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Big Brother 18: Corey and Nicole Create A New Final Four Deal

Corey and Nicole were placed in the middle of the house this week with Nicole winning HOH, giving them the ultimate decision as to what side of the house they’d side with.


Before the eviction Thursday while arguing with Paul, James told him that he was the one who wanted Victor out while Natalie fought to keep Victor, to which Natalie instantly confirmed as true. This was James attempting to put all the heat that Paul would be dishing out on him, however, they said this in front of Corey. Once Nicole found out, she told Corey that she didn’t trust James and Natalie anymore.

Once Nicole won veto, it was then time to see if she would hold up to that new sentiment, which she did. She nominated Michelle and Paul, with Michelle being the target with no consideration of ever taking Paul out as the backup target. She made that clear to both Paul and Victor, as well as in private to Corey, who she tells the truth about virtually everything to.

Before the nominations were made, however, Corey, Nicole, Paul, and Victor all formed a new alliance that they called “The Final 4”. Each agreed to protect each other and have each other’s back until they actually got to the final four. In private, Corey and Nicole agreed that they’d be screwed in the weeks to come if they did go back on their new deal with Paul and Victor, and both agreed that they really like the two guys. Nicole said that even her instincts were telling her that she could trust Paul and Victor more than she could trust James and Natalie. Nicole made it clear that she rather draw in a line in the sand rather than get caught in the middle, which is what will happen this week if Michelle and Paul are left on the block while Nicole’s the tie breaker. She’ll be breaking that tie to evict Michelle.

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