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Big Brother 17: Week 5 Nomination Ceremony Results

We’re going to be in for a crazy week in the Big Brother house based on the people who’ve bee nominated today! The nominee are all pawns, but the backdoor target is what’s going to cause all the drama and chaos!

Big Brother 17 Nominations revealed - Source: CBS

Big Brother 17 Nominations revealed – Source: CBS

Jackie and Vanessa being the Heads of Household the day after Austin’s former alliance found out that he burned them by trying to make a side deal with Jason isn’t good news for Austin. Vanessa gave Austin a chance to come clean, but he instead lied to Vanessa’s face, ultimately sealing his fate with her.

Everyone except Austin, John, and Steve are in on the plan to backdoor Austin, which means that they had to find four people who were willing to be pawns and risk ending up on the block on Thursday with Austin being safe from him winning the POV. After 6 straight hours of nomination talks, they finally agreed on who they’d put up.


Big Brother 17 Week 5 Nominations –

  • Jackie — Liz and James
  • Vanessa — Clay and Becky


The plan is for James to throw the Battle of the Block so that Clay and Becky come down, leaving Liz on the block as a back up target if something happens with Austin. Jackie told Vanessa that she’s willing to take the heat for nominating Austin at the POV meeting, which is why Vanessa agreed to be dethroned.

You’re not going to want to miss out on the fallout and drama from this week that these nominations plans are going to cause, so pick up your 7 day tree to the Live Feeds by signing up here!

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