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Big Brother 17: Week 7 Nominations Plans

We’re going to be in for another crazy week in the Big Brother house as the new Head of Household, Becky, is prepared to follow in James’ footsteps and make another huge move this week.

Becky Burgess from Big Brother 17 - Source: CBS

Becky Burgess from Big Brother 17 – Source: CBS

After last week’s eviction, it was clear that the After Dark Crew needed to keep in power or else one of them would be sent home in response to them putting Clay up with Shelli and ultimately sending Clay out the door. Sure enough, Becky managed to pull out the win and she’s ready to move forward and take out another one of Six Sense’s key players.

Flashback to 12:00 AM earlier this morning for Becky’s talk with James, Jackie, and Meg about her actual plans this week. She tells them that she’s going to nominate Shelli and Steve, then tell people that John is the backdoor target so that everyone believes that they’re going along with the 8 person plan that was created last week. What they won’t tell anyone else is that the real target is Vanessa and that’s who they’re going to make sure goes home this week. Becky made it clear to everyone that they cannot let Vanessa catch wind of this or else she’s going to start playing even harder and stir the pot more than she already has. Becky tells them that she’s going to start calling people upstairs to tell them about the fake plan throw up Steve and Shelli, with the backdoor option being John.

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You can flashback to 12:40 AM and 1:40 AM last night for the talks between Becky & Austin and the Becky’s talk with Julia and Liz. Becky told all three of them the fake story of nominating Steve with Shelli and leaving John as the backdoor target to show that she’s sticking with her deal that they made last week. Austin and the twins both said they agreed with the plan, along with respecting her for sticking to their agreement. Austin and the twins promised not to come after them during a double eviction.

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Becky ended up going against her own plan and ended up telling a couple who what the real plan is so that they’d be on board. Flashback to 1:00 AM last night for Becky’s talk with John. Becky tells him that he’s not going to be the target this week and he’ll go unscathed if he just lays low. Becky explains to him that she hates Vanessa and that’s how she’s going to go after. Becky tells John that in order to get Vanessa out, she’s going to nominate Steve with Shelli, then hope they get the veto to backdoor Vanessa. Becky warns John that she’s going to have to tell people that he’s the backdoor target so that they think she’s sticking with the original 8 person deal, but he doesn’t have to worry because she’s actually going to backdoor Vanessa.

Flashback to 1:15 AM last night for the surprising conversation between Shelli and Becky. Becky ended up telling Shelli that her target is going to be Vanessa and that she might have to put her and Steve up on the block to get that done. Becky listed off the reasons to Shelli as to why she wants Vanessa gone. Shelli said she’s alright with going up if she’s not a target, and said that she isn’t going to tell Vanessa about her being the target because she would freak out and that wouldn’t be good for any of them.

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We’ve saved the most interesting conversation about nominations plans for last. Flashback to 12:45 AM early this morning for Becky’s conversation with Vanessa. Becky told Vanessa that she was going to stick with their deal that they made, so she’d nominate Shelli and Steve, leaving John for the possibly backdoor option. Vanessa agreed with her decision, telling her that she respected it and that all she asks is she doesn’t tell Shelli that she (Vanessa) knows that she (Shelli) is going up. Becky said that’s not problem. Here’s where things got interesting. Vanessa told Becky that being that Austin doesn’t know about The Generals alliance and both Clay and Shelli essentially gone from the game, she’s isolated and would like to make a deal with her to work more closely if she still felt like she was low on the totem pole of the people she was talking with. Becky tells her that she doesn’t feel that way anymore, that she’s happy to be working with the people she is. Becky told Vanessa outright that she doesn’t want any deals or alliances because all that does is draw a line in the sand that that’s not what Becky wants because Becky wants to play a more “organic” game.

Vanessa doesn’t like when people turn down her deals, so it instantly made her suspicious of Becky. Flashback to 1:10 AM earlier this morning for Vanessa’s talk with Austin. Vanessa tells Austin that she tried making a deal with Becky, but Becky refused. Vanessa asks him if she made a deal with him. Austin tells her that he didn’t make a deal with her, but she did say that he wouldn’t go after her and she said that’s all she wanted to know. Vanessa says that Becky didn’t even ask her that.  Vanessa tells him that she’s likely the backdoor target this week. Vanessa adds that Becky acknowledged the people she’s working with as Jackie, James, and Meg, which goes to show that she’s a terrible game player, Vanessa adds.

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Becky’s final talk was with Steve. Instead of going at him directly with a plan, she decided to just insinuate everything and leave it all up to interpretation. Becky told Steve that there is a person that she, Jackie, James, and Meg all want gone, along with being someone that has been known for fighting hard when paranoid. Becky did tell Steve that he’d be going up as a pawn, but has nothing to worry about because he’s far from a target. Steve agreed to going up and told her that he’ll just act nervous tonight, then he’ll act like he hates her after the nominations.

So after a couple hours of talks, Becky finished making the rounds, filling in everyone on what the “plan” was. The people who bought everything she sold was Austin, Liz, and Julia. People that you can’t be too sure about are Steve, and definitely not Vanessa. If Steve tells Vanessa about Becky all but admitting that she’s going to target her this week, we’re going to be in for some great drama! The nomination ceremony is going to be held later this morning, so make sure you check back to find out who it is that Becky ended up nominating!

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