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Big Brother 18: Corey’s BB Bribe Plan

Corey gained the ability to bribe any houseguest $5,000 to do whatever he wants, which left him and Nicole debating on how he should use it in the best way that would benefit their game.


Corey and Nicole have come up with two plans that they’re deciding upon. They’ve gone back and forth on which they should do, so we won’t know for sure which they picked until he’s officially tried to bribe whomever. Things got complicated when Corey found out that he could use the bribe into next week’s HOH, which gave them even more options how they could use it.

The first plan is to bribe Victor to vote Michelle out. While Victor already planned to do that, Nicole has a irrational paranoia that Victor might not actually be best friends with Paul and has teamed up with James. Corey tried telling that Victor wouldn’t vote Paul out, but said that he’s willing to bribe Victor if it’ll curb Nicole’s paranoia.

The second plan is for Corey to bribe someone to drop out of the upcoming HOH. He suggested they bribe James to fall, but Nicole said that they should bribe Natalie since James wouldn’t put them up while Natalie might. Nicole explained that not only would Natalie be more likely to take the bribe, but James would put up Paul and Victor, not either of them.

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