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Big Brother 18: America’s Care Package Explained

A new twist was introduced during the live show this week and we’re here to help break it all down for you and tell you about the upcoming care packages that America will get to vote on in the coming weeks.

Vote for America's Care Package - Source: CBS

Vote for America’s Care Package – Source: CBS

America will be able to vote to send care package to whichever houseguest gets the most votes. However, when a houseguest wins one package, they cannot win any of the future care packages, so viewers will have to decide if they want their favorite houseguest to win something useless or if they don’t want to vote for them to get anything until the care package comes with better perks.


What’s inside America’s Care Packages –

  • Week 1: The winner gets a never-not pass that will ensure they cannot be a have-not.
  • Week 2: The winner gets to cancel out two votes to evict that week.
  • Week 3: The winner gets safety for a week and has to wear a “Super Safety” costume.
  • Week 4: The winner becomes Co-HOH and gets to choose one of the two nominations.
  • Week 5: The winner gets $5,000 if they can influence a decision, such as votes.

Cast your vote for who you want to win America’s Care Package here.

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