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Big Brother 17: Week 8 Nomination Ceremony Results

This week’s nominations are following the crucial double eviction that ended with unexpected results. Although the outcome led to a new alliance being formed and a new plan coming together to potentially take out Vanessa.

Big Brother 17 Nominations revealed - Source: CBS

Big Brother 17 Nominations revealed – Source: CBS

With Liz winning HOH, we knew that she would likely nominate Becky because they were never on good terms, although after a final 5 deal between her, Julia, Austin, James, and Meg was formed, along with Becky coming to them with information about what Vanessa has done to them, that planned changed quickly.

Although the original suggestions for nominations stayed the same, the person that they planned to get out flipped and their new plan is to keep the person who they know will go after Vanessa for them.


Big Brother 17 Week 8 Nominations –

  • Becky and John

The Austin and the twin’s new plan is to keep Becky in the house so that she goes after Vanessa, however that plan could change based on how Becky handles being on the block, as well as how Vanessa reacts to everything this week, because Austin says that if Vanessa implodes like he suspects, they might as well get her out now.

Vanessa thinks she’s apart of the final 5 deal between Austwins, James, and Meg, but she’s actually been not included purposely. If she manages to learn of this, chaos will ensue as Vanessa will try to sabotage the deal, as well as turning Julia against Austin and Liz, just as she has done in the past. Don’t miss out on the chaos this week on the live feeds by getting a free 7 day trial by signing up here!

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