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Big Brother 17’s Three Twists Explained!

Big Brother 17 has finally kicked off and we’re getting to know all of this season’s twists! One has already been revealed, another is the same from last year, and finally the third twist is the best out of the three, though it has been done before!

Julie Chen is back for Big Brother 17 - Source: CBS

Julie Chen is back for Big Brother 17 – Source: CBS

Julie Chen revealed to us from the start that one twist would be a “fan favorite”, one would be a secret only the viewers will know, and the last will be the all new BB Takeover twist that has never been done before!

The “fan favorite” twist is Battle of the Block. There are two groups of 7 houseguests, each play individual Head of Household competitions. Once there is  two Heads of Household, they will each pick their two nominees. Once the four nominees have been chosen, they will complete in a ‘Battle of the Block competition’ where the nominees will face off against each other. Whoever wins will be taken off the block and the person who nominated them will be stripped of their HOH.


The second twist is “BB Takeover” where a new twist will be revealed by a special guest who comes into the house every single week! This means each week will have a new twist!


The third twist is the secret that only the viewers will know! It has been named the “Twin Twist” and it involved two identical twins who will be playing as one, being switched out with each other throughout the season. If they can make it to week 5 without anyone figuring it out, they will reveal it to the houseguests and they will both get to enter the house and play like normal!


The 24/7 live feeds are going to be going live this time tomorrow, so make sure you get your access in time. You can watch the first week of the live feeds free with a 1 week trial by signing up here!

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