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Big Brother 18: Corey and Nicole Plan Their Ideal Final Three

The season is finally getting down to the wire and final four and final three plans are being made. The latest and most interesting being from Corey and Nicole, who broke down who they want to take out next and in what order.


Corey and Nicole recently made a final four with Paul and Victor, earning themselves safety this week and making it so that they control the majority vote and who goes home this week. They settled on evicting Natalie, leaving James in the house to ideally be working on their side and take out Paul and Victor if he were to win HOH.

Corey and Nicole agreed that they’d want to take James to the final three with them over both Paul and Victor, something that could only be achieved by one of the three winning the final four veto, otherwise one will be going home. Paul and Victor haven’t caught onto how keeping James in the house benefits Corey and Nicole, but they’ll find out soon enough if Corey or Nicole were to throw this upcoming HOH to him.

Nicole said that ideally Natalie would go this week, Paul would go the following week, then they’d take out Victor at the final four, leaving them two and James to battle it out in the final three HOHs. However, Corey didn’t like that idea. He made it clear that he’d want to take out Victor next week, then Paul, as Corey sees Victor as a much bigger threat than Paul is. Nicole is already shielding herself from getting any blood on her hands by telling Corey that he’d have to be the person to take out Victor since Victor has actually wronged him in the past, something Nicole said that Victor has never done for her.

This entire plan could potentially be thrown to the wayside if Paul were to win this upcoming HOH or if James were to win the HOH and nominate one person from each side. In both of those scenarios, some from Nicorey could end up going home. All of these plans will be put to the test next week as we have two evictions in just 7 days. The taped eviction on Monday, then the second eviction on Thursday, taking us down to the final three.

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