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Big Brother 17: Week 8 POV Results

This week’s power of veto is another important one as it will completely determine the outcome of this week, along with potentially turning allies against each other.

Big Brother 17 Power of Veto - Source: CBS

Big Brother 17 Power of Veto – Source: CBS

Becky and John are both nominated together, though Austin, Julia, and Liz made their plans to keep John in the game and get out Becky, so they let it be known to the people that they’re working with that they want to make sure that someone who doesn’t plan to use to veto wins it.

Austin, Julia, and Liz have alliances with every single person remaining in the house, which means that if they veto was used, they’d have to put up someone they’re working with, along with having to explain to Steve why they’re going to send home someone they’re supposed to be working with together over someone from James’ group. If person who won the veto plans to keep the nominations the same, Becky would be getting sent home, so she is the nominee with the most on the line.


Big Brother 17 Week 8 Power of Veto Competition Results –

  • Liz

This week’s veto competition was the fan favorite “OTEV”, which means it’ll definitely¬†be worth tuning in on Wednesday to check out the actual competition. With Liz winning, she hold all the power as to what they’re going to do this week. Liz’s plan is to keep the nominations the same so that they can send Becky home, though there is still a very slim chance things might change before the veto ceremony tomorrow morning.

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