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Big Brother 17: Week 7 POV Results

This week’s power of veto competition is another important one as the whoever wins it will completely determine the outcome of this week. The fate of another power player will be sealed, or Becky will have to settle with going after just a backup target.

Big Brother 17 Power of Veto - Source: CBS

Big Brother 17 Power of Veto – Source: CBS

This week’s veto players are Becky, Shelli, and Steve because they’re nominated, and the people who were chosen are Austin, Meg, and Vanessa. The intended target this week is Vanessa, which means that as long as her or Austin doesn’t win it, that plan will continue on unaffected.

If Vanessa wins it, she will likely take down Shelli, which would be taking down Becky’s backup target, which will likely lead to Becky nominating either Austin or one of the twins, meaning she’ll be going against their agreement. Either way, we’re going to be in for one hell of a week.


Big Brother 17 Week 7 Power of Veto Winner –

  • Steve


The competition was the BB Comics competition from last season. It took the same amount of time to complete, which was the 5 hours. Becky and James are both ecstatic about James’ win and plan to move forward with the plan to backdoor Vanessa. Vanessa has suspicions about being the backdoor target, so we’ll likely see some drama before Monday’s veto meeting! Watch all the drama unfold on the Live Feeds free with a 7 day trial by signing up here!

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