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Big Brother 17: Week 6 POV Punishments Begin

We’ve finally made it to the point in the season where both punishments and rewards were given out during the Power of Veto competition. Becky and Clay were the only ones luckey enough to get a reward, while Jackie, Vanessa, and Shelli all have to deal with punishments for the next 24 hours.

Big Brother 17's Shelli Poole's punishment - Source: CBS

Big Brother 17‘s Shelli Poole’s punishment – Source: CBS

While Becky won $5,000 and Clay won a trip to Ireland, Shelli, Jackie, and Vanessa earned themselves punishments. This year’s punishments are similar to last year’s, though they might be a little better or a little worse depending on how you want to look at it.

Both Jackie’s and Vanessa’s punishment is shared between the two of them. Jackie will be the knight, and Vanessa will be her squire. Vanessa has to be with Jackie 24/7 to constantly be cleaning Jackie’s shield. The only time Vanessa is allowed to stop is when Jackie is asleep, but even then there will be “Time to buff” signals that come on throughout the night. When Jackie uses the restroom, Vanessa has to wait outside and buff Jackie’s helmet. The only time that she doesn’t have to buff Jackie’s helmet is when Vanessa is taking a shower. The catch for Jackie is that she has to wear her helmet at all times, including when she is taking a shower and in the pool.

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Shelli’s punishment is the worst out of the three being punished. She has to do 2400 “battles” in 24 hours. The battles meaning that she has to hit three targets with a sword 2400 times, meaning she’ll be hitting 7200 targets in only 24 hours. Every 100 battles, Shelli must go inside to ring a bell in the living room. She’s only allowed in the house when she’s ringing that bell, she’s not even allowed inside to use the bathroom. She has to use the porta-potty that is outside for her. Nobody is allowed to pick up Shelli’s third target. The only help she’s allowed to get is people bringing her food and toiletries when needed. If Shelli doesn’t complete the 2400 battles in 24 hours, she’s not allowed to compete in next week’s POV competition.

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It’s going to be a fun 24 hours, to say the least. Don’t forget that you can tune in and watch the punishments unfold on the Live Feeds for free with a 7 day trial by signing up here! For those without the Live Feeds, we’ll be updating this post throughout the day as Shelli reaches milestones such as the first 100 battles, and every 250 battles thereafter. Follow us on Twitter for 24/7 updates on Shelli’s milestones!



  • Shelli beings her punishment at 9:30 PM BBT
  • Shelli reached 100 battles at 10:11 PM BBT
  • Shelli reached 200 battles at 10:42 PM BBT
  • Shelli reached 300 battles at 11:11 PM BBT
  • Shelli reached 400 battles at 11:39 PM BBT
  • Shelli reached 500 battles at 12:11 PM BBT
  • Shelli reached 750 battles at 1:53 AM BBT
  • Shelli reached 1000 battles at 3:08 AM BBT
  • Shelli reached 1200 battles, the halfway mark, at 4:20 AM BBT
  • Shelli reached 1500 battles at 7:37 AM BBT
  • Shelli reached 1900 batles at 1:00 PM BBT
  • Shelli reached 2200 battles at 4:41 PM BBT
  • Shelli completed her punishment at 5:55 PM BBT

  • cyninoregon

    A typo? 4th paragraph, after the photos of Jackie as a knight…you say “Vanessa” got worst punishment–didn’t you mean “Shelli?” She’s the one running around w/the sword….

    • Daniel

      It’s since been fixed. Thank you.

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