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Big Brother 18: Battle Back Competition Explained

This is Big Brother, so we all knew that many twists were coming, but what none of us guessed was a twist like this that allows pre-jury evictees to have a chance to fight their way back into the house. We’re here to break down this new twist for you.

Julie Chen has Big Brother 18 news! - Source: CBS

Julie Chen has Big Brother 18 news! – Source: CBS

Typically there is one revival competition that happens once they reach jury, however this time there will be multiple revival competitions for the first houseguests evicted. The houseguests that remain inside the house have no idea, so they aren’t worried about burning bridges before sending these people out of the house, meaning whoever does make their way back into the house could be coming back with a vengeance.


Here’s how the new twist works; The first two evictees, Glenn and Jozea, will compete in a revival competition to try to earn their way back into the house. Whichever one of them loses will be sent home for good while the winner moves on to face next week’s evictee. This process will continue until the 5th person is evicted and the person remaining from the previous four revival competitions battle it out.

This means that for Glenn or Jozea to return, they’d have to win four straight competitions, something that is going to be extremely hard and almost unprecedented. The evictees with the obvious best chance of returning are those evicted fourth and fifth. However, it’s possible that any of the five could fight their way back into the house!

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