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Big Brother 18: Corey and Nicole Want Natalie Out

Corey and Nicole might be in a new final four alliance with Paul and Victor, but they’re already not seeing eye-to-eye on who their target should be this week, which has some significance.


We’re down to the final six, which means that it only takes two votes to evict someone. With Victor honoring the final four by keeping Corey and Nicole off the block, they control the majority vote, thus controlling who goes home this week. Victor has made it very clear to Corey and Nicole that he wants James out since he was the one who evicted him and because Natalie would be easy to get out the following week, but Corey and Nicole don’t seem to agree.

At 9:13 PM last night, Corey and Nicole had their discussion. Without giving much reason, Nicole told Corey that she wants Natalie to go this week. Nicole went on to tell him that they just have to make sure that they win the veto. Corey told her that it wouldn’t be that bad to let James win the veto, but Nicole didn’t agree. Nicole said that it would be tempting to split them up since one of them would have to go up on the block as a pawn. Corey told her that he didn’t think Paul and Victor would turn on them by keeping James and Natalie together since they know that it would be 3 vs 1 in the upcoming HOH, with Paul being that one person.

While they never discussed going against Paul and Victor’s wishes, they did try to turn the heat onto Natalie earlier today by jumping on the trash talking bandwagon that was going on in the HOH room by saying that Natalie throwing James under the bus is why she needs to go. Victor and Paul told Corey that what she did was crappy, but said that it’s fine, leaving James as the main target this week.

Everything comes down to today’s veto and if Corey and Nicole will attempt to throw it to James so that he stays in the house over Natalie. If they do that, with the possibility that Paul and Victor realize it, Corey and Nicole could be in serious trouble.

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