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Big Brother 17: Week 8 Eviction Predictions

It’s been another long week in the Big Brother house, but we’ve finally made it to eviction day, which means that another houseguest is getting sent to the jury house tonight. This week’s nominees are John and Becky.

Big Brother 17 Week 8 Nominees - Source: CBS

Big Brother 17 Week 8 Nominees – Source: CBS

Though this week’s plan hasn’t flipped as much as previous weeks, we’ve had a few flips, as well as last minute attempts to flip the vote once more last night by Vanessa. Austin, Liz, and Julia’s goal is to ensure their safety on all sides, as well as keep people in the game who will go after Vanessa, Steve, James, and Meg before them.

After Becky explained Vanessa’s game to Austin and the twins, they were on board to keep her because it was clear that Becky would be targeted Vanessa, not them, as well as being good at competitions. However the fact remained that she has worked with James and Meg in the past, as well as being nominated by Liz, which gives her cause to nominate her if Becky wanted to.

What Austin and the twins didn’t know, is that John has been wanting to get Vanessa out for week, though he just never told them because he figured that they were always close. Once John heard about the possible dissension in the Austwins and Vanessa alliance, he made it clear to them he would be targeting Vanessa as long as she was in the house, as well as promising Austin and the twins that he wouldn’t use them as pawns, he’d use James and Meg.

Last minute attempts were made last night by Vanessa after Becky had gone through the day in agonizing pain due to a injured toe. She had to get her toe lanced and wasn’t able to walk properly all day. Vanessa figured it would be stupid for them to get out someone that can’t compete over someone who is fresh like John. Liz argued that Becky would come after her since she put her up, which eventually lead to Vanessa faltering and agreeing that they’d get Becky out, though use Becky’s injury as leverage to get John to guarantee them safety, which he eventually promised them.

We’re predicting that Becky will be the one sent home tonight via a unanimous, despite Becky being an easy target for next week with her injured toe. Make sure to make your prediction as to who will be sent the third sent to the jury house tonight!

You can also let us know in the comments below as to who you think will be going home tonight, as well as who you wish were going home tonight! We’ll be live recapping tonight’s show on Twitter, so make sure to drop us a follow!

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