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Big Brother 18: Day 24 Recap!

Tiffany Rousso from Big Brother 18 - Source: CBS

Tiffany Rousso from Big Brother 18 – Source: CBS

It’s Monday, which means that the nominations, BB Roadkill, and the BB Roadkill nomination ceremony will all be held today. It’s going to be a busy day in the Big Brother house with a ton of game talk, so we’re here to keep you updated with a full recap of all the important conversations!


11:30 AM BBT: Bridgette nominates Paul and Tiffany. Full details here

11:35 AM BBT: Zakiyah comes to ask Tiffany if she’s okay. Tiffany tells her that she is, that it’s just draining to have to be on the defense all the time. Tiffany questions who she can trust to play the veto for her because everyone on her team is scared of one of their closest allies going up. Zakiyah tells her that she just needs to do what she has to do.

Nicole joins, making sure that Tiffany is okay. Tiffany tells her that she is, that now they just have to win the Roadkill and get Bronte nominated. Tiffany tells Nicole that if she survives this week, she’s going to go after Frank and Bridgette with a vengeance.

11:40 AM BBT: Bronte tells Bridgette that after the nominations were revealed, Zakiyah rolled her eyes, but it might have been just in case that Tiffany was looking. Bronte tells Bridgette that Tiffany knows that a lot of what she said came from Frank’s mouth. Bridgette tells her that it really didn’t, that she wants her out too. Bronte tells her that if anything from this week does backfire, the blame will be placed on Frank, so she is protected. Bridgette tells her that she doesn’t want the house to think she doesn’t have a backbone.

11:55 AM BBT: Tiffany begins talking to the cameras, telling us that she knows we think she shouldn’t have gotten into that fight with Frank, but says that she can’t go back and change that. Tiffany tells us that it was a gut reaction to not take any crap from him, so now she just has to win veto. Tiffany adds that if she wins Roadkill, Bronte is going up. If she wins veto, Natalie is going up.

11:55 AM BBT: Frank tells Corey that he wants to play in veto just to rattle Tiffany even more. Frank tells him that the girls have been questioning his relationship with Bridgette this whole time, which was annoying, but now they see why. Corey tells Frank that he needs to be careful with the girls when it comes to Da’Vonne crying. Frank tells him that he apologized to Da’Vonne and says that he didn’t slap her butt in a sexual way, just a pat on the butt as if he was telling her she made a good play. Frank adds that if it offended Da’Vonne, she should have come to him and he wouldn’t have done it a handful of times. Frank tells Corey that Michelle is a hot mess too because she’s too emotional when it comes to Bridgette, which bothers him.

12:05 PM BBT: Bridgette asks Paul who he’s closest to in the house. Paul tells her that he talks to Paulie the most, but other than that, he doesn’t really have anyone. Bridgette tells Paul that if he does win the Roadkill, he shouldn’t tell everyone about it like Victor did. Paul tells her that if he wins it, he’ll put up someone he knows is commonly liked and won’t go home. Paul tells Bridgette that his only worry is about the target pulling herself off. Bridgette tells him not to worry because she already knows who she’ll pick as the replacement nominee. Paul asks Bridgette what she’ll do if she wins veto. Bridgette tells him that she’ll keep the nominations the same, that the only person she doesn’t want to win veto at this point is Tiffany.

5:30 PM BBT: Frank wins the BB Roadkill competition. Full details here

5:30 PM BBT: Frank tells Nicole and Corey that he was the one who won the Roadkill. Frank then goes to Da’Vonne and tells her that he won the Roadkill and is planning on putting up Bronte, but also tells her that she can’t tell Michelle he won it because he’ll put her up if Bronte comes off. Da’Vonne reminds him that he can’t nominate someone who is on his team.

5:40 PM BBT: Frank tells Michelle and James that he won Roadkill and plans on nominate Bronte, but if she pulls herself off, his backup nominee will be Natalie.

5:45 PM BBT: Zakiyah tells James that Frank is too good, can coast through this game too easily, which is why it is imperative that they get him out next week. James agrees, saying that Frank is too dangerous to keep in the game. Michelle asks James that if came down to their group and only Natalie remaining from the opposing side, would he be willing to nominate her. James says that he would and understands where to draw the line.

Michelle warns James and Zakiyah that Frank could keep his word to them by nominating Bronte, but then taking out one of them via the backdoor if Bronte were to pull herself off. Paulie joins them, telling them that the reason Frank might feel so comfortable in the house is because he knows he can win competitions. James asks Paulie who he’s trying to send home this week. Paulie tells him that he wants to send Tiffany home. Paulie tells them that next week he was thinking about getting everyone to tell Frank that they want to backdoor him or Corey, that way Frank throws the HOH competition and they can get him out. Paulie tells James and Michelle that if Tiffany is still nominated, she’ll go home, but if she manages to pull herself off, it’ll be Bronte who goes home. Nicole tells them that she just can’t believe that Frank told them that he won, but says that she thinks it’s to gain trust with them since Da’Vonne is mad at him.

6:00 PM BBT: Natalie tells Bridgette that she doesn’t want the Roadkill winner to put up Bronte. Bridgette tells her that she doesn’t want that either and has talked to Frank about it. Bridgette asks Natalie who she feels about Frank. Natalie tells her that she is just observing and trying to put all the pieces together. After Bronte and Bridgette insisted she tell them, Natalie told them that someone is going around saying different names to different people about future nominations. Natalie tells Bridgette that Frank slapped Day’s butt, called her a slut, and told her to shut her mouth. Natalie adds that Frank has been fishing for information from both of them and is probably trying to put a target on their back. Bridgette tells her that she thinks it’s Paulie doing all that and that she trusts Frank since they’re on the same team. Natalie tells her that she just wants her to be careful with what she tells Frank. Bridgette tells them that she never says anything about what they talk about because she wants them three to go far together.

Bridgette tells Bronte that Paulie suggested she put her up if Tiffany were to take herself off, but she told him that she wouldn’t do that. Bridgette explains that Paulie said there are so many girls in the house and that he has heard her name being thrown around.

Bridgette tells Natalie and Bronte that she was thinking about taking a shot at a guy, so that if Tiffany wins veto and takes herself off, she’ll put up Corey and hope to rally the girls behind the idea of getting a really strong guy out.

6:05 PM BBT: Da’Vonne asks if Frank would be willing to send Bronte home over Tiffany. Frank tells her that everyone is already on-board with getting Tiffany out. Day tells him that she wants to separate Corey and Nicole. Frank tells her that he’s been thinking about that too.

6:40 PM BBT: Bronte tells Natalie that they’re the outsiders and that she doesn’t see them ever getting on the inside unless something serious changes. Natalie tells her that they need to get together and devise a plan. Natalie adds that she rather have Paul go home over both her and Tiffany. Bronte tells her that if she does go home, she just wants to make sure that it’s cause she tried to unite the girls, not just doing nothing. Bronte adds that to hear the girls are threatened by her is disappointing, that they need to let those girls know that they can be jury votes for them.

7:20 PM BBT: Frank nominates Bronte. Full details here

7:20 PM BBT: Bronte tells Bridgette that even if she does win veto, they’re just going to put up Natalie. Bridgette tells her not to worry because Natalie wouldn’t go home. Bridgette asks Bronte what she thinks of her plan to backdoor Corey, if she thinks it’ll backfire on her or if it’ll rally the women in her favor. Bronte tells her that she’s hoping it would rally the women.

7:50 PM BBT: Frank tells Paul that if Tiffany stays up, every single vote will be to evict her. Paul asks Frank what would happen if all the girls decided to band together and agree to get the guys out. Frank tells him that it won’t happen.

7:55 PM BBT: James tells Paulie that he would never put him up or even think about backdooring him. Paulie tells him that he can expect the same, that he doesn’t have to worry about Frank saying that he doesn’t want to go to the end with him because he has kids and could use that to his advantage. James tells him that he doesn’t have to worry about him running his mouth like Frank or trying to make any side deals. Paulie tells James that once Tiffany goes this week and Frank goes next week, the Eight Pack is gone, so he’s looking to get with a new smaller alliance.

James tells Paulie that if they do work together, nobody would think that the two of them are that close. Paulie tells him that with the different relationships that they have with other houseguests, they can keep the heat off each other. Paulie tells James that once they get out Tiffany and Frank, they’ll be able to coast for a couple weeks because so many people are set on getting Bridgette and Bronte out. James tells him that they need numbers beyond the two of them. Paulie tells him that they can work with Corey too since he has a good relationship with the girls.

8:25 PM BBT: Bronte tells Bridgette that she doesn’t know if the girls actually do feel threatened by her of if it’s just a boy making it up. Bridgette tells her that she believes it’s because of Paulie. Bronte tells Bridgette that Tiffany is close with Michelle, which means that she’s another person who wouldn’t vote Tiffany out. Bronte tells her that now their best shot of saving her is to get another boy nominated so that they can rally the girls. Bronte tells Bridgette that if Tiffany takes herself off, there isn’t a single person that she could put up that would go home over her.

Bronte tells Bridgette that the only thing she could tell the girls is that they need to band together. Bridgette tells her that the replacement nominee is going to be another boy, they just can’t let Frank know. Bronte tells Bridgette that after thought, she should keep the nominations the same because the girls are more likely to send Paul home over Corey. Bridgette questions who she could trust to fight for her in the veto competition. Bronte tells her that Michelle, Zakiyah, and Da’Vonne will all do what Paulie says, so it can’t be any of them. Bridgette tells Bronte that she wants to figure out how to keep Tiffany from coming after her next week if they turn the target to Paul. Bronte tells her that the house will be targeting Frank, so she doesn’t have anything to worry about. Bridgette tells Bronte that Frank wanted the targets to be her, Paul, and Tiffany.

Bronte tells Bridgette that a card they have with Da’Vonne is saying that it’ll be easier to get Frank out with Paul gone, since that is one of Frank’s votes. Bronte adds that they can make deals with both Day and Zakiyah about throwing this next HOH to them so that they can get Frank out next week and help them get Paul out this week. Bronte tells Bridgette that she needs to get Frank on-board with her picking Natalie to play in the veto competition instead of him. Bronte tells her that a way they could get Paulie to keep the nominations the same if he were to win the veto is by telling him that if he uses it, she’ll put up someone that he doesn’t want to go home. Bronte tells Bridgette that she’s going to fight her hardest and isn’t going to hide behind a boy like Zakiyah has been doing.

9:25 PM BBT: Paulie tells Corey that they have to get Frank out next because if he’s still around come the double eviction, he’ll put the two of them up together and one of them will likely go home.

9:40 PM BBT: Bridgette tells Natalie that their goal this week is for Paul to stay on the block because they won’t have the numbers to get Tiffany out. Natalie agrees with their choice, telling them that Paul would go against the girls and do anything Paulie’s group tells him to. Bridgette tells them that she feels bad for nominating Tiffany now and will talk to her after the veto competition is played. Bridgette and Bronte both tell Natalie that they will pick her to play in veto.

Bronte begins crying as she prepares herself to tell Natalie and Bridgette her secret. She tells them that she is the secret nerd in the house, that she’s not a child care worker, she’s an inspiring mathematician who eventually wants to work for the NSA. Bronte tells them that she hasn’t felt like herself since so much of her life revolves around math and she hasn’t been able to talk about it at all. Bronte tells the two girls to not tell anyone even if she does somehow end up leaving this week.

Natalie tells Bridgette and Bronte that Frank is starting to tell everyone in the house that Tiffany is targeting him. Bridgette tells her that is all the more reason to keep her this week. Natalie tells them that all they have to do is get one more guy out, then the girls can unite. Natalie adds that the guys are getting scared of a girls alliance, so they each need to start hanging out with guys more often.

Natalie tells Bridgette that she needs to talk to Tiffany again. Bridgette tells her that she doesn’t want to tell Tiffany the whole plan, but can tell her to trust her that they have a common goal in mind.

10:00 PM BBT: Nicole tells Frank that if they can get Tiffany out, everything will be so much better. Frank tells her that next week they’ll be able to get James to throw it and they can send Bronte home. Frank tells Nicole that he rather keep Bridgette over Michelle at this point. Nicole tells him that there is nothing he can do about that since Michelle is on his team. Frank explains to her that he believes Michelle is the one person who voted out Bronte and can’t be trusted. Nicole tells him not to worry because she feels like getting Bridgette out would be a wasted HOH. Frank tells Nicole that they’re going to have to get Paulie and Corey out eventually. Nicole tells him that she knows, that her and Corey are close, but says that it’s similar to him and Bridgette.

10:35 PM BBT: Frank joins Natalie, Bronte, and Bridgette in the HOH room. He tells Bronte that she won’t get a single vote against her this week and that if he wins veto, he’ll use it to take her off. Frank adds that he believes it was Michelle who voted against her yesterday.

11:20 PM BBT: Frank tells Michelle that he knows she is the one who voted against Bronte. Michelle says that she wasn’t and swears to God that it wasn’t here. Frank tells her that it might have been Paul and he’s lying, though it would be silly for him to lie about this. Frank tells Michelle that he thinks he might have Bronte willing to pick him to play veto tomorrow. Frank adds that he told Bronte that he’d use it on her if he won, which is fine because he can just nominate Natalie in her place.

11:40 PM BBT: Natalie tells James that she doesn’t want Bronte to go home. James tells her that he doesn’t want her to go home either and that she’s not going to go home. James tells her that she doesn’t ever want her thinking that he isn’t in her corner or that he’s scheming against them. James tells Natalie that the best thing she can do is to tell Natalie to be calm, don’t freak out, and to not tell anyone that she knows anything. James tells Natalie that Frank is the one who won Roadkill. James tells her that when Frank is locked in next week after being put up, everyone is going to blow his game up to Bridgette. James explains to Natalie that she is the only other person who knows this, so he is trusting her not to say anything. Natalie asks him what they’re supposed to do next. James tells her that everyone in the house is going to be voting out Frank, including the likes of Da’Vonne. Natalie tells him that she is fine with Tiffany leaving, just as long as it isn’t Bronte.

12:05 AM BBT: Natalie tells Bronte that if Bridgette can keep her mouth shut to Frank, Tiffany will be the one going home this week, not her. Natalie tells her that she cannot trust anyone except her to compete for her during the veto competition. Natalie tells Bronte that all she can tell her right now is that she needs to be social with everyone, be friendly, and if she can do all that, she’ll be safe.

1:50 AM BBT: Bridgette tells Paul that if she wins veto, she’s going to pull Bronte off cause she feels like some people have been throwing her name around and she doesn’t want to risk people changing their target to her. Bronte tells Paul that the general consensus right now is to get Tiffany out. Bridgette tells Paul that if they can control everything and everything goes according to plan, he won’t have anything to worry about. Bridgette tells him that if Tiffany gets pulled of the block, crap might end up going down cause she’ll nominate Corey.

Bronte tells Bridgette, Natalie, and Paul that she is perfectly fine with being the first person sent to jury because she tried to take out a big target like Paulie, since he seems to be the person calling all the shots and the one person who Bronte believes is after her. Bronte and Natalie tells Bridgette that they’re on board with sending Tiffany home.

2:45 AM BBT: Paulie tells Zakiyah that he thinks that James is a loyal, but says that Natalie will eventually have to go to keep James closer to them. Paulie also mentioned telling Bridgette, Natalie, and Bronte about Frank being the Roadkill winner to keep them from latching onto Frank as if he’s being honest with them.

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