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Big Brother 18: August 18th Eviction Epsiode Schedule Changes


For the second week in a row, football will be interfering with the Thursday’s live eviction episode. We’re used to scheduling conflicts caused by preseason football, just usually it isn’t on back-to-back weeks such as this. However, not everyone is affected and some will be able to still watch the eviction live, just on a different channel.

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Big Brother 18 Week 8 Eviction Episode Schedule Changes –

  • Boston, MA – Moved to WSBK
  • Pittsburgh, PA – Moved to WPCW
  • Cincinnati, OH – Moved to WSTR
  • Rockford, IL – Delayed until 12:37am
  • Rock Island, IL – Delayed until 12:37am
  • Omaha, NE – Delayed until 12:37am
  • Burlington, VT – Delayed until 1:37am
  • Harrisburg, PA – Delayed until 1:37am
  • Altoona, PA – Delayed until 1:37am
  • Youngstown, OH – Delayed until 1:37am
  • Columbus, OH – Delayed until 1:37am
  • Toledo, OH – Delayed until 1:37am
  • Dayton, OH – Delayed until 1:37am
  • Marquette, MI – Delayed until 1:37am
  • Saginaw, MI – Delayed until 2:07am

If you don’t see your city listed, it means that you’re not going to be affected and the broadcast will air at it’s normal time on your regular CBS channel. Make sure to Follow us on Twitter, as we’ll be tweeting out a livestream link a half hour before the show for those of you who have no other means of watching tonight’s eviction!

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