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Big Brother 18: Day 17 Recap!

Paulie Calafiore from Big Brother 18 - Source: CBS

Paulie Calafiore from Big Brother 18 – Source: CBS

It’s nomination day in the Big Brother house, which means that it’s bound to be plenty interesting. Paulie’s backdoor plan will be put into motion and the scheming to make sure that Victor gets sent home begins. However, Victor knows he’s the backdoor target, so it’s possible he tries to wiggle himself out of this jam.


11:30 AM BBT: Paulie nominates Bronte and Paul

11:30 AM BBT: Victor tells Paul that he knows that he’s the backdoor target. Paul asks him if he wants Paul to nominate him if he was BB Roadkill so that he has the chance to play in the veto. Victor tells him not to.

11:30 AM BBT: Frank tells Tiffany and Corey that Victor is already a stage four clinger, so he would have been a pain in the butt if he was nominated, so this was a good idea to keep him off the block until after the veto where he couldn’t take himself off. Corey says that Victor has to know he is the backdoor target. Frank says that he doesn’t think Victor knows what a backdoor is. Tiffany asks Paulie or Frank if Bronte or Paul would tell Victor that he’s the target. Frank says that they wouldn’t because both of them are on the block and know they could be sent home. Corey tells her that nobody is going to protect Victor because they know how vulnerable they are themselves. Paulie tells them that they cannot nominate Victor if any of them win BB Roadkill because Victor would get the chance to play in the veto.

Tiffany tells Paulie that it would be good for Victor to win Roadkill because there is no way he’d nominate himself to play in veto and would likely put up another one from their team, ensuring more of them get to play for the veto. Paulie tells Tiffany and James that he told Bronte that Victor is the backdoor target, so she knows not to pick him with Houseguest Choice when picking veto players. Paulie tells James that Victor would likely nominate him with the BB Roadkill, which would just seal his fate. Paulie tells Zakiyah that he doesn’t trust Bronte, Paul, or Natalie, but does trust their fear of being the target enough to not tell Victor about their plan.

11:40 AM BBT: Da’Vonne tells Michelle that she’s praying that the guys in the house didn’t make some deal that they don’t know about. Michelle tells her that it seemed like Paulie was going to put Victor and Natalie up, but Frank worked his magic.

11:45 AM BBT: Bronte tells James and Natalie that Paulie likely nominated her because he believes she has a chance to win veto, so she’s going to do her best to do just that. Bronte asks Natalie if she can pick her to play in the veto competition. Natalie says yes and James tells her that if he wins it, he’ll use it on her.

12:05 PM BBT: Natalie tells Nicole that she came into the game wanting a girl to win, so she’ll be voting for a girl if she is sitting in the final two with a guy. Natalie goes on to tell Nicole that she’s honest, loving, and forgiving.

12:30 PM BBT: Paulie tells Victor that the plan is to get a girl out, either Bronte or Natalie. Victor tells Paulie that he’s at his mercy, so if he wins veto and Paulie doesn’t want him to do anything with it, he wouldn’t use it on Paul. Victor adds that the two of them are the strongest guys in the house, the ones who are actually spreading seeds, and could just pass the baton of power between them each week if they worked together. Victor asks Paulie if he trusts James, to which Paulie tells him that he hasn’t had enough one on one conversations with James to know. Victor tells him that James is someone who is willing to lie just like he did about telling people that he asked Nicole out.

Paulie and Victor begin talking about working with each other, Frank, Corey, and a girl. Victor tells him or Frank would have to talk to Corey about it because he doesn’t think Corey would believe him.

6:10 PM BBT: Victor wins the BB Roadkill. Details here

6:15 PM BBT: Paul tells Victor not to tell anyone that he won the BB Roadkill. By this point, Victor had already told Frank and Paulie, who have also told other people. Victor tells Paul that he’s working with Frank and Paulie. Paul tells him that he needs to be very careful, that he has a plan in the works that could help their situation. Paul tells Victor that one of them is going to go home, that them two and Bronte are being used and there is just no way that one of them doesn’t go home. Paul adds that they’re all working together and right now them three are sitting ducks.

6:20 PM BBT: Bronte tells Natalie that she told Paulie that Paul isn’t really working with him, told him that Paul doesn’t want to backdoor Victor like he’s saying he’s okay with. Bronte adds that she has no problem with throwing Paul and Victor under the bus.

6:20 PM BBT: Victor tells Frank and Paulie that he hopes that they’re not playing him and that he doesn’t want James in the house any longer, but Tiffany will be the second option he thinks about nominating.

6:20 PM BBT: Bronte tells Tiffany that Paul came to her and said that Paulie wants to backdoor Victor, but that he wants to come up with a plan so that it doesn’t happen. Tiffany tells Bronte that it’s a really good move on her part to distance herself from Paul and Victor so that people realized that her and Natalie aren’t attached to those two boys. Tiffany adds that Bronte isn’t the number two target behind Victor, that Paulie has been freaking out about Paul too.

6:30 PM BBT: James tells Frank and Day that if he’s nominated, he’ll throw the veto so that Victor stays eligible for nomination. Frank tells him that they could try to push the nomination towards Tiffany.

6:30 PM BBT: Victor tells Paulie that Paul is still unsure of them. Paulie tells him that Paul just gets paranoid. Victor tells him that he might put Tiffany up because she would be the easier one to send home.

6:35 PM BBT: Paulie tells Frank, Michelle, Zakiyah, and Day that Victor has no power to stop Victor from going home, so he’s only putting himself in a bad spot by making Victor distrust him and Frank. Paulie adds that Paul can be the one who goes home next.

6:35 PM BBT: Tiffany tells James, Bronte, and Natalie that it’s obvious Victor is going to put her or Corey up. James tells her that he hold Victor to put him up. Tiffany tells them that if she is Victor’s nominee, she’ll throw the veto competition in a way that shows Victor that he’s screwed.  James tells them that the worst case scenario is Victor being picked to play for veto and him winning, but James says in that case they’d just send Paul home.

6:40 PM BBT: Frank tells Nicole about Paul telling Victor not to trust him or Paulie. Nicole tells him that Paul thinks that him and Victor are back in power since Victor managed to win the Roadkill competition. Frank tells her that she’ll make it clear to Paul that if he doesn’t go through with getting Victor out, he’s going home. Frank adds that it doesn’t matter who goes up because they can just throw the competition to ensure that Victor is still eligible for nomination.

6:55 PM BBT: Paulie asks Paul about him saying that he was pissed about the situation he’s in. Paul says that he was only talking about the situation he was put in when talking about him team. Paulie tells him that Victor told Frank that Paul told him not to trust him or Frank. Paulie asks him if he’s feeling some type of way about Victor being backdoored. Paul says no because Victor lied to him. Paul explains that Paulie and Frank obviously have a more stable and less hostile environment, which is better for him to work in.

7:05 PM BBT: Bronte tells Paulie that Paul came to her and said that he wanted to find a way to keep Victor and send Michelle home. Paulie tells Bronte if Paul does anything to sabotage their plans, he’ll be the one going home while Victor stays.

7:15 PM BBT: Paulie tells James that he doesn’t want Victor putting Tiffany on the block because she would panic. James leaves while Nicole, Corey, and Paul join Paulie in the HOH room. Paul tells them that if he gets Houseguest Choice, he’ll choose Day or Zakiyah since it would be less obvious to Victor if he picks someone from his team.

7:25 PM BBT: Natalie tells Tiffany that Victor is cool under pressure and really good at competitions, so if they don’t get him out now, he could win. Tiffany tells her that Victor is actually terrible at the game and only good at physical things. Natalie tells Tiffany that she just wants a girl to win and is willing to have any girl’s back. Tiffany tells her that she feels the same way.

7:40 PM BBT: Frank tells James that if him or Nicole get nominated, they don’t have to throw the veto because they just could use it on one of the other nominees. Frank adds that if Victor can’t be sent home this week, their backup target can just be Bronte. Nicole tells James that he handles things so calmly while she stresses. James tells her it’s because he believes in his alliance and she should too. James tells Nicole that he noticed Tiffany doesn’t do well in competitions. Nicole agrees, saying that it might be good for her to go up since it wouldn’t look like she’s throwing anything. James tells Nicole that best case scenario is for Bronte or Paul to win veto so that Victor can go up. James adds that him, her, Day, and Frank are all going to have to stick together because things are about to heat up.

7:45 PM BBT: Victor tells Corey that he feels like Tiffany would be voted out if she went up on the block.

8:00 PM BBT: James tells Paulie that Paul and Victor don’t realize the amount of votes that they have, that it’s basically the entire house vs them two at this point. James tells him that he might pull a Caleb during the veto and just sit down if Victor puts him up. James tells Paulie that he doesn’t want Nicole up because she has enough blood on her hands already. Paulie tells him that she doesn’t have much heat on her and that the girls just need to stay calm. James tells him that he hopes Victor doesn’t put Tiffany up cause she’d have a meltdown. Paulie tells him that he doesn’t know why because she wouldn’t have anything to worry about.

8:05 PM BBT: Bronte tells Nicole that her and Natalie have no ties to Paul or Victor anymore. Natalie tells Nicole that she hopes she gives the two of them enough time to start to trust them. Nicole says she’ll do that without a doubt.

8:10 PM BBT: Tiffany asks Paulie if he has any news about who Victor will put up. Paulie explains that he doesn’t know because he has been avoiding Victor. Pauile tells her that the Roadkill nomination means nothing as long as whoever it is throws the veto competition and keeps Victor eligible to be backdoored.  Michelle asks Paulie who he wants gone next week. Paulie tells him that he wants to leave it up to the girls to make that choice. Paulie adds that Natalie and Bronte just want to make jury, which isn’t okay with him because he doesn’t want to leave floaters in the game. Tiffany asks Paulie who he’s going to put up if Victor wins HOH and pulls Paul off. Paulie says he’d put u Natalie with Bronte being the target. Paulie tells Tiffany that if she ever gets paranoid, she needs to come to him so that he can talk her off the ledge because he doesn’t want her to worry.

8:35 PM BBT: Victor tells Frank that he submitted Tiffany as him nominee because he believes it would have been too obvious to put up James and that it’ll be easier to rally enough troops to vote her out.

8:40 PM BBT: Nicole tells Victor that Tiffany said something about him putting her up. Victor tells her to relax because he put Tiffany up. Nicole tells him that Tiffany might be on her team, but she is sketchy. Victor tells her that they’re good because he doesn’t think there is a backdoor plan because he’s working with Paulie now.

8:50 PM BBT: Paul asks Victor if it’s okay for him to chose a weak player if he gets Houseguest Choice while veto players are being picked. Victor agreed, forgetting that it would be ensuring that he didn’t get to play. Victor tells him that it’ll be the true test of Paulie’s loyalty when someone comes down and if he puts up Natalie over him or not. Victor adds that he does feel like Paulie is being genuine about wanting Bronte out because of the way he said it. Victor says that even if he does go up, at least he now has a chance to save himself since Tiffany will be on the block next to him. Victor explains that he has Nicole, Corey, Frank, Paul, and Natalie as secure votes who will vote out Tiffany for him.

8:50 PM BBT: Nicole and Corey tell Tiffany that it doesn’t matter who Victor puts up because they have the numbers to make sure that Victor gets backdoored. Tiffany leaves while Da’Vonne joins Nicole in the bathroom. Day tells her that Frank said Tiffany is getting put up. Nicole confirms, saying that Tiffany is going to freak out. Day tells her that she’s actually excited for it. Nicole agrees, saying that Tiffany gets mad at everything and can’t handle it anymore.

9:50 PM BBT: Tiffany asks Frank what his gut says. Frank tells her that he believes Victor will nominate James.

9:55 PM BBT: Frank tells Paulie and Zakiyah that Victor nominated Tiffany. Frank tells them that it’ll be fine because Tiffany won’t be good in the veto competition, which means that Victor will still be eligible to be backdoored. Frank adds that if Tiffany does win it, they’ll have to convince her to use it on Paul so that Victor can go up.

10:00 PM BBT: Paulie tells Zakiyah that Tiffany is going to panic. Zakiyah tells him that when her and Day talk to her, they’ve going to have to be very honest and reassure her.

10:15 PM BBT: Da’Vonne asks Frank if he wants to use this opportunity to get Tiffany out. Frank tells her that they should get Bronte out to weaken the other side while they can.

10:30 PM BBT: Tiffany tells Paulie and Zakiyah that she is starting to get really paranoid because Frank lied to her about not knowing how Victor was going to put up. Paulie tells that Frank just didn’t want her to freak out downstairs in front of everyone. Paulie asks her what she is paranoid about since they have the majority. Tiffany explains that she is worried about being the actual target, that there has all been an elaborate plan to get her out since she has been convinced to throw the veto competition. Paulie tells her that is nonsense, that Victor is going home and if Victor manages to take himself off the block, Bronte or Paul will be the ones who go home. Tiffany begins crying, saying that they’d be stupid to not vote Victor out. Paulie tells her that they know that, that they have always planned on voting Victor out.

Da’Vonne tells Tiffany that she isn’t going home and has nothing to worry about. Tiffany begins to regain her composure, saying that she is sorry for making such a big deal about it and thanks them for telling her ahead of time. Tiffany tells them that the only reason she is paranoid now is because Frank lied to her. Paulie explains that he only did it to keep her calm because they need to keep Victor oblivious to their backdoor plans. Tiffany asks why Victor put her up. Pauile tells her that it’s because Victor thinks he’s throwing the house for a loop by not nominating James like everyone had expected. Paulie adds that they just have to have each other’s back because there is only five of their current enemies left and they could easily pick them all off if they work together. Tiffany tells them that she’s not upset with Frank, she just wants to hear it from him, and tells them all that she’s not going to pull a Rousso freak out.

10:45 PM BBT: Natalie tells Bridgette and Bronte that even though they’re not in with all the girls in the house, they cannot throw any other girl under the bus. Natalie adds that she’ll lose if she is up against James. Bronte agrees, saying that nobody would vote for James to leave.

10:50 PM BBT: Tiffany tells Bridgette, Natalie, and Bronte that they can’t say anything, but she’s the one who Victor is going to nominate. Tiffany tells them that she already had her crying moment upstairs and now she’s going to be fine. Natalie tells her that the entire house is behind her and that not a single person will be voting her out. Bronte tells Tiffany that she’s going to campaign for her even though she’s on the block herself. Natalie explains to Tiffany that the only person who is against her is Victor, and that doesn’t matter because he’ll be going home. Tiffany starts to calm down, saying that if she was the secret target, Paulie wouldn’t have told her that she’s going up. Natalie tells her that she has to act like it’s not bothering her.

11:10 PM BBT: Da’Vonne tells James, Zakiyah, and Nicole that she understands being on the block sucks, but they have the numbers right now. Zakiyah tells them that Tiffany might really try to win POV, which wouldn’t be good for them. Day tells them that even if Tiffany does take herself off the block, they can still send Bronte home.

11:15 PM BBT: Da’Vonne asks Tiffany if she knows what she has to throw the veto competition tomorrow so that they can ensure Victor goes up. Tiffany tells her that she has already planned to throw it and that she is putting her trust in their alliance, that she can’t get paranoid anymore.

11:25 PM BBT: Bridgette tells Natalie that she doesn’t trust Nicole because she has a feeling Nicole is jaded after being betrayed and sent home by girls last season. Natalie says that she understands, but still hopes that Nicole is pulling for the girls to win. Natalie tells her that she just has to watch out for Bronte because the whole house knows that they are a duo. Bridgette tells Natalie that Frank is using her emotions against her, making her feel vulnerable and used by Frank.

11:50 PM BBT: Tiffany begins crying to Natalie and Bronte again, saying that she is getting really paranoid about the guys turning against her and using this opportunity to get her out. Tiffany tells them that she thinks it’s possible that all the guys are working with Victor to get all of the girls out. Bronte tells her that they know if they keep Victor around, they will lose, while the girls aren’t direct threats. Bronte tells Tiffany that she can trust her and Natalie, while the boys would need new numbers to send any of them three home. Tiffany asks Natalie and Bronte if they were her, would they still throw the veto competition to get out Victor. Both girls tell Tiffany that they would.

12:05 AM BBT: The BB Roadkill nomination ceremony is held. Details here

12:25 AM BBT: Tiffany is crying again, asking Michelle to swear on everything that she would tell her if there was a secret plan to get her out. Michelle tells her that she swears that there isn’t anything going on and  that the plan is to backdoor Victor. Da’Vonne tells Tiffany that the beauty of the situation is that they have all the numbers. Tiffany tells her that she is worried that all the guys think there is too many girls and now is a time to get one out. Day explains to her that if they wanted to get a girl out, it would be Bronte, not her. Michelle reiterates that the Eight Pack want Victor gone, that has been the plan all along and they’re sticking to  it.

12:35 AM BBT: Paul tells Tiffany that her needing to throw the veto competition depends on Paul playing or not. Tiffany explains to him that she has to throw it no matter what because Victor would be the one picking the replacement nominee if she came off. Tiffany asks him if Victor knows that she knows he is the one who nominated her. Paul tells her that Victor has no idea, so she just needs to play it cool.

12:40 AM BBT: Frank tells Paulie that they need to stick with the plan to get Victor out this week. Tiffany joins the two of them in the HOH room. Tiffany asks Frank if he lied to her because he didn’t want her to freak out. Franks tells her that was the reason because she was in the hallway while Victor and them were right around the corner and they would known he told her. Frank explains to Tiffany that Victor put her up because he said it was too obvious for him to nominate James cause then everyone would know he was the BB Roadkill winner. Tiffany tells them that she just doesn’t trust Victor and doesn’t understand his thinking. Paulie tells her that it doesn’t matter because nobody trusts Victor and that is why he’s going home.

12:50 AM BBT: Natalie tells Bronte that she is noticing who is running the house, says that Frank is one of the leaders. Bronte tells her that she say Frank, Corey, and Paulie together. Natalie tells her that those three are working together. Bronte adds that unless the girls can band together without the guys finding out, they won’t be able to beat Frank or James. Bronte tells Natalie that they need to act nice to Victor just in case he does stay and wins HOH.

Bronte tells Natalie that their strategy should be to stay loyal to the to the girls until jury, then change their strategy. Natalie agrees, saying that once they get to jury, they’re going to start playing dirty like the boys have been. Bronte tells Natalie that Frank is the type of person that if he doesn’t like you, he’ll send that person home.

1:10 AM BBT: Frank tells Tiffany that if her name gets picked for houseguest choice, she should choose Corey to play for her. Paulie tells Tiffany that she doesn’t have anything to worry about because regardless of who she is sitting next to come Thursday, it’ll be a unanimous vote against them.

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