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Big Brother 17: Week 5 Power of Veto Plans

The original plan that the entire house had agreed to was for Vanessa to blindside Austin at the POV ceremony by putting him up with the intention of backdooring him. However Austin inadvertently planted a seed in Vanessa’s head that completely changed that.

Jason Roy from Big Brother 17 - Source: CBS

Jason Roy from Big Brother 17 – Source: CBS

The plan to backdoor Austin was quickly scrapped when Austin mentioned to Vanessa that nobody looked happy about Clay winning the POV, which made him think that there was an alliance in play that he didn’t know about that was trying to get Clay out this week against Vanessa’s wishes. Even though Vanessa was in on the actual plan, she bought it.

Flashback to 5:12 PM on July 25th for when the seed was planted into Shelli’s head by Vanessa that there is a 6 person alliance gunning for Clay. Vanessa told Shelli about Austin and Liz’s theory, in which Shelli suddenly had a false epiphany that Becky was throwing the BOB to keep Clay on the block, as usually Becky is great at competitions, but suddenly she did awful while paired with Clay.

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After hearing about this alliance that doesn’t actually exist, it was the point of no return for Shelli. She was set on saving Austin so that they’ll have the majority vote over the other (not real) alliance in the house. After this conversation, it was a made scramble for the next two days as to why they’d put up. The target switched more than 15 times, of which multiple times ended back up on the target being Austin again, but Shelli made sure to plead her case to Vanessa that they needed him in the house.

Flashback to 11:52 AM on July 26th for the conversation between Liz and Vanessa that originally put the idea in Vanessa’ head of how it would benefit them if they sent Jason out. Liz told her that Jason is the master mind of the operation that the other side of the house is running. Vanessa’s response was that if they were to send Jason out, Jackie, James, Becky, and Meg would be lost without him.

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Though the target did switch numerous more times after this conversation, it always ended up with Vanessa believing that Jason would be the best option since he is seen as the figure head of the other side of the house. Vanessa figures if they were to get Jason out, they’d be cutting the head off the snake and the other side of the house would all splinter.

Flashback to 1:45 AM early this morning for Vanessa’s confirmation conversation with Becky about who she’s going to put up. Vanessa told her all the reasons why it would be good for Austin to stay, along with all the reasons why it’d be good for Jason to leave. Becky jumped on board with Vanessa’s alliance and whatever plan they figured best.

Flashback to 4:00 AM this morning for Vanessa telling Steve that she’s going to put Jason up as the replacement nominee and that she’s not going to tell him so that it’s a blindside, along with Becky being in on the plan.

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This is terrible news for Jason fans, but good news for those who are ready for some heated confrontations, fights, and arguments on the Live Feeds. It’s going to be a blindside to both Jason and everyone that he’s working with that he’s getting put up, so there is going to be serious scrambling and chaos following today’s POV meeting. You can watch it all free with a 7 day trial to the Live Feeds by signing up here.

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