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Big Brother 18: Corey Uses His BB Bribe Power

It took all week for Corey and Nicole to debate on how they should use Corey’s BB Bribe, but they finally came to an agreement and bribed who they thought would best benefit them.


They went back and forth for hours, flip flopping on whether they risk giving it to someone instead of just giving the $5000 to Nicole, but they finally managed to settled on someone they thought would best benefit their game. By doing this, they also solidified which alliance they’d be working with moving forward.

Corey and Nicole agreed to bribe Victor with the $5000 to vote out Michelle. By doing this, Corey and Nicole believe that they’ve solidified their alliance with Paul and Victor, ensured that Michelle goes home, Victor will save them if it comes down to it in the final five, and Victor would vote for one of them to win if either of them made it to the final five. They also agreed that Victor is someone who could really use the money.

Corey presented the bribe to Paul and Victor as a way to show them how serious him and Nicole are about working with the two of them going forward. Corey told Victor that he wanted to give him the $5000 to vote out Michelle. Victor was nearly in tears, thanking Corey and agreed that he’d vote Michelle out. Nicole told Paul and Victor that they’re just hoping that they don’t use it against them in the future, to which Victor said that they would never.

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