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Big Brother 18: Day 25 Recap!

Natalie Negrotti from Big Brother 18 - Source: CBS

Natalie Negrotti from Big Brother 18 – Source: CBS

It’s veto day in the Big Brother house, which means that it’s gonna be another crazy and important day this week that could determine just which person gets targeted this week. The target has already switched numerous times and we’re less than a day into the new week, so who knows what could end up happening!


10:00 AM BBT: Corey, Nicole, and Tiffany are have-nots this week. Their specialty food is popcorn and peanuts.

10:05 AM BBT: Bridgette tells Natalie that she believes Bronte will be fine, she just doesn’t want Tiffany to get veto. Natalie tells her that if Bronte can get pulled off the block and she’s the one who gets put up, she wouldn’t feel confident that she’d be okay, but is willing to take one for the team. Natalie tells Bronte and Bridgette that the three of them are a secret threat because they have everything that good competitors do. Natalie tells Bronte that she cannot tell anyone anything, including Paul, since Paul was the one who also turned on Victor.

11:10 AM BBT: Frank tells Zakiyah and Da’Vonne that Michelle is completely giving up on certain social aspects of the game because of how comfortable she feels having the group protect her. Zakiyah asks him if he’ll keep the nominations the same if he wins veto. Frank tells her that he doesn’t know, that he might take Bronte off and put Natalie up. Frank tells Zakiyah that even if he does take Bronte off, she’ll still be the target next week after Tiffany goes home. Frank tells Zakiyah that he wants to get rid of Michelle instead of Bridgette. Zakiyah tells him that she had a feeling he’d say that.

11:35 AM BBT: Frank tells Bridgette that Tiffany thinks that Paul is going home because she didn’t get any votes last week, so she assumes the same will happen this week. Frank tells her that in two weeks he thinks that teams will be over and it’ll be an endurance HOH, to which he’ll fall off right away because he wouldn’t win it anyway. Frank tells Bridgette that it doesn’t matter which of them wins veto, just as long as it isn’t Tiffany.

12:00 PM BBT: Michelle asks Frank what they’re going to do if Tiffany wins veto. Frank tells her that they’ll vote out Bronte. Michelle tells Frank to get in Natalie and Bridgette’s ear and tell them not to put her up. Frank tells her that he’s not going to do all her work for her, says that she can’t be like Danielle and expect Dan to all the heavy lifting.

12:40 PM BBT: Natalie and Paulie are chosen to play in veto along with Bridgette, Tiffany, Paul, and Bronte.

12:45 PM BBT: Bridgette, Bronte, Natalie, and Paulie go over strategies for the tumbling dice veto competition. Bridgette tells Paulie that Natalie needs to win it, so if he gets the chance to throw it to her, he should. Bridgette elaborates, telling the entire room that they need to throw it to Natalie if Tiffany gets out on the first round.

12:50 PM BBT: Zakiyah tells Nicole, Michelle, and Da’Vonne that the nominations need to stay the same. Nicole tells them that Natalie winning would be worst case scenario, since she wouldn’t be able to be put up and she’d pull Bronte off. Da’Vonne tells her that Corey would be next in line to go up, but says that he wouldn’t have anything to worry about. Nicole tells the girls that Natalie was calling Corey sexy, saying she wanted to touch his butt, and other things like that. Da’Vonne asks if she had told any of this to James yet. Michelle agrees, saying that they need to give James a reality check before it was too late. Nicole tells them that she rather have Corey do it. Da’Vonne tells the girls that she found out that Natalie and Bronte are a duo and Bridgette is their +1, which is all the more reason they have to get her away from Frank.

1:00 PM BBT: James tells Corey that he feels like Frank wouldn’t put  any of them up cause he knows that he’s the Roadkill and is basically controlling Bridgette’s HOH. Corey tells James that Frank had been talking about possibly sending Michelle home soon over Bridgette. James tells him that they could possibly get Frank to throw the next HOH since Michelle is on his team and they could tell him that they’ll get her out.

1:10 PM BBT: Da’Vonne tells Zakiyah, Nicole, and Michelle that Tiffany might win today’s veto competition. Nicole tells her that it’s fine if Corey has to go up, just as long as she isn’t the one who ends up going up.

1:20 PM BBT: Bridgette tells Natalie and Bronte that she wants Paulie to know that she is pissed, that she know he’s in connection with the people who won BB Roadkill. Bridgette adds that Paulie should be scared if she finds out that he was the one who put Bronte up.

1:25 PM BBT: Bronte tells Natalie that Bridgette doesn’t want any blood on her hands, so if she won veto, she would keep the nominations the same. Bronte adds that if Paulie is lying to her and the house does end up wanting her out, Paulie would have to answer to Frank. Bronte tells Natalie that anyone of them can win other than Tiffany, but if Tiffany does pull herself off, they need to rally the girls behind the idea of sending Paul home. Natalie tells Bronte that she just needs to focus on winning, can’t be worried about her possibly going up because she won’t be mad at her.

Natalie tells Bronte that she doesn’t want to start really liking James, then he does to her what Victor did. Bronte tells her that she has to be careful, that the reason Meg went home last year was because of James. Bronte tells Natalie that when they want James out, she’s going to be the person they sit him next to. Natalie tells her that if they can make it through this week, they won’t have anything to worry about because Frank is everyone’s target. Bronte tells her that even thought the plan is to target Frank, two people have to be nominated next to him and that’ll likely be her.

1:25 PM BBT: Da’Vonne tells Michelle that Frank was wanting her to keep it a secret from her that he won the Roadkill because he was thinking about putting her up as the replacement Roadkill if Bronte were to come off, but then she had to remind him that they’re on the same team.

2:10 PM BBT: Zakiyah tells Nicole and Da’Vonne that she is really wanting the nominations to stay the same. Nicole tells them that if Bridgette agrees to keep the nominations the same, Frank would try to talk her out of that and putting up someone big.

Nicole tells Da’Vonne that if Corey does go up if Tiffany were to take herself off, she’ll be fine since they have the votes to keep him.

2:20 PM BBT: Bridgette tells Natalie that the best case scenario is for Natalie to win veto, that way both her and Bronte can be safe. Bridgette tells her that she doesn’t trust anyone on her team other than Frank, so she’ll need her and Bronte next week. Da’Vonne asks Nicole if they’re getting Tiffany or Bronte out. Nicole tells her that Tiffany scares her. Nicole tells Da’Vonne that this is her last chance to play Big Brother and isn’t going to let it get screwed over by having a showmance like it was last time. Nicole tells her that if Corey goes up, she’s going to be fine and doesn’t want people questioning how she’d react. Da’Vonne tells her that if Tiffany comes down and Corey goes up, she’s going to talk to the girls about getting Paul out.

2:50 PM BBT: Corey tells Da’Vonne and Nicole that Frank said that he’s tired of Michelle running her mouth, so he wants her gone over Bridgette now. Day tells Corey that it would be perfect if they could get Frank to throw the HOH competition, assuming that they’re all going to target Michelle for him.

3:15 PM BBT: Bridgette tells Bronte and Natalie that if they don’t win next week, the rest of the house is likely going after Frank or Paulie. Bridgette explains to them that she won’t vote against Frank, but someone will be the person to finally take him down.

3:20 PM BBT: Da’Vonne asks Frank what the deal is between Michelle and Bridgette. Frank told her that Bridgette is trying her best to squash it, that she doesn’t even have a problem with Michelle, it’s just Michelle has a problem with her. Da’Vonne questions who goes up if Tiffany does take herself off. Frank tells her that it can’t be a returnee, so it’ll have to either be Zakiyah or Corey. Da’Vonne tells Frank that if Michelle is going to feel like she doesn’t have to do anything to stay in the house, maybe it is her time to go.

6:35 PM BBT: Bridgette wins the POV. Full details here

6:40 PM BBT: Frank tells Da’Vonne that Bridgette will either not use the veto or she’ll use it on Bronte and Natalie will be put up as the replacement nominee.

7:10 PM BBT: Paul asks Frank if he’s sure that people don’t like Tiffany, to which Frank tells him that he is 100% sure. Frank adds that he shouldn’t worry about it one bit because he’ll be good to go this week.

7:20 PM BBT: Natalie tells Bridgette that she is their little secret weapon after being able to pull out all of these competition wins. Bridgette asks Natalie if she’s willing to go up because if she uses it, the Roadkill is the one who chooses the replacement nominee. Natalie tells her that if she is chosen, that is fine. Natalie tells Bridgette and Bronte that she doesn’t know who won Roadkill,  but does know for a fact that she’ll go up if Bronte comes off, but says that she’s willing to take one for the team. Bridgette tells them that they just need to feel out the house because if they’re sure they have the votes to get out Tiffany, it doesn’t matter who goes up.

7:35 PM BBT: Bronte asks Bridgette if she thinks that Natalie knows who won Roadkill but just won’t tell them. Bridgette tells her that you can’t really tell when it comes to Natalie. Bronte tells Bridgette that she’s nervous about Paulie coming after her, that Tiffany or Paul might strike a deal with him for safety.

7:45 PM BBT: Bronte asks James if he knows who won Roadkill. James tells her that he might. Bronte tells him that she doesn’t want Bridgette to take her down if it means that Natalie is the replacement nominee. James tells her that he doesn’t know exactly what the Roadkill winner would do, but says it would likely be to put Natalie up. Bronte tells him that she just wants Bridgette to keep the nominations the same then.

7:50 PM BBT: Bronte tells Natalie that it’s best for all of them if she stays on the block. Bronte explains to her that when someone goes up once, the house is more willing to put that person up again, so it’s better to have the fewest amount of their alliance be nominated as possible.

8:05 PM BBT: Paul tells Bridgette that when she pulls Bronte up, the odds are that Natalie will be the replacement nominee. Paul tells her that Tiffany came up to him and said that she needed Natalie to be up next to her. Paul adds that if Tiffany is a bigger target than Bronte, the best option might be to just keep the nominations the same. Bridgette tells him that she’s going to let Bronte and Natalie hash it out and decide what she’s to do with the veto.

Bronte joins Bridgette up in the HOH room as Paul leaves. Bronte tells her that she believes everyone wants Tiffany out, so there is no need to put Natalie through the stress of being nominated when there is no point to it. Bronte adds that she thinks that James told Natalie about who won Roadkill and that is why she knows she is going up.

8:25 PM BBT: Nicole tells Paulie that Bronte is just a physical threat. Paulie tells her that Bridgette is both a physical and mental threat, which is why they have to take her out first. Michelle tells them that Bridgette needs to be nominated alongside Frank. Michelle asks if they’re going to have a problem putting up Bridgette because of her injury. Corey and Zakiyah tell her that they don’t care.

8:45 PM BBT: James questions who would want to be the HOH that takes the first swing at Frank. Da’Vonne tells her that she wants to be the one who does it. James asks what Paul would do if he won HOH. Paulie tells him that if Bronte is gone, it would be easy to get Paul to go after Natalie and Bridgette. James tells them that they just can’t have Frank win next week becasue he’d likely take a shot at one of them, probably him or Corey.

9:00 PM BBT: James tells Da’Vonne that Natalie does know that Frank won the Roadkill. James explains that this was the ultimate test of trust and Natalie didn’t tell anyone, not even Bronte or Bridgette. Da’Vonne tells him that it’s good she can be trusted. Day adds that she trusts Paulie, but knows that him, Zakiyah, and Corey have a final three. Da’Vonne tells him that she wants to get rid of Corey so that Nicole will come back to them.

9:05 PM BBT: Frank asks Bridgette if she’s going to use the veto on Bronte. Bridgette tells him that she’s probably not, and that moving forward the last thing she wants to do is use the sympathy card because of her injury. Frank tells her that she needs to milk it. Bridgette tells him that she doesn’t feel like she needs to do that, so she won’t.

9:15 PM BBT: Pauile tells Da’Vonne that if Tiffany stays, she’s going to be really dangerous. Da’Vonne tells him that she thinks Tiffany knows she’s leaving at this point because you can see it in her face.

10:10 PM BBT: Michelle tells Frank that she is afraid of Tiffany throwing them all under the bus before she goes home. Frank tells her that he’s not worried about it becasue it’s too late for it to change anything. Frank tells her that if Tiffany exposes anything and tries to get Bridgette to use the veto on her, they can just tell Bridgette that they’ll send Bronte home if she does that.

11:35 PM BBT: Nicole tells Corey that James would be really upset if he knew what Natalie was saying to him. Corey says that he knows and doesn’t want to tell him. Corey adds that Natalie is causing problems, so he’d just like to send her home.

11:40 PM BBT: Tiffany tells Nicole that she believes that it was Frank who won the Roadkill competition and he’s going to tell Bridgette to keep the nominations the same. Tiffany asks if she thinks that people will vote out Bronte if she’s on the block come Thursday. Nicole says that she will and that she’s been waiting for the moment to be able to send Bronte home.

11:50 PM BBT: Paulie tells Frank that he believes Tiffany is going to try everything she can to stay this week. Frank says that he knows and doesn’t care cause there is nothing she could do or say to change the outcome. Paulie tells Frank that he didn’t think that Bridgette would show her cards the way she did by winning a mental competition like she did today. Frank tells him that he only wants to keep Bridgette until sometime around 6 or 7 people left, then they can cut her.

Frank and Paulie both agree that they think Michelle is the one who voted out Bronte because it doesn’t make any sense for anyone else to do it. Frank tells Paulie that Bronte likely won’t even make it to jury since so many people want her out. Paulie agrees, saying that the only other way would be for them to turn the heat onto Michelle. Nicole temporarily joins them to tell Frank and Paulie that she doesn’t want to blindside Tiffany and would like to tell her that she’s going home on Wednesday. Frank tells her that he doesn’t think they should tell her at all since she could expose the fact that he was the one who won Roadkill and nominated Bridgette the first week.

Paulie asks Frank who he thinks would be a good person to cut next week. Frank suggests Bronte since it would bring Paul even closer into their fold. Frank adds that it would be ideal for them to win Roadkill and the nominate Day without telling anyone it was them. Frank explains that if they ever get a shot to take swing at Da’Vonne next week, it’s a good idea. Paulie agrees, adding that they also have Paul on the other side of the house who can take a shot at Michelle for them. Frank tells Paulie that he’d much rather have Da’Vonne be the one who goes home before jury. Paulie agrees, saying that she could sway jurors against them. Frank explains that they’d have them two, Bridgette, Natalie, Bronte, and Corey to vote Da’Vonne out next week if they gave the HOH to Michelle.

12:20 AM BBT: Paulie tells James that Frank still has no idea about their plan to evict him next week and has started to suggest that they take a swing at Da’Vonne next week. Paulie tells James that the only way that Frank is not going to try to win HOH next week would be to have James suggest targeting someone bigger than Da’Vonne next week, like him or Corey. Paulie tells James that after this week, them two and Corey will split up, then have daily meeting either in the morning or at night to catch each other up on everything that happened.

1:30 AM BBT: Bronte tells Bridgette that she thinks Paul is telling everything they say to Paulie, which they could use as by telling Paul things they want him to repeat. Bronte tells Bridgette that Tiffany is so paranoid and plots so much of the time. Bridgette tells her that although she plots, she can’t execute any of her plans without having her own allies trusting her. Bridgette tells Bronte that people will know she will come after whoever sends her home, so they know not to do that.

2:11 AM BBT: Nicole tells Zakiyah that Frank told her that he thinks Bridgette will leave the nominations the same because Bridgette doesn’t want to have Natalie on the block. Nicole and Zakiyah agree that Bridgette has to be the first to go out of the Power Puff Girls.

4:05 AM BBT: James tells Natalie that Tiffany wanted to get her nominated because she believed it would make it easier for her to stay. Natalie tells him that hearing that just makes her want Tiffany out even more. James tells Natalie that the plan for next week is to convince Frank that he’s going to target Corey or Paulie, that way Frank throws the HOH competition and be eligible for nomination.  James adds that after Frank is on the block, they’re going to tell Bridgette everything.

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