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Big Brother 18: Day 21 Recap!

Zakiyah and Tiffany from Big Brother 18 - Source: CBS

Zakiyah and Tiffany from Big Brother 18 – Source: CBS

While Tuesday has typically been a slow day in the Big Brother house, things are bound to pick up now that this week’s eviction is all but set in stone and each houseguest can begin really preparing and planning for next week.


9:15 AM BBT: Frank tells Paulie that they can’t take people like Michelle close to the end because she’ll do really well once they start getting into a lot of mental competitions. Frank adds that he found out that not only does Tiffany want him out, but she plans to try to get him out before jury. Frank goes on to say that Tiffany should have never of brought his name up because he’d of been fine if they had to keep her for a little while longer. Paulie tells him that Tiffany called him an opportunist, then did the same thing by trying to bring Natalie, Bronte, and Bridgette into the fold to target him. Frank tells Paulie that ideally they’ll have Corey, Nicole, and James to throw their competitions, that way both Victor and Tiffany can be nominated. Frank tells him that if he gets HOH within the next two weeks, he’ll nominate Tiffany outright. Paulie tells him that he thinks Tiffany could pull a Jozea and crumble while nominated. Frank tells him that Tiffany isn’t as well versed as Vanessa was, so she won’t be able to influence people the same way her sister would have been able to.

10:20 AM BBT: Nicole asks Frank how long he’s going to want to keep Paul. Frank tells her that he wants to get rid of Paul, just rather get rid of Bronte and Tiffany first. Frank tells Da’Vonne and Nicole that the good news is that Natalie, Bronte, and Bridgette still don’t know about their big group, thought Tiffany would likely be the one person to spill the beans about that. Frank tells them that if they get Bronte out next week and he manages to win the HOH the following week, he’d nominate Tiffany outright. Da’Vonne tells him that she’d do the same. Frank says that it looked like Tiffany was actually trying to win the veto competition even though she was told to throw it, to which Day confirms to him that she did try to win it. Frank tells her that the good thing is that Paulie sees that she actually tried to win it and is getting on board with their plans for Tiffany.

Frank tells Nicole and Da’Vonne that Michelle has been adamant about getting to jury, which she’ll and everyone except Bronte and hopefully Tiffany will get there. Frank tells the two girls about James saying that he walked in on Natalie, Bronte, Bridgette, and Tiffany huddled up in the back bedroom whispering multiple times. Frank goes on to say that he isn’t too worried about an all girls alliance because he trusts the two of them, Michelle, and Zakiyah since they’re the strongest girls in the house and are actually on his side. Frank tells them that they should try to get rid of the biggest threats from each time while they can still control the outcome of the HOH competition. Da’Vonne tells him that she figured they’d interchange between taking someone out from the Natalie, Bronte, and Bridgette trio and Paul’s dwindling group. Nicole tells them that even if the next HOH doesn’t involve skill, she’ll make sure that James doesn’t allow Bronte or Natalie to take it.

10:55 AM BBT: Da’Vonne tells Nicole that when Frank was drunk yesterday, he let it slip that he wants to bring Chill Town back with him and Corey. Nicole tells her that she doesn’t get why Frank has been against sending Paul home. Day tells her that she’ll throw the HOH and then the rest of the alliance can send Paul home. Da’Vonne throws out the idea of her nominating Paulie if she were to win the BB Roadkill in the coming weeks. Nicole tells her that she is fine with that.

11:30 AM BBT: Bronte tells Bridgette that if she won HOH next week, she’d try to feel Nicole out and then possibly nominate her with Corey to see just how close those two are, but never with the intention of actually sending Nicole home. Bronte adds that she’d fill in Nicole on the idea that if she won HOH and took herself down, another guy would go up and then there would be three guys nominated. Bronte tells Bridgette that the more the girls continue to outnumber the guys, the more likely that the girls won’t be so afraid of coming together against the guys. Bridgette tells her that there are some girls still in the house that she just can’t trust. Bronte tells her that at worst, even with a girl Roadkill nominee, there would be five girl votes no matter what.

11:45 AM BBT: Da’Vonne tells Zakiyah that Frank is still trying to push for Tiffany and Bronte out, but nothing about Paul. Zakiyah tells her that she believes Frank is trying to take Paul to the end for some reason that she can’t figure out.

12:05 PM BBT: Frank tells James that Tiffany went to Da’Vonne and said that she wanted to take out Frank and then asked if Day wanted to join her. Frank tells him that they need his team and Nicole’s etam to throw the next HOH so that Bronte and Tiffany can be eligible for nomination. James tells him that he doesn’t even have to say anything because he’s in a competition throwing mood this season. Frank asks him how the newbies don’t realize that the four vets are the tightest four in the house. James tells him that it’s because they’re so good.

12:50 PM BBT: Da’Vonne tells Frank that Bronte isn’t coming after her, but she is coming after Nicole, so they do need to get Bronte out. Frank tells her that he believes Bronte would come after the guys since it seems like the Power Puff Girls are trying to get an all girls alliance going. Day tells him that maybe a girl’s alliance is brewing, but says that she was invited to be involved until just recently. Day tells him that Tiffany has been playing exactly like her sister. Frank agrees, saying that she’s been digging her own grave and giving them the ammunition to pull the trigger.

Da’Vonne tells Frank and Zakiyah that she is 1000% convinced there is going to be a prejury buyback because of all the heavy hitters who are being evicted before jury.

1:04 PM BBT: Frank tells Zakiyah that she’s going to go far, that he’s been telling everyone he talks to that, and that he wants her to be there at the end with him. Frank tells Zakiyah about Bridgette and Day telling him that Tiffany wants him gone before jury. Zakiyah tells him that Tiffany has to go. Frank tells her that Bridgette is good for now, but knows that she has to go soon enough. Zakiyah agrees, saying that is the one thing she was concerned about, cause Bridgette has to be able to go home soon too. Frank tells Zakiyah that he trusts in all of their group, her, Michelle, Day, Nicole, and even James and Corey.

1:20 PM BBT: Zakiyah tells Da’Vonne that Frank was talking to her about taking her to the finals, and of course mentioned Paulie first, then the two of them, but Zakiyah says she doesn’t know if he was telling the truth or not. Zakiyah tells Day that Frank said he wants them two or Michelle to win HOH. Da’Vonne says that it’s so they can do his dirty work for him and says that they should just let Frank win it to do it all himself. Day tells Zakiyah and Nicole that Bridgette has to go because the only reason she’s in the house is to be a vote for Frank. Zakiyah tells them that she wants Frank to go home, that Frank thinks he’s running the show.

Zakiyah tells Da’Vonne and Nicole that it would have to be a backdoor situation when they were to make a move against Frank. Day mentions the Roadkill powers, but Nicole tells them that they can’t do anything if Frank and his guys keep winning HOH. Zakiyah asks them if they think people would actually vote out Frank. Nicole says no and Da’Vonne says that she doesn’t know. Zakiyah tells them that everyone is under Frank’s finger and making the rounds, yet some people aren’t seeing it. Day tells them that they can tell Frank they’re setting up Tiffany, then blindside him.

1:55 PM BBT: Da’Vonne tells Nicole that they need to stop this girl stuff because she feels like Tiffany planted that seed in the girls’ head so that it would get back to one of the guys. Day tells her that Frank told Zakiyah that he wants to go to the finals with them two, her, and Paulie, but Day says that isn’t happening. Day explains that she wouldn’t dare go to the end with Zakiyah because Zakiyah could get all the votes, that them two in the final two have an equally good chance of winning. Nicole tells her that she believes Frank has a final four deal with just about everyone in the house. Day tells Nicole that if they can get both Frank and Tiffany out, she’s going to be with it, but Nicole tells her that nobody is going to be on board to get Frank out this early because of how well he’s positioned himself.

2:05 PM BBT: Da’Vonne tells Zakiyah that they need to have the votes to evict Frank before making a move and right now they don’t. Zakiyah tells her that she believes they could get James to vote Frank out because he can see what it is smarter to do it sooner rather than later. Da’Vonne tells her that she’s come up with an idea where they have Corey win HOH, they use the Roadkill to nominate Frank, then have everyone in the Fatal Five and James to vote out Frank. Zakiyah agrees with her plan, telling her that she doesn’t know how everyone else hasn’t seen how Frank is playing them.

2:15 PM BBT: Victor and Paul work on a plan to tell people that he’ll target Paulie and Frank if he stays, so that way he’ll have the biggest target on his back while the people who save him can slide on by.

2:20 PM BBT: Da’Vonne tells Nicole that they need five votes to get out Frank and they can do that by not winning HOH and using everyone in the Fatal Five to vote him out. Da’Vonne goes back out to the loft to tell Zakiyah what she just told Frank and that they’re going to get Frank out next week. Day tells her that they have to mend fences with Tiffany and extend an olive branch to get Frank out. Day tells her that if Paul managed to win HOH, they could convince him to backdoor Frank, but even if he didn’t, they could just put him up themselves with the Roadkill nominee. Day adds that if they take a swing at Frank and he wins the veto, they’ll just send Bronte home. Day goes on to say that Tiffany would need to go home after Frank, that they just need her vote to ensure that Frank goes.

2:35 PM BBT: Paul begins questioning Paulie if getting the huge target out now is a good idea when they could keep Victor and just let everyone target him while the slide under the radar. Paul goes on to say that he’s getting concerned about the girls aligning because of their big majority. Paulie tells him that if Natalie tries anything like that, she’ll be the next one to go.

2:35 PM BBT: Nicole tells Corey that Frank has made a final four and final two deal with everyone, that they cannot throw the next HOH because Frank has to go next. Nicole tells him that Frank has talked to her about getting him out before they even got to final eight. Nicole explains that Frank said he’d take him out after they finished with Bronte, Tiffany, and Natalie.

2:45 PM BBT: Corey tells Frank that they have to send Bronte home because she’s on in the Eight Pack like Tiffany is. Corey tries to say that Tiffany can’t do anything, but Frank tells him that she could nominate him. Corey explains that he’d never let her win HOH and could get her out at any time because of that. Frank starts to come around, saying that he agrees. Frank tells them that he’s fine with getting Bronte out before Tiffany because he realizes that Tiffany won’t have anyone and they can easily get her out after.

Nicole asks Frank if Paulie is going to be okay with Tiffany going. Frank tells her that he is, but that he didn’t tell Paulie that Da’Vonne was the one who told him about the girls linking up to come against him, he told Paulie that it was Bridgette. Frank tells Corey and Nicole that there needs to be a time where they sit Paulie down and tell him about the Eight Pack because Tiffany telling him about that before they got the chance is the one thing that could hurt their relationship with him.

3:30 PM BBT: Nicole tells Da’Vonne and Zakiyah about the conversation she just had upstairs with Corey and Frank. Da’Vonne asks her if she thinks that she’ll be able to get James to vote Frank out. Nicole tells her that she thinks they can, that they could also get Michelle to vote him out too. Da’Vonne tells her that Frank has to go next week. Nicole tells them that this can’t leave the room and that Frank is planning on telling Paulie about the Eight Pack. Zakiyah tells her that they should tell Paulie first and warn him about why Frank is telling him because if they don’t tell him first, Paulie could question all of them for not bringing this to him after all this time. Nicole explains that they have to keep it to themselves because Paulie would tell Frank that she told him, then Frank would know that she cam down and told them everything that they were talking about upstairs.

Da’Vonne tells Nicole and Zakiyah that they could put up Bronte and Bridgette, have James be the Roadkill nominee, have James win that veto and replace him with Frank. Day tells Nicole that her team has to beat Frank in the HOH competition, otherwise they’re screwed. Nicole tells her that as of now, Frank believes that Corey is going to throw the HOH. Day tells Nicole that she needs to convince Corey to win the HOH, but let Tiffany take it so that she can be the one who takes a swing at Frank. Day tells them that if she has to win it, she’ll throw two girls up, win the Roadkill and put up another pawn.

3:35 PM BBT: Frank and Corey begin explaining the Eight Pack to Paulie, telling him that he would have been included, but he just wasn’t there at the time it was made and they didn’t think it was important to clue him in because he was still included in everything they were doing. Paulie asks if the Eight Pack knows about the three of them. Frank tells him no, to which Paulie is relieved because they’re the core alliance that he actually cares about. Paule explains that he doesn’t feel left out because he had figured something had been made because of the way they’d act sometimes. Paulie goes onto say that he’d go to bat for this trio, but just keeping the girls because they need them for the numbers right now.

Frank tells Paulie and Frank that the one person that they might have to worry about looking at them in the future is Da’Vonne because she’s really smart. Frank adds that James would also likely choose the girls over them when it comes down to it.

4:00 PM BBT: Corey asks Nicole how she feels about what Frank was saying. Nicole tells him that she feels horrible, that Frank wants to tell Paulie about the Eight Pack is a bad idea. Corey tells her that he already did tell Paulie. Nicole asks how Paulie handled it. Corey tells her that he handled it well, did actually care. Nicole tells Corey that Tiffany never said that she wants Frank gone. Corey tells her that he actually wants Da’Vonne gone. Nicole tells him that she doesn’t know who to trust when it comes to Frank or Day. Corey tells her that he trusts her and Paulie right now the most. Nicole tells him that she’s just pissed that Frank has been making final fours with everyone. Corey tells her that maybe their final four with Frank is the real one. Nicole reminds him that she isn’t even included in the final four with Frank that  he is in. Corey tells her that Da’Vonne came up to him and was told that he should be careful of James and Nicole because they have a final two.

4:05 PM BBT: Da’Vonne tells Tiffany that they have to get Frank out of the house because he is starting to rub women the wrong way. Tiffany tells her that she knows Frank has to go and has been talking about it in her DRs for the last couple of days. Tiffany tells them that she would have to make sure she has the backing before she would take a swing at Frank. Da’Vonne tells her that she would because the Fatal Five and James would be enough to ensure that Frank goes home. Tiffany questions if she’s afraid to do it herself. Da’Vonne says she’s not, that they need the votes and that is one less vote if she is the HOH. Day tells Tiffany that she has heard that Frank is coming after her. Tiffany tells them that she doesn’t have to convince her to put Frank up cause she’ll just do it. Day asks Tiffany how close she is to Paulie. Tiffany says that they have talked about this week’s game together, but nothing long term has been talked about. Tiffany tells them that she fees like Paulie and Frank have a final two because she has been catching them together upstairs since the first week. Day tells Tiffany that she can’t tell Paulie anything that they say. Tiffany asks her why she would tell Paulie anything because that would ruin her game and likely get her sent home. Tiffany tells her that she shouldn’t even be questioning her.

Da’Vonne tells Tiffany that she needs her to not play like Vanessa, that she needs her to be chill so that she can be comfortable bringing her information when she learns something new. Day tells her that Frank has been saying he was after her since the wine incident, that she’s been holding onto it all this time because she didn’t want to tell her and then have a meltdown, but says that while Frank has been targeting her, she has been doing her best to protect her behind the scenes. Day tells Tiffany that she confides any of this in Paulie, she’s going to be screwed. Tiffany swears on her life that she doesn’t have any sort of deal with Paulie. Da’Vonne tells her that she just has to remember that her name is Tiffany, not Vanessa. Tiffany asks what it is that scared her away from telling her new information. Day tells her that she thought she might get paranoid and question where she got the information. Tiffany tells her that it makes sense to her now why everyone has been so weird to her.

Tiffany tells Da’Vonne that she has Natalie, Bridgette, and Bronte on her side, Day asks her if she is sure, to which Tiffany tells her that she is 200% sure because those girls want the guys out as much as they do. Day tells her that Bridgette told Frank that them two, Michelle, Nicole, Zakiyah, and Paulie all have an alliance together. Tiffany tells Da’Vonne that her doing this for her makes her want to protect Day at all costs. Da’Vonne tells her that she is only loyal to the Fatal Five and her. Day tells Tiffany that she needs to express to the Fatal Five that she isn’t the same person as her sister and isn’t playing the same game.

Da’Vonne tells Tiffany that she is worried about Zakiyah’s relationship with Paulie, that they can do, but do it in the jury house. Day adds that Zakiyah could never ever be their #3. Day tells Tiffany about her plan to put James up as the Roadkill nominee with the intention of him winning veto and then Frank going up in his place. Tiffany questions if that is the best plan they can come up with. Tiffany tells her that she wants to win HOH so that she can guarantee that Frank will go up. Day tells her that then she couldn’t vote and that is something they can’t risk.

4:40 PM BBT: Nicole asks Frank if he thinks that Day is 100% going with the current flow of things. Frank tells her that he really does think she is. Nicole tells him that is the feeling that he’s been getting too.

4:50 PM BBT: Frank tells Paul that he doesn’t think that the girls are going to band together because Da’Vonne and Nicole have the strongest female personalities in the house and those two are on their side and not interested in doing that.

5:40 PM BBT: Michelle tells Nicole that Frank literally told her that Da’Vonne told him that Tiffany is after him. Nicole tells her that maybe Day made it up, maybe she didn’t. Nicole tells her that she doesn’t know who to believe at this point, that she just wanted Frank out in the heat of the moment. Nicole tells her that if her team wins the HOH, she needs to take it. Michelle tells her that she will. Michelle tells her that she doesn’t know if she could send Tiffany home. Nicole tells her that Frank has been putting his needs over anybody else’s .

5:45 PM BBT: Da’Vonne tells Nciole and Michelle about her conversation with Tiffany. Day tells them that they need to make sure that they tell Tiffany that they plan on protecting her because she needs to feel secure. Tiffany joins them, apologizing to Nicole and Michelle for her previous meltdowns and says that it’s something in Frank that brings it out in her because she says that she isn’t usually like this. Da’Vonne tells them that Tiffany had her moment, but the thing they need to keep in mind is that even during her moment, she didn’t leak any information. Tiffany tells them that if they have any information in the future, they don’t have to worry that she’ll blow up if she finds out something bad because she won’t.

Tiffany tells the girls that they need to figure out how they’re going to bring Natalie, Bronte, and Bridgette on board with the plan to get Frank out. Nicole tells them that if they want to band together and get a boy out, she’s on board with that, but says that she doesn’t know about telling even more people about it.

5:55 PM BBT: Corey tells Paulie that Da’Vonne made up that whole thing about Tiffany. Corey explains that Day wants James and Nicole out and told Frank to be worried about the those two working together. Corey tells Paulie that Nicole asked him if he was in sort of alliance with Frank and he told her that he was. Paulie tells him that they could be trying to pull something to get the guys to flip on each other. Corey tells him that is what he’s been thinking too. Corey tells him that Day told Nicole that Frank made a final four deal with him and Day that didn’t involve her. Corey goes on to say that he doesn’t know if he can trust Frank at this point. Paulie tells him that sucks because when he trusts someone, he trusts them 100%. Corey tells him that he knows that he knows Tiffany isn’t coming after them at all, she’ll be focused on Frank. Paulie explains to him that if Frank goes next week, they’ll be badly outnumbered by the girls.

6:10 PM BBT: Da’Vonne tells Frank that she believes that Tiffany is working with Paulie someway somehow. Frank asks her if she still thinks that Tiffany would put her up. Da’Vonne tells him that Tiffany would 100% put her up.

6:35 PM BBT: Da’Vonne tells Tiffany that Frank instantly started grilling her about their conversation when she came back inside. Day tells her that Frank told Paulie about the Eight Pack without letting them be there for it. Day adds that she thinks Frank and PAulie are working together even more now that he was the one to tell Paulie about the Eight Pack. Tiffany tells her that she doesn’t want to play too hard and should chill for now and just like Frank dig his own grave. Tiffany asks Da’Vonne what she said to Frank when he would bring her name up as a target. Da’Vonne says that she would tell him that they have much bigger fish to fry and would try to put all the heat on Bronte.

6:55 PM BBT: Da’Vonne tells Zakiyah that Tiffany doesn’t have anything with Paulie, that she actually said that she fears that Frank and Paulie have a secret alliance together. Day tells her that the goal is to get Corey to be the one who gets Frank out for them, so that way Frank doesn’t know they were behind it once he does end up on the block. Day tells her that they could be running the house because the Fatal Five will have the majority soon enough after Frank is gone. Day tells Zakiyah about Frank telling Paulie about the Eight Pack. Zakiyah tells her that Frank is so selfish, that it’s his game and they’re just playing in it.

Da’Vonne tells Zakiyah that Frank is smart, but he is also stupid. Day questions if Frank planted the seed with her and Nicole and didn’t even actually tell Paulie about the Eight Pack. Tiffany joins them, telling Day and Zakiyah that Frank is talking a lot with Natalie and is trying to rope her in as his new project. Tiffany tells the girls that her theory is that Frank is trying to replace all the strong women in the house with ones he knows he can control.

7:15 PM BBT: James asks Corey how many people Frank has left on his team, and after being told he still has all of them, James says he doesn’t understand it while everyone else is losing their team members. James tells him that he thinks that Paul would just as easily be able to throw up Frank as Tiffany would. James tells Corey that he’s tired of throwing competitions and wants to win. Corey asks who he’d nominate. James tells him that he’d nominate Paul and Bridgette, then hope that the Roadkill winner would nominate Tiffany. Corey explains that he wants Tiffany out because it already feels like she is out of their circle. James tells him that Tiffany knows about the circle though, so that is why they’d have to get her out in secret.

Corey and James both say that they don’t like how Frank refused to be a pawn, cause if he trusted his alliance, he would have been fine with going up. James asks what Frank is even doing. Michelle and Corey tell him that Frank is playing the game, getting as little blood on his hands as possible. Michelle asks James who Natalie would put up. James tells her that she’d put up whoever he told her to because Natalie doesn’t have any targets. Michelle and Corey both say they hope that Frank stops playing so hard because he’s putting a target on his back and they could use him in the game.

7:35 PM BBT: Zakiyah tells Paulie that she isn’t too pressed about Tiffany because she doesn’t seem like a major threat to her. Paulie agrees, saying that he doesn’t have a problem with Tiffany. Zakiyah tells him that she does want the Power Puff Girls gone though. Paulie tells her that he wants them out too, but only because they’re a group of three and could possibly sway votes. Zakiyah asks Paulie if Frank is apart of his plan. Paulie tells her that he’s still trying to figure him out, but says that he’s not trying to figure him out again because Frank is social with a lot of people. Pauile tells Zakiyah that the person who tries to get in everyone’s ear to cover all their bases usually has their game blown up in their face. Paulie adds that if there is someone who is in everyone’s ear and whispering, he knows who it is.

Zakiyah tells Paulie that the Eight Pack alliance confuses her since Frank wants Tiffany out. Paulie tells her that Frank wants Tiffany out and Tiffany wants him out, so it’s extra confusing.

10:15 PM BBT: Tiffany asks Paul if they can have each other’s back next week, agree not to put one another up if they happened to win HOH. Paul says absolutely, that he wouldn’t gun for her or anyone right now.

10:25 PM BBT: Corey tells Nicole that he keeps tlaking to Frank, bringing him in front of people to talk about things, and he’s telling them all the same thing. Nicole tells Corey that Da’Vonne could potentially be up to something, starting all of this to get Frank out. Corey tells her that they couldn’t target Frank next week anyway because she is actually targeting them.

10:30 PM BBT: Paulie tells Corey that Zakiyah told him that Frank went up to her and straight up told her not to trust him. Corey tells him that he can’t let Frank knows that they’re thinking anything about him and just needs to act the same way while with Frank. Paulie tells Corey that he has talked a lot about him to Frank and doesn’t want Frank blowing any of that up when the heat gets turned on him. Paulie tells Corey that he’s just very shocked and thought that Frank was smarter than that. Corey agrees, saying that he’s thinking about the two of them privately confronting Frank about it.

10:30 PM BBT: Zakiyah goes to tell Da’Vonne everything about her conversation with Frank. Zakiyah tells her that Paulie said that Frank is someone in his mind that he’s thinking about getting out in the future and  that she could tell Paulie was pissed about finding out about the Eight Pack. Zakiyah tells her that her and Nicole are going to have to do damage control because Paulie told her he knew they changed the conversation when he walked in on them in the have-not room.

11:10 PM BBT: Tiffany goes on a rant to the cameras while alone in bed. She says that everyone is really fake and annoying, says that Frank sucks and that Victor is Count Dracula on steroids. Tiffany says that Frank is fake, disgusting, and all he does is walk around the house and fart everywhere. Tiffany continues that Frank has an obnoxious laugh, obnoxious jokes, and he talks for hours about nothing. Tiffany says that she looks at Frank and wants to slap the stupid grin off his face.

11:15 PM BBT: Tiffany tells Da’Vonne that she feels really alone because nobody is talking to her or coming to her. Tiffany tells her that it’s not even about game, it’s just she doesn’t know who she is close to anymore because she thought she could trust the Eight Pack, but obviously not anymore. Tiffany adds that she trusts Fatal Five,  but none of the girls are doing anything to make her feel anymore secure. Da’Vonne asks what she means, to which Tiffany tells her that Nicole is up Corey’s butt, Zakiyah is up Paulie’s butt, and that she doesn’t even know what is up with Michelle. Tiffany tells Day that she regrets the fight she had with Frank because this is Big Brother and everyone is an actor who can’t show any emotion. Tiffany tells her that she needs to win HOH and just put Frank up. Da’Vonne tells her that she can’t do that, that it’ll allow Frank to play in the veto, which they can’t allow. Tiffany tells her that she can put Bridgette and Paul up, then just tell them that they’re pawns. Tiffany asks Day if she trusts Paulie. Da’Vonne tells her that she doesn’t trust him, but Zakiyah does.

Zakiyah joins them, saying how selfish and stupid Frank is for telling Paulie about Eight Pack without them. Zakiyah adds that Frank told her that it could be her, him, Nicole, Paulie, and Corey who work together, but Zakiyah says it feels like he is saying that to everyone. Tiffany asks the girls if Frank said he’s coming for her next week. Da’Vonne tells her that Frank only said he’s after her, never said when. Zakiyah tells the Fatal Five that Paulie knows everything about the Eight Pack now. Nicole asks if Paulie was mad, to which Zakiyah tells her he was in a mood. Nicole tells them that now it looks like Frank is the only one Paulie can trust since he told them about an alliance they all had behind Paulie’s back. Zakiyah tells Nicole that Paulie isn’t feeling Frank, that she planted a seed that Frank told her that she can’t trust him.

11:40 PM BBT: Frank asks James who he would rather go out first between Paulie and Corey because they’ll have to go out eventually when they get to jury. James tells him that he’d just let Nicole make that decision.

11:45 PM BBT: The Fatal Five have a meeting to discuss their plans. Da’Vonne asks them how they feel about Frank going next week. Nicole tells her that she doesn’t know if it should be this week or next week because everyone including Frank is on board to get Bronte out if they wanted. Day tells them that it just has to be a group decision. Nicole tells them that she is just afraid of taking a swing at Frank and missing.

12:05 AM BBT: James tells Nicole that Frank told him that Corey is wanting an alliance with him, Paulie, her and Frank. Nicole tells James that Zakiyah told her that Frank was trying to get a final five with her, Paulie, Nicole, and Corey. Nicole explains that she isn’t doing anything behind his back and that Frank is lying to get him to go after Corey because she knows that Corey wouldn’t ever make that type of deal. James tells her that Frank said he wants him, to put up orey and Paulie. Nicole tells him that is why Frank made up those lies about the alliances, to get him made enough at Corey to turn on him.

12:15 AM BBT: Zakiyah tells Da’Vonne that Paulie said he was trying to find two people that he can trust and looked at her as though he wanted to trust her but couldn’t because of all the current events. Zakiyah adds that Frank threw them under the bus big time, but at least Paulie is picking up on Frank’s game.

12:25 AM BBT: Paulie begins a cryptic talk with Nicole and Michelle, each not saying any names, only making vague statements about trust and how Paulie has seen some interesting activity from people that he wouldn’t to see something like that from.

12:30 AM BBT: Frank tells Da’Vonne and Zakiyah that they should get out Paulie and Corey once they get to jury, cause after those two are gone, it’ll be a cake walk to the finals for them. Zakiyah asks him if he’s going to try to win HOH. Frank tells her that he will, but plans to give it to Michelle.

1:25 AM BBT: Da’Vonne tells James that Frank promised him, her, Nicole, Zakiyah, and Bridgette each different final four deals. Day tells him that she is actually wanting to get Frank out next week since he is trying to use and play everyone. Day goes on to tell him that Frank told Paulie about the Eight Pack without them, which was selfish and makes them all look not trustworthy while it makes while it takes care of any future issues for Frank. Da’Vonne tells him that she wanted to stay loyal to the vets, but they just can’t when Frank is throwing them under the bus. James asks her if they would even have a group anymore if they got Frank out. Day tells him that they would, that it would be them two and Nicole, and that would be all they have.

James tells Da’Vonne that after thinking about it, Frank has been playing too hard and has too much different things going on with his game. James adds that this move could send them out the door the next week, so they have to make sure that it is fully justified. James suggests the idea of keeping Frank around so that they could let him target Tiffany until they get to the endurance competition, then he could win it and he’d be willing to send Frank out himself. James adds that they should let him take out Tiffany along with some of his other targets first before they take him out. Da’Vonne tells him that if they think they should wait, they’ll wait. Day adds that she just wanted to let him know.

2:20 AM BBT: Da’Vonne tells Nicole that if James wants to wait until the endurance competition to take out Frank, that’s fine. Day says that she is just happy that they were able to get him on board.

2:30 AM BBT: Paul tells Paulie and Frank that when he was playing chess with Tiffany earlier today, she was acting weird and telling him that there was a power in the house that is acting shady and is being deceitful, but never said who that power was.

2:40 AM BBT: Tiffany tells Da’Vonne that Nicole worries her because every time she walks into a room, Nicole will leave. Day tells her that she doesn’t think Nicole has any issue or that it’s personal, it’s just that Nicole is still scared about the big move that they’re about to make. Tiffany tells her that if they’re going to have a strong alliance of five, they need to be transparent.

2:45 AM BBT: Paulie tells Zakiyah about Paul playing chess with Tiffany and her saying that there was a shady, lying power in the house. Paulie begins telling Zakiyah that he has been analyzing Frank more carefully than he already was after hearing all this new information about him. Zakiyah tells Paulie that Frank chased her down after she came downstairs earlier trying to figure out what they had talked about. Zakiyah tells Paulie that Frank was trying to cover his own butt by coming to him alone with the Eight Pack story and says that Frank is the one who created it. Paulie tells her that he’s trying to figure out why Frank has been playing the game so hard. Zakiyah tells him that Frank is a big fish to fry.

Zakiyah starts to tell Paulie about Frank being in everyone’s ear today, that Frank’s new project is trying to get Natalie to be another one of his personal numbers. Paulie tells her that they have Bronte and Bridgette to target for the time being.

3:00 AM BBT: Da’Vonne and Michelle join Paulie and Zakiyah in the HOH room. Day tells him that she doesn’t want there to be any distrust between them after the Eight Pack alliance because of it being such a big deal. Paulie tells her that he hasn’t been stressing about it. Michelle tells him that they were unsure if he was with them or not because they thought he might of been with Victor when the alliance was first being formed. Da’Vonne tells him that she just wished they could have all talked to him together instead of Frank being selfish and telling him on his own. Paulie tells her that Frank told him about it in a “just so you know” kind of way and that Frank wasn’t alone. Michelle tells Paulie that Frank was talking about wanting to kick Tiffany out of the Eight Pack so that they could bring him into it.

3:20 AM BBT: Da’Vonne tells Michelle that Paulie knows about the Fatal Five, that all his comments about observation were about him walking in on them five talking together. Day goes on to tell Michelle that she likes Paulie, but is willing to get him out if that is what they have to do to bring Zakiyah back to them. Day adds that she doesn’t even understand why people let showmances stay in the house when it’s an obvious final two deal.

3:25 AM BBT: Paulie tells Zakiyah that him not being included in the Eight Pack makes him question his place in the pecking order for their group of nine people. Paulie adds that he just got done dismantling Jozea’s side of the house so that he wouldn’t be a target, so maybe the same needs to be done with the Eight Pack, just now needs to find the head of the snake. Paulie tells her that he’s going to talk to everyone one on one tomorrow because when people come together to talk in a group like what just happened, a story could be concocted, which is what they just witnessed. Paulie tells her that he’s going to focus his questions on the vets, such as Nicole since he did so much for her while she was HOH and she still didn’t clue him in.

Paulie tells Zakiyah that he can see why Tiffany would be a threat to a player who thought they had everything figured out. Zakiyah explains to him that Frank doesn’t want Tiffany in the house because she wouldn’t be a vote for him in the finals, while people like Bridgette and Natalie would. Paulie tells her that they have the other side to target while they plan out how to make a big move against anyone in their alliance. Paulie tells her that if they wanted Frank to feel comfortable, they’d take Tiffany out then get Frank out the following week. Paulie tells Zakiyah that he had already heard before all this that Frank wanted him out prejury. Paulie explains to Zakiyah that him and Corey have been tight since the first day and haven’t told anyone anything, so he’s one of the people he actually trusts.

Paulie tells Zakiyah that Frank isn’t Victor or Jozea, that he’ll notice if anyone is acting any different, so they need to lay low and play it cool until they’re ready to make their move. Paulie explains to her that they can cut Frank’s food source off by voting out his numbers, such are Natalie, Bridgette, and Bronte. Paulie tells her that once they get out hit votes, Frank will come back to being closer to them, then they can get him out.

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