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Big Brother 17: Week 6 POV Plans – Clay & Shelli’s Final Plea

It’s been another crazy week in the Big Brother house, but it’s soon to get even crazier after today’s Power of Veto ceremony. After countless hours of discussion, James and his allies agreed on a plan as to what James will do with the Power of Veto.

James Huling from Big Brother 17 - Source: CBS

James Huling from Big Brother 17 – Source: CBS

James’ original plan was to keep the nominations the same, but later agreed with Meg that they’d give Clay and Shelli one more shot to come clean with information important enough to justify someone else being put up. If Clay and Shelli refused to give them information or the information they gave wasn’t good enough, James would go along with the original plan to keep the nominations the same.

Flashback to 4:40 AM this morning to rewatch James conversation with Clay and Shelli. James tells them that in order for him to do something huge like using the veto to put up a new target, they’re going to have to tell him something huge. Shelli first asks if anyone has come to him about putting someone else up. James tells her that nobody has, that everyone thought that splitting the two of them up was the right decision.

After spending 10 minutes on trying to figure out how to start the conversation, Shelli began explaining Austin’s role in getting Jason sent home. Shelli explained that after Austin found out that he was the original target, he began the push to get Jason out. Shelli also tells James that Austin has an alter ego named “Judas”, that sometimes it’s Austin who does things, but sometimes it’s Judas. Shelli gives an example of Austin saying that Judas was the hinky vote for Audrey, not him. Shelli and Clay tell James that Austin is a dangerous person to have in the game, and that he won’t have his back like the two of them will. James tells them that this was information that he needed to hear and he will need Jackie and Meg to hear it before making his final decision.

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Flashback to 5:40 AM this morning for James going to wake Meg and Jackie up to bring them into the HOH room to hear what Shelli and Clay have to tell them. After making their way up to the HOH room, Shelli began explaining the role that Austin had in getting Jason sent home. Shelli begins explaining to Meg and Jackie that Austin has two personas, his regular one that they know named Austin, and his alter ego named Judas. Clay tells Meg and Jackie that if they were to get Austin out now, they’d be able to control both of the twin’s votes. Jackie tells them that this is information they were talking about last week.

Jackie asks Clay and Shelli why it had to be Jason who was sent home instead of Steve. Clay tries telling Jackie that Austin had his reasons why it should’ve been Jason. Jackie asks if that means that Austin is controlling Vanessa now since she had the ultimate decision. James interjects and asks Shelli if Austin was the person who wanted him put up as the replacement nominee last week. Shelli confirms. James tells her that if they would have just said this, they would of never been nominated. James tells Clay and Shelli that he’s going to need time with Jackie and Meg to discuss which option is more beneficial to their game.

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Flashback to 6:20 AM for James, Jackie, and Meg discussing their final decision as to what they’re going to do with the veto. Jackie tells James that if they’re not going to send Clay and Shelli home, they’re going to have to send Vanessa home because she’s the one who’s been at the head of all the decisions. James tells them that if that is the case, their best option is to keep the nominations the same. Jackie agrees and tell them that Shelli has to go home. Meg reassures Jackie that she will.

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So we can expect James to not use the POV so that he can keep the nominations the same. This means James will be the first person this season to keep the nominations the same. Clay and Shelli believe there is a chance they swayed the votes, so depending on if James tell them beforehand or not, we could be in for more drama afterwards! You can watch an entire week of Live Feeds for free with a 7 day trial by signing up here!

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