist like they did during BB14. Tiffany asks them if she should campaign. Day tells her that she should do what she feels like is best for her game, but Michelle tells her that she doesn’t think it’s necessary for her to campaign. Tiffany tells them that James and Natalie are the only two people she doesn’t know where their vote is going. Michelle tells her that James has her back.

11:50 AM BBT: Bridgette tells Bronte that she talked with Paulie before the veto meeting and he told her that everything is running smoothly and that they have nothing to worry about. Bridgette adds that even if Pauile wasn’t on board, she believes they would still have the votes.

12:20 PM BBT: Tiffany asks Paulie if he thinks that she should campaign. Paulie tells her that she should talk to people to find out where their head is at and present something to people for their vote. Tiffany asks him if he thinks she has the votes to stay, to which Paulie tells her that he thinks she does. Tiffany asks Paulie what his plan is next week if he wins HOH again. Paulie tells her that it’s the same as everyone else’s plan, which is to backdoor Frank. Tiffany asks what she should do if she won HOH next week. Paulie tells her that nominating Bridgette would be a good idea.

12:30 PM BBT: Tiffany tells Paul that she thinks the two of them should focus on getting the same person out. Paul told her that he doesn’t think they need to do anything. Tiffany tells him that she doesn’t want to be in anybody’s face about it, so she’s going to wait until the day before eviction to check in.

12:35 PM BBT: Paulie tells James that once they tell Bridgette, Natalie, and Bronte that it was Frank who won the Roadkills, they’ll begin to question him and get on board with their plan to get him out. Paulie tells him that they’re in a good spot and all they need to do now is nurture their relationships around the house and relax until they need to start winning competitions. Paulie tells James that once Frank is gone, them two and Corey can fan out and be more secret about their alliance. Paulie adds that it’ll be good that Tiffany is going this week since she is the one who would figure them out later in the game and take a shot at them. Paulie tells James that people were questioning if they should take Bronte out this week, but he had to tell them that Tiffany is a lot more dangerous than Bronte could ever be.

12:55 PM BBT: Tiffany asks Da’Vonne if she is worried about Paul working with Frank. Day says that she is, to which Tiffany asks if they should be getting him out over Bronte. Da’Vonne tells her that all the girls want Bronte out, but says that she doesn’t know why they’re so scared of her. Tiffany questions if they could talk to people they know will keep Bronte about voting out Paul. Day tells her that she hasn’t done any of that. Da’Vonne questions who the next big target will be after they get Frank out. Tiffany tells her that it’ll be Natalie since she’s disposable.

Tiffany tells Da’Vonne that if they could get James to trust them the most, they could use him to put up a showmance since he likes making big moves like that. Day agrees, saying that as long as Paulie and Corey are in the house, they’ll never have Nicole or Zakiyah 100%. Tiffany tells her that Frank has already put it in James’ head that it would be a good idea to put up Paulie and Corey. Day says that they could then send home Corey. Tiffany tells her that Paulie is a lot more dangerous than Corey, so it would make sense to send him home first. Day tells her that nobody would send home Paulie. Tiffany goes over the numbers, telling her that they’d just have to nominate Zakiyah along with Paulie in order to get him out.

Da’Vonne and Tiffany agree that they could have a strong trio with James, since he’s a very good physical competitor and likes to make big moves. Day tells her that once Frank is gone, everyone is wanting to send Bridgette home. Tiffany tells her that without Frank, Bridgette is by herself and they could use her to get showmances out sooner rather than later.

1:55 PM BBT: Frank tells Paul that he has nothing to worry about and that getting another girl out next week wouldn’t be a bad idea because Frank says that he likes all the guys they have left in the house.

2:45 PM BBT: Paul tells Bronte that he believes the two of them are going to be good for at least another 3 to 4 weeks. Paul adds that the only thing that can’t happen is Frank winning HOH or Frank playing in POV. Paul tells Bronte that Bridgette painted a target on herself because the reason she made the nominations she did is because Frank told her to. Paul tells Bronte that it’s in their best interest to lay low because the returnees are picking up on certain things that are happening around the house that they wouldn’t think of. Paul explains that people are starting to look at Natalie as a wild card since she said she doesn’t want to put up anyone if she won HOH. Paul adds that people are looking at Bridgette the same because of how feisty she is and how she isn’t looking for input when she wins HOH. Paul tells Bronte that his only goal with the girls is to keep her at the bottom of the pecking order when people bring up her name.

3:20 PM BBT: Paulie tells Corey that if Da’Vonne won HOH, she would 100% backdoor Frank. Corey tells Paulie that he knows Da’Vonne has been lying about a bunch of stuff, that she lied to everybody when it comes to Tiffany. Corey tells him that he feels like Da’Vonne would make something up about Frank coming after them cause she knows Frank really is after her. Paulie and Corey agree that they’re going to want to get Frank out sooner rather than later. Paulie adds taht he was thinking about having someone like Paul be the person to take a shot at Da’Vonne if he were to win HOH or Roadkill.

4:05 PM BBT: Nicole tells Frank that she doesn’t think that Bronte is really after her anymore or much of a threat. Nicole tells him that she thinks a backdoor is the best plan for next week and knows that he’s wanting to target Paulie or Corey. Frank tells her that he might be and that he’s not really worried about either of those two guys cause they’re not going to put him up. Nicole tells Frank that she is worried about the other female returnee doing something sneaky. Frank tells Nicole that he doesn’t think Day would put him up, he says that he can’t say that for certain. Frank tells Nicole that Da’Vonne was worried about her making a final two with James early on in the game. Nicole tells him that she’s had it in her gut since day 3 that Day would take a strike at them. Frank tells her that he doesn’t trust Day, but does trust Zakiyah. Nicole tells him that those two are so close. Frank explains that is another reason to get Day out.

Frank tells Nicole that he believes Bridgette has a shot at winning Roadkill and putting up Day because he has been planting a seed in her head about it. Frank adds that he finally told Bridgette that he was the one who won both Roadkills, but all Bridgette did was hug him after she told him.

4:25 PM BBT: Frank tells James that everyone is starting to look at Bronte as less and less of a threat. James asks him what he wants to do this next week since Bronte isn’t a threat anymore. Frank tells him that it’s the same thing they talked about last time, which is to take a swing at Paulie and Corey. Frank asks James if he’s wanting to get another girl out because of the numbers, but James tells him no. Frank tells him that Bridgette said Natalie and Bronte were upset about not getting another guy out this week.

4:30 PM BBT: Frank asks Paul who he’d go after if he won HOH. Paul tells him that he would just ask the guys because there is so much that could happen between now and then. Frank tells Paul that he wants Michelle to win HOH because he has enough influence over her to have her make a big move for them.

4:45 PM BBT: Da’Vonne tells James that Frank approached her in the kitchen about targeting Paulie and Corey next, but said that he couldn’t be the HOH to do it. James tells her that Frank just got done talking to him in the bathroom about targeting those two guys too.

4:50 PM BBT: Nataile tells James that Frank keeps asking her who she’s going to put up if she wins HOH and it’s making her uncomfortable with how aggressive he’s being. James tells her that she can just tell Frank that she’ll either do what he wants or that she’ll put up James. Natalie tells him that Paul told Bronte that Frank was the Roadkill winner for the first week and this week, but says that she told Bronte to not say anything to Bridgette about it yet. Natalie adds that she can tell her to say something if that is what he wants.

4:50 PM BBT: Nicole tells Corey that she feels like it would be best for them to have Frank help them get Da’Vonne out, because the whole house will still be against him so leaving him in for another week wouldn’t change the fact that he’s going home soon. Corey tells her that Frank has been telling Day that she needs to put him and Paulie up. Nicole tells him that Day isn’t going to do that, though.

4:50 PM BBT: Da’Vonne tells Michelle that they have eight people that should be able to come together next week to ensure that they’re able to not let Frank win HOH or the veto. Michelle tells her that she’s curious as to who Frank will tell her his target is for next week, but Michelle says that she thinks Frank will say Bronte. Day tells her that Frank might try to say it’s Paulie. Day adds that if Frank does comes to her about targeting Paulie or Corey, she needs to just go along with it. Michelle asks if they did vote Bronte out, wouldn’t Frank just go after Tiffany again the next week. Day tells her no because Frank would try to win HOH and then find out just what went wrong and who’s been lying to him. Da’Vonne tells Michelle that she feels Tiffany has calmed down a lot over this past week and hasn’t been paranoid or acting crazy.

5:30 PM BBT: Da’Vonne tells Tiffany that it’s possible the Fatal Five doesn’t exist anymore. Day adds that she can’t look at relationships in this house as friendship, she has to look at them as business. Day tells Tiffany that she told Natalie to come talk to her once they get to jury about possibly working together. Tiffany tells her that she’d like them two, James, and Natalie to form an alliance.

Tiffany asks Da’Vonne who the next target is after Frank. Da’Vonne tells her that it would have to be Paulie because he is the biggest threat. Tiffany tells her that she’s on board because she trusts Frank as far as she can throw him. Tiffany adds that Paulie is the center of the showmance alliance, so once Paulie is gone, Corey wouldn’t know what to do and Zakiyah would come back to them. Day tells her that with Frank gone, either them two or Michelle could win Roadkill and anonymously nominate Paulie. Tiffany tells her that she’s starting to realize that she is the only one who has her back.

6:40 PM BBT: Natalie tells Bronte that she is safe and that she talked to James again. Bronte tells her that they have to make sure that Frank doesn’t win HOH or POV. Natalie tells her that if Frank asks who her targets are, she needs to say nobody or say that she is going with the house.

7:10 PM BBT: Tiffany tells Michelle that there is a alliance between Zakiyah, Paulie, Corey, Nicole, and Da’Vonne. Tiffany tells her that she hates feeling like she’s on the outside and says that Day said that she feels the same way. Tiffany tells Michelle that them two, Day, and James could be another alliance that they form outside the Fatal Five. Michelle tells Tiffany that she’s hoping Nicole and Zakiyah won’t let the guys come before them. Tiffany tells her that they don’t need to worry because there is a plan ready to deal with that. Tiffany tells Michelle that she wants people she can trusts and says that she wants Michelle to be one of those people.

7:30 PM BBT: Tiffany asks if the girls are still wanting to get Bronte out. Zakiyah tells her that they all are, though she says that she doesn’t know about Natalie or Bridgette. Tiffany tells them that Bronte has talked about wanting to target Nicole and could target any of them if she were to stay.

8:40 PM BBT: Tiffany tells Michelle that they are still in a alliance with Nicole and Zakiyah, but says that those two girls are in another one with Da’Vonne. Michelle questions why they’d include Day in that alliance. Tiffany tells her that it’s because they trust Day. Tiffany tells Michelle that Da’Vonne trusts her completely and said that the two of them and James are the only one she is completely genuine with. Michelle tells tiffany that Nicole and Zakiyah are going to pick Paulie and Corey over them. Tiffany tells her that isn’t true because they don’t know that for sure. Tiffany adds that Michelle is closer to them than she is, so if they were to pick someone off, it’d likely be her.

Michelle tells Tiffany that James is all up Natalie’s butt and that she tried warning James that she’s using him. Tiffany tells her that Natalie looks at James like a brother, but says that she doesn’t think James sees it that way. Tiffany adds that it’s good to have showmances in the house because it creates bigger targets than them. Tiffany explains that when Corey and Paulie go, Nicole and Zakiyah will never no other options than to come back to them. Tiffany tells Michelle that Nicole and Zakiyah completely changed after they started a new alliance with their showmances. Tiffany also points out to Michelle that Paulie and Corey are always talking, so she says that she is 99.99% convinced that those two guys have a real final two deal. Tiffany tells Michelle that she’d love to have a final three with her and Day. Michelle tells her that it would be awesome to have three girls in the end.

Tiffany tells Michelle that the rest of their group could just be lying to her and rope Michelle in before sending Tiffany packing. Michelle tells her that she wouldn’t let that happen because it wouldn’t be fair. Michelle tells Tiffany that she’s starting to realize that their alliance hardly comes in to talk to them. Tiffany tells her that she needs to notice how much Zakiyah and Nicole hang out. Tiffany tells her that Nicole is super sketchy because she said that she didn’t think some of the cast would hangout with each other because some people will get backtabbed. Tiffany explains that she thinks Nicole was basically telling her that she plans to backstab Tiffany.

10:40 PM BBT: Frank tells James that Michelle is just too emotional, so he has no idea what she’d do if she ever got power. Frank adds that he rather keep Bridgette over Michelle since she is more emotionally stable. James tells Frank that it’s crazy that they keep taking out guys while leaving all the girls in the house. Frank tells him that they’re taking out a big girl target this week in Tiffany.

10:50 PM BBT: Paulie tells Nicole that Frank has been trying to create a three person alliance with him and Corey. Paulie adds that there is votes to keep everyone safe next week, even if Frank were to win Roadkill again and try to nominate one of them.

1:30 AM BBT: Nicole tells Corey that she wants to get Da’Vonne out next week and Frank out the following week. Corey tells her that she’s just afraid that the numbers will change in the meantime and they don’t be able to get Frank out. Nicole tells him that she has to work on her relationship with James because right now it is so awkward. Corey tells Nicole that they need to break up his relationship with Natalie and tell him about what Natalie was saying to him last week. Nicole tells him that it wouldn’t be a bad idea.

2:00 AM BBT: Michelle tells Da’Vonne that she’s afraid that a lot of people are still working with Frank and she’s being told to throw HOH so that they can get her out. Day tells her that she hasn’t heard that and that she still has to win HOH cause Frank is trying to come after her and she would never put her up. Da’Vonne tells Michelle that she understands that she hates Bridgette and Bronte, but if they were to keep Bridgette in the house this week and send home Paul, they’d have eight solid women left in the house. Michelle tells Day that she feels left out and feel like she has nobody. Day tells her that she loves Zakiyah, but she has her showmance with Paulie, so really the only person she has is Michelle.

Da’Vonne tells Michelle that she can’t do it to Tiffany and vote against her, so even if she’s the sole vote for Tiffany, so be it. Day explains that Tiffany would be one of the keys to help them get rid of Frank. Day tells Michelle that Tiffany would never put them up and said that the only two people she trusts are them two. Da’Vonne tells Michelle that they have two people to convince five people to keep Tiffany, that they can tell people that they’re going to have one shot to get Bronte out, so they should take it.

2:30 AM BBT: Nicole and Corey tells Tiffany that as of right now everyone is sticking to the plan to get Bronte out. Tiffnay tells her that it makes sense to get Bronte out because Tiffany says she personally isn’t going after any of them. Tiffany asks if Frank is campaigning against her. Nicole and Corey tell her that he is, that he only put up Bronte because he intended her to be a pawn.

2:35 AM BBT: Paul tells Paulie and Zakiyah that just because he hangs out with Bronte doesn’t mean that he’s loyal to her. Paulie tells him not to worry, that guilty by association no longer will come into play. Paulie tells him that Frank is going home next week and if for some reason they can’t send Frank home, it’ll be Bridgette. Paul tells them that they can’t put Bridgette up outright cause she’d pick Frank  to play. Paulie agrees, saying that they would nominate Bronte and Natalie since neither of them would choose Frank to play. Zakiyah tells Paul that if Frank’s entire team is safe, they’d just get out either Natalie or Bronte.

Paulie tells Paul that Bridgette is going to feel like an idiot after Frank leaves and she finds out that he was the person who nominated her week one and she still did all of his dirty work for him. Paul tells Paulie that he can’t believe Frank talked about getting him and Corey out. Paulie explains that they’re the ones who planted that seed in hopes Frank throws the HOH to let someone else take them out.

Corey later joins them out in the backyard. He tells them that he doesn’t think that Natalie actually likes James and that she is just using him. Corey tells them about the comments she has made to him and says that he believes she is actually attracted to him, not any other guy in the house. They all begin discussing their distrust in Natalie. Paul says that she’s a loose cannon and Paulie mentions how she’s been flirting with everyone as a way to get close.

2:50 AM BBT: Tiffany tells Da’Vonne that when she walked into the have-not room, Corey, Nicole, and James stopped talking game and brought up some random stupid topic. Tiffany tells her that Corey did say that they believe she has the numbers, but Nicole said that Frank is trying to campaign against her. Day tells Tiffany that Michelle was just crying to her about the same thing, that every time she walks into a room, people get quiet. Day adds that all she knows right now is that people want Bronte out and that if there is something else going on, nobody is talking to her about it.

Da’Vonne tells Tiffany that Zakiyah is trying to make it seem like her and Paulie aren’t that close, but Day says that it’s obvious. Day adds that it’s fine for Zakiyah to have a showmance since she’s a grown women, but Day says that she’ll find out soon enough that she’s coming after her because of it. Tiffany tells Da’Vonne that Nicole might be playing both sides because after they went to sleep in the have-not room, she heard both Corey and Nicole whispering and they brought up Frank’s name. Day tells her that if she feels like her Big Brother life is threatened, she needs to do whatever it takes, such as campaigning and just talking to people about anything more often.

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