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Big Brother 17: Week 5 Battle of the Block Results

Just like the last 3 weeks, the houseguests were going into this competition with a plan for one of the nominees to throw it to insure the person they wanted stayed HOH and the nominees stayed the same. What makes this week interesting is the actual intended target!


Big Brother 17 Battle of the Block Spoilers – Source: CBS

With Jackie winning Head of Household this week along with Vanessa, it meant that someone from the other side of the house is in power as well, which means that it was likely they’d feud on who they’d put up. Luckily for the two of them, that didn’t happen because someone decided to overextend themselves and make another easy target for the week.

The nominees facing off are Becky & Clay, who were put up by Vanessa, and James & Liz, who were put up by Jackie. James was put up with Liz so that he could throw it to insure that Vanessa gets dethroned like Jackie and Vanessa both planned. James and Liz are both intended to be pawns to backdoor Austin, though that could all change if James tries to throw it but Liz still manages to pull out the win!


Big Brother 17: Week 5 Battle of the Block winners –
James & Liz

Remaining Head of Household –


This is completely the opposite of what they all wanted to happen! Clay is still on the block, Liz can’t be targeted, and everyone is in panic mode! Vanessa said if she remained HOH somehow, she’d still go after Austin, but who knows if she actually will! It’s going to be an insane week in the Big Brother house and you’re not going to want to miss the drama on the Live Feeds! Watch the entire week free with a 7 day trial by signing up here.

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