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Big Brother 17: Week 9 Eviction Results

It’s a big night in the Big Brother house as not only is someone being evicted, but the first four jurors will be competing to see who gets a second chance and gets to reenter the house.

Julie Chen hosts Big Brother 17 - Source: CBS

Julie Chen hosts Big Brother 17 – Source: CBS

The decision on who to evict wasn’t made until last minute as the target ended up changing multiple times throughout the week, including a convincing last minute argument that nearly flipped the votes once more, but instead they went with the decision that was made last night.

With both John and Steve nominated, it left the house divided as Julia and Liz wanted John out, while Vanessa, James, and Meg originally wanted Steve out,  but even though they had the majority vote to do as they wanted, James, Meg, and Vanessa decided it best if they stayed loyal to Austin and the twins one more week.


Big Brother 17 Week 9 Votes –

  • James votes to evict John
  • Julia votes to evict John
  • Liz votes to evict John
  • Meg votes to evict John
  • Vanessa votes to evict John

By a vote of 5-0, John has been evicted from the Big Brother house.

Although John has been evicted, his time in the house might not be over as the revival competition will be played next, giving the first four jurors the chance to return to the house! Get your free access to the Live Feeds by signing up here, or drop us a follow on Twitter for updates throughout tonight’s competition!

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