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Big Brother 18: Day 12 Recap!

Natalie Negrotti from Big Brother 18 - Source: CBS

Natalie Negrotti from Big Brother 18 – Source: CBS

It’s Sunday, which means it’s mainly going to be a relax day inside the Big Brother house, aside from the veto meeting which has the potential to shake things up. Relaxing by the pool and managing any fallout from the veto meeting will be mainly what today is about, along with more talks about eviction and next week’s plans.


11:00 AM BBT: James tells Paulie that as long as he shows that he isn’t a threat both when he’s on the block and not on the block, people are going to forget about him because they’re going to have bigger fish to fry, so all Paulie needs to do is relax.

12:50 PM BBT: Nicole tells Da’Vonne that a final two between them is exactly what she wants because she doesn’t think she could win against Frank or James, the two fan favorites who have a good relationship with everyone in the house. Da’Vonne agrees, saying they’re working the fact they won fan favorite now. Day tells her that now the hardest part is getting some of the boys out because it’s going to have to be someone from the Fatal Five that does it. Day asked Nicole and Michelle that when the numbers have dwindled, who would they send home first between Frank and James. Michelle told her that they can just put them both up together.

Nicole tells Michelle that she wants to target Bronte next because Victor will get out eventually because everyone is after him while almost nobody is going to be targeting Bronte.

1:20 PM BBT: Nicole asks James and Frank if they’re both going to try to win the HOH. Frank tells her that James is only going to if he has to, while Frank himself plans to win it. James asks them if Victor and Paul are over wanting the returnees out. Nicole tells him that they’re not because Victor told him to her face that people like Bronte want her out. Frank asks if they’re going to put up Paul and Victor or Victor and Bronte next. Nicole tells them that she wants to put up Bronte and Victor.

1:35 PM BBT: Frank says that he’s going to be confirm who he’s going to anonymously nominate today in the DR and it’ll be Bridgette, but says that she doesn’t know yet.

1:55 PM BBT: Frank and Da’Vonne begin discussing Tiffany’s thin skin is unusual for someone who is so argumentative. Frank changes the subject to next week, saying that he believes they should nominate Bronte and Victor. Da’Vonne tells him that Nicole is starting to play with her emotions and want to take out Bronte over Victor.

2:25 PM BBT: Paul tells Nicole that just because he hangs around Jozea, doesn’t mean that he agrees with him. He tells her that he is worried that people are going to start grouping him together with Jozea’s craziness, which just isn’t the case. Nicole says she doesn’t believe that and says she’ll tell him if she comes across any people thinking that.

4:10 PM BBT: POV meeting is held

4:10 PM BBT: Paul tells Nicole that she doesn’t need to take Jozea off her radar because he can be a loose cannon, but says Nicole should know that she has his vote if Jozea does end up winning the HOH and putting her up.

Paul goes to talk to Zakiyah to tell her that he believes Tiffany is the one who made the anonymous nomination so that Bridgette could be a pawn so they could focus on getting a guy out. Paul tells her that he hates Tiffany and that Tiffany has to be the one to go next.

4:15 PM BBT: Jozea tells Bridgette that she has nothing to worry about because the two of them are safe and Paulie will be going home. Jozea adds that Nicole’s side of the house only has three votes while the true majority is on his side. Bronte joins the conversation, telling them that she thinks Bridgette was nominated so that they can come to her later and say that she’ll be safe as long as Bridgette promises to work with them. Bronte tells them that Tiffany, Michelle, Nicole, and Corey are leaving next after this week. Bronte tells them that Michelle smirked as the nomination was revealed, which pissed her off and Bronte promises that she’s going after Michelle for it. Jozea tells them that they need to just calm down for now because everything is going according to plan because they’re safe and the other side of the house doesn’t know what is going on.

4:30 PM BBT: Tiffany and Michelle are laughing on the hammock about Jozea’s delusions of grandeur and how everyone else can see through him. They both agree that they cannot wait for Jozea and his group of minions to be blindsided.

4:45 PM BBT: Zakiyah tells Nicole everything that Paul told her about Tiffany and Nicole.

5:05 PM BBT: Victor tells Paul and Jozea that they have six secure votes in him, Paul, Bronte, Natalie, Da’Vonne, and Zakiyah, so that have nothing to worry about and Paulie will be going home. They begin to talk about targets for next week and Paul & Victor both agree that they like Nicole, that Tiffany is a much bigger threat than Nicole could ever be. Paul tells them that he never trusted or liked Tiffany from day one. Paul adds that Tiffany has been playing from the start because she is the one who told Nicole to take the HOH when they were supposed to be targeting the returnees. Victor tells them that Tiffany will be the next one out and will be nominated with James. Victor adds that this vote is going to be a landslide against Paulie.

6:10 PM BBT: Da’Vonne tells Nicole and Zakiyah that they’re going to have to comfort Bridgette like a child this week so that she doesn’t freak out about being nominated.

6:15 PM BBT: Paul tells Nicole not to be surprised if Jozea comes to make amends with her because Victor and him convinced it was in his best interest. Paul adds that it is also in Nicole’s best interest to make amends with him, but says that Nicole doesn’t have to take him off her radar because even he can admit that Jozea is a loose cannon.

6:20 PM BBT: Paul tells Da’Vonne that whoever nominated Bridgette did it to pin the guys against each other because they knew that nobody would want to vote Bridgette out. Paul adds that he believes it was either Tiffany or Michelle who made the anonymous nominations.

6:25 PM BBT: Paul tells Natalie and Bridgette that he’s almost positive that it was Tiffany who won the BB Roadkill competition and nominated the two of them. Paul tells Bridgette that her and Jozea have nothing to worry about ,especially her because whoever nominated her just used her as a pawn to get a guy out.

6:55 PM BBT: Frank tells Paulie that he has nothing to worry about because the vote is going to be 7-4 to evict Jozea. Frank adds that Bridgette might think that Victor, Paul, and Jozea actually have the majority vote and that is why she is sucking up to them. Paulie tells him that Tiffany and Michelle don’t trust Bridgette at all. Frank tells him that he trusts Bridgette a lot more than those two do. Paulie tells him that the only reason he’s going to try and win HOH next week is so that he can take nominate two people from Victor’s group.

7:10 PM BBT: Jozea pulls Nicole to the side to try and make amends. Nicole tells him that she only nominated him because he was coming after her. Jozea tells her that he was only coming after her because he wanted the vets gone, but that has changed now that he has gotten to know them more. Jozea adds that he wouldn’t mind working with her. Nicole says that she’d like that and that the two of them are actually similar because they don’t kiss anyone’s butt.

7:20 PM BBT: Bronte tells Jozea that she wants Nicole and Corey nominated because if Corey played in the veto competition without being on the block, he would save Nicole and one of them has to go.

8:00 PM BBT: James tells Frank, Da’Vonne, and Zakiyah that Jozea thinks he’s apart of their gang now and is counting his vote when going over them with Paul and Victor.

9:00 PM BBT: Paul tells Victor that he talked with Nicole and she said she really likes the two of them and that there was never any beef there. Victor tells him that he always thought she was cool and actually likes her more than some people in their own squad.

9:05 PM BBT: Paul tells Bronte that he hates Tiffany, has hated her from day 1, thinks she is a dumb bitch, doesn’t want her in the house, and hates her sunglasses. Bronte says that Tiffany obviously lacks a certain bit of intelligence. Paul says that he doesn’t believe that Tiffany is really a school teacher because she doesn’t know anything about working with kids and that she knew too much about philosophy, so she must be an attorney. Bronte says that she’d think that a lawyer would come up with a more believable cover story than a teacher. Paul tells her that if Tiffany won, he would kill himself. Bronte says that if Michelle won, she would kill herself.

10:00 PM BBT: Da’Vonne tells James that if she wins HOH, she’s going to have to put him and his team on slop so that Victor is weak for the veto and BB Roadkill competitions because she plans to nominate him.

10:40 PM BBT: Jozea tells Bridgette and Zakiyah that if everything goes how they have been planning it since day 1, every single vote should be to evict Paulie.

11:10 PM BBT: Paulie tells Corey, James, and Nicole that the first person he is going after is Victor, the Natalie or Bridgette, then he’ll go after Paul. Nicole tells them that there isn’t many nights where they know they’re going to be safe and can relax, so they should just enjoy this.

11:20 PM BBT: Bronte tells Jozea and Victor that they have to watch out for James because of how he was so smoothly able to manipulate her into rubbing the mayonnaise filled lotion all over herself. Victor tells her that James has to go because his pranks are pissing everyone off. Natalie tells them that Paulie needs to go because she feels like he might know her because he knows a lot of her friends. Victor tells her that Paulie just needs to go, not for that reason. Bronte tells them that anyone who doesn’t vote Paulie out is an idiot. Bronte adds that if you feel like anyone is going to flip their vote, all you have to do is remind them that they have the majority and can target that person next.

12:40 AM BBT: Zakiyah tells Da’Vonne, Nicole, and Michelle about what Paul, Victor, Jozea, Bronte, and Bridgette were saying downstairs about them all. Nicole tells them that she feels like she is going to have to confront Bridgette because she doesn’t like the fake innocent act that Bridgette has been putting on. Michelle tells them that they should all go flirt with Corey since it seems to piss Victor off whenever Corey is given attention like that after Natalie called him cute. Zakiyah says that they can get Corey to flirt with Natalie as well. Da’Vonne tells Michelle that she can’t let this incident with Bridgette shift her focus from target Victor and Bronte next.

1:40 AM BBT: Paulie tells Frank about Bronte being rude and fake to him recently. Frank tells him that maybe Victor and Paul have just rubbed off on Bronte or possibly that this is just who Bronte really is and has finally come out of her shell. Frank adds that this just makes them easier targets and now they’re like ducks in a row and they don’t even know about it.

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