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Big Brother 17: Week 9 Eviction Predictions

It’s been another eventful week in the Big Brother house, and we’ve finally made it to another eviction. This week’s nominees are John and Steve. Although one will be evicted tonight, the person evicted will have a shot to come back immediately after stepping out of the house.

Big Brother 17 Week 9 Nominees - Source: CBS

Big Brother 17 Week 9 Nominees – Source: CBS

This week’s plan has been changing every day like most weeks have been this season, though after hours of discussion, it seems like a decision has been made. However there is a chance that Vanessa decides to do what is best for her game and completely flip the script on everyone, including her allies.

With Vanessa winning the veto, it took the option of her being the backdoor target off the table, leaving the only option to leave the nominations the same because Austin didn’t want to cross James or Meg. Both Julia and Liz made it very clear throughout the week that they wanted John gone though after a blow up between Steve and Vanessa, Vanessa went on a mission to get him out of the house.

Vanessa campaigned for Steve to go, but Julia and Liz weren’t budging, even saying that they wouldn’t keep John even if he offered them $1 million. Vanessa had even more reason to campaign against Steve when she was approached by John to make a final 2 deal, as they’d be able to flip the script if they were to link up with James and Meg, giving them majority vote, making it the four of them vs only Liz in tonight’s Head of Household competition. Vanessa ended up telling Austwins this just in case so that John couldn’t say she had this knowledge, though she expressed even more interest just last night as John pushed the idea once more.

However, Austin, Julia, Liz, James, and Meg all agreed that they’d vote together, and after about a half hour of discussion, they agreed that they’d vote out John because of his better relationship with all of the jury members, and the likelihood that he wouldn’t come back with a vengeance if he were to win the buyback competition. Vanessa agreed to go along with this plan, but didn’t agree to one of their ideals. Austwins, James, and Meg agreed that they wouldn’t tell John that he’s leaving until tomorrow afternoon, but Vanessa decided otherwise. Vanessa went downstairs to tell John that he’s leaving, and told him that she hopes he comes back because she’s going to be screwed if she doesn’t have him and Steve to work together with her. John told her of his plan once more about getting James and Meg to flip the votes, then the four of the going against Austwins since only Liz will be able to possibly win this next HOH. Vanessa tried telling him that James and Meg won’t flip, but John told her to just sleep on it and think about it for tomorrow.

With all that being said, we’re predicting that John will be evicted tonight. Although his campaign to Vanessa was completely valid, it’s unlikely that Vanessa will want to get against Austwins yet, even though this is her perfect opportunity. Though if you’re a Johnny Mac fan, you shouldn’t get upset yet because there is a chance whoever is evicted tonight will have a shot at returning! Let us know who you think will be evicted by voting in the poll below!

You can also let us know in the comments below as to who you think will be going home tonight, as well as who you wish were going home tonight! We’ll be live recapping tonight’s show on Twitter, so make sure to drop us a follow!

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