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Big Brother 17: What’s Happening With Audrey Middleton?

It’s been an interesting week in the Big Brother house, and most of that interest revolves around Audrey. From staying in the DR for hours, to having her have-not restrictions waved, it definitely hasn’t been the typical week of Big Brother.

Audrey Middleton from Big Brother 17 - Source: CBS

Audrey Middleton from Big Brother 17 – Source: CBS

Everything first started 2:05 AM BBT on July 21th. Audrey came to Vanessa’s bed and began crying. She told Vanessa that she just wanted to leave and go home. Vanessa spent about an hour trying to calm her down and explain to her why she shouldn’t leave and that she’s here for a reason.

Later that morning around 11:00 AM BBT, Audrey went into the DR without saying much to anyone. With her saying she wanted to leave the previous night, it left both houseguests and fans to speculate about her possibly quitting. Most felt sympathy for her, others didn’t. Austin wasn’t buying any of it, letting it be known that he doesn’t feel bad because he believes that Audrey did this to herself.

At 2:20 PM BBT the same day, Vanessa told Jason that Audrey told her the night before that she was seeing hallucinations, hearing ringing in her ears, and that she was having a psychotropic moment.  Vanessa says that it might be something serious that Audrey can’t control because Audrey also told her that it’s a “chemical problem”.


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At 3:51 PM BBT, Audrey finally emerged from the diary room after spending nearly 5 hours in there. She had a brown paper bag in her hand, but she went directly to the have-not room and went to lay down. Upon entering the have-not room, Audrey turned off the lights to go to sleep, something usually against the rules, as lights are supposed to remain on during the day.

After Audrey finally returned from the diary room, the POV meeting was held, but Audrey did not attend, making her the first person ever to not attend a Power of Veto ceremony. She was still nominated as a replacement nominee by Shelli.

The houseguests avoided disturbing Audrey for the rest of the day, letting her rest in the peace and quiet. At 12:13 AM BBT that night, Becky began making a pizza for Audrey because she was told that Audrey was waved from the usual have-not food restrictions. After discussing the food situation, the feeds cut away from Becky at once.

Later that day at 3:46 PM BBT, we see that Audrey’s have-not sleeping restrictions have also been waved, as she is seen sleeping on the floor, instead of the typically required have-not bed, this year being the dentist chairs.

Around 4:10 PM BBT, Austin, Jason, and Meg discuss what they think is happening with Audrey. Jason tells them that he thinks it might actually be something serious. Meg tells him that she doesn’t think so because DR hinted to her that it was the opposite. Austin says that DR hinted the same to him, that it wasn’t something serious.

Audrey’s sleeping restrictions, food restrictions, and bed restrictions have all been waved, along with not attending the POV meeting without repercussions. It’s unclear if this is something serious or not, but production is allowing the other houseguests to speculate without confirming something is actually wrong. Hopefully Audrey will pull through and rejoin the others before Thursday, because it’s never good to see a houseguest go out without a fight.


Update: At 7:10 PM BBT on July 21st, Becky confirmed that Audrey was off food restrictions for 24 to 36 hours because of the medication she was taking.

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