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Big Brother 18: BB Storm Watch Begins

We’ve had a veto competition nearly every year that involved overnight studying of a message or image they were shown. This season’s version was kicked off just last night.


The TV screen would randomly broadcast new weather alerts for storms that involved former houseguests, such as “Super Storm Glenn” is coming their way. New announcements with different storms would continue to be played throughout the night. This meant that all the other houseguests had some studying to do.

After the BB Storm Watch Announcement was played, studying commenced. Paul even told Michelle and Natalie that if Corey and Nicole wanted to play dirty with him, he was willing to sabotage their study efforts by feeding them misinformation. Michelle said that if they have to, they need to choose Corey to play over Nicole since it’s a memory competition.

While Corey and Nicole did stay up relatively late to study, Paul stayed up the latest, as he has the most at stake. Out of everyone, Paul has been the best at memorizing the announcements nearly word-for-word.

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