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Big Brother 17: Week 8 Power of Veto Plans

Going into this week, everyone had generally the same idea, though after new alliances were formed as well as new information was learned, the actual planned stayed the same, though for completely different reasons.

Liz Nolan from Big Brother 17 - Source: CBS

Liz Nolan from Big Brother 17 – Source: CBS

With Liz winning both HOH, as well as the veto, she was ultimately given all the power this week to decide both what her and her allies would do. Liz nominated both Becky and John, with the intention of sending Becky home because Vanessa pointed out that if Becky were to still be in the game when someone like Jackie were to come back from jury, that would be a strong duo. Though after Becky came to speak with them, their motives changed completely.

Flashback to 2:33am 8/14 for the conversation between Becky, Austin, Julia, and Liz that ended up sealing the deal as to what Austwins will do moving forward. Becky began breaking down exactly what happened the week when Austin was almost nominated. Becky told them that James did throw it while Liz was nominated, along with Vanessa being the one who actually created the plan, unlike she claims. Becky also told them that it wasn’t her who told John about the 8 person deal, that it had to of been Vanessa.

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After that conversation, Austin, Liz, and Julia were set on the new plan to let Vanessa be taken out by someone other than themselves because they believe that they’re in too deep with Vanessa, as they’ve been working with her from the start, ultimately learning everything about their games along the way. They figured by getting Becky out, they’d just be doing Vanessa’s dirty work for her because the only person Becky would be going after would be Vanesa herself. Though they’d be killing two birds with one stone if they could get Becky out, but keep John because he’d also be going after Vanessa next week.

Flashback to 5:25 PM 8/14 for the talk between John and Austwins. John told them that Vanessa is and has been his target for weeks now, that the only reason that he hasn’t told them was because he figured they were all working with Vanessa and it would get back to her. John explained that he’d be willing to make a deal that he would go after Vanessa if they keep him, along with nominating James or Meg alongside her as pawns so that Austin or the twins wouldn’t have to go up. Austin told him that it was a great deal that they’d like to make. Austin went on to tell John that he’s been wanting to work with him for a while.

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After their talk with John, the decision was made that they’d keep the nominations the same with the intentions of sending Becky home so that way John would be able to both work with them, as well as gun for Vanessa in the coming weeks. Austin has voiced concern about leaving Vanessa in the game another week because of the danger she’d be as HOH next week, though it doesn’t seem like Liz is budging on the plan because she doesn’t want Vanessa blowing up their games or gunning for her if they were to get Vanessa out and have her return via a revival competition.

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