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Big Brother 18: Anti-Frank Coalition Is Taking Shape

Frank chose to play his game fast and hard this summer and people picked up on it a lot sooner than he or a lot of fans were expecting. Frank only made it into the second week before he started to turn members of his own alliance against him.

Frank Eudy from Big Brother 18 - Source: CBS

Frank Eudy from Big Brother 18 – Source: CBS

Da’Vonne began instigating and bringing people together to target Frank after originally doing the same against Tiffany, however, once Frank started not-so-subtly attempting to control people and make multiple final four deals with multiple different people, the target was shifted and focused on Frank for the time being.

Da’Vonne and Zakiyah first started talking about wanting Frank out after they noticed how he was protecting himself by talking to everyone and only wanting to get out the people who he knew he couldn’t control. They both admitted that he was running the house and that they had to be the ones to do something about it. It wasn’t long before they got Michelle and Nicole on board. All they needed now was Tiffany, the last member of the Fatal Five.

While it did take longer for the reuniting between Da’Vonne and Tiffany to finally take shape, it did happen and Tiffany had already been the one wanting Frank out for at least a week, so she was instantly on-board. Da’Vonne began explaining to her that they couldn’t be the ones who had the HOH to get him out because they’re going to need all five of the Fatal Five votes to get Frank out. Da’Vonne mentioned getting Corey to do it since he’s so close to Nicole, but Tiffany told her that they could also use Natalie, Bronte, or Bridgette since they’re already on the outskirts and want the guys out. Nicole slowed that plan, telling them that she is hesitant to tell even more people about their plan because of the risk that brings them.

With the Fatal Five all on-board with turning against Frank, it came down to each of the girls to start working on the guys they were closest to. Nicole worked on Corey, telling him about all the different alliances Frank had made with all the different people in the house, which was enough for Corey to start talking about ways they could get Frank out. Nicole and Da’Vonne both worked on James, telling him about the alliances and the way Frank threw them all under the bus by telling Paulie about their Eight Pack alliance by himself. The last person they were wanting to sway was Paulie, which Zakiyah was able to do after a conversation with Paulie that lasted a couple hours. Zakiyah told him everything that Frank had been doing after the course of the last two weeks, then supplemented the truth with a lie about Frank telling her that she can’t trust Paulie, which seemed to be one of the things that bothered him the most.



With everyone now on-board with the idea of getting Frank out, it then came down to the planning. The person they wanted to win the HOH to take him out was Corey, who could nominate Bronte and Bridgette as pawns, then have the Roadkill winner nominate James, who could likely be the one who wins the veto, and that Roadkill winner would be able to put Frank up in his spot.

The girls were wanting to execute this plan the next week, but after a talk with James and being given the new idea of letting Frank and Tiffany go at each other and take each other out until the endurance competition, which James could win and take Frank out himself. Da’Vonne and Nicole both said it’s okay if James wants to wait, because they were just glad they were able to solidly the numbers.


However, it’s worth mentioning that this plan is far from fool proof. If Tiffany confronts Frank or if anything involving Da’Vonne gets back to him, he has more than enough ammunition to completely tear down her game. Zakiyah also put herself at risk by telling Paulie the lie of Frank telling her not to trust him because Corey and Paulie have already talked about possibly confronting Frank in private about it, which would completely expose their plan and give Frank leverage to argue since he knows that wasn’t actually said.

What is safe to say is that the next couple weeks of feeds are going to be nothing but great, and you can watch an entire week of the drama on the Live Feeds for FREE by signing up for a 7 day trial here!

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