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Big Brother 17: Week 4 Nomination Ceremony Results

We’ve finally made it to another week in the Big Brother house, however the same people are in power again which means we have a pretty good idea as to who the target is going to be and who the two Heads of Household will put up.

Big Brother 17 Nominations revealed - Source: CBS

Big Brother 17 Nominations are revealed – Source: CBS

Shelli, Liz, Clay, Austin, and Vanessa spent all night last night and this morning discussing who they think should be put up. They changed their minds on who should go up well over 5 to 10 different times, but just before the nomination ceremony, Clay managed to make a deal that confirmed who Shelli would be putting up.

Shelli nominated John and Jason. Liz nominated James and Jackie.

Just before the nomination ceremony, Clay talked with John and got John to confirm that he’ll throw the Battle of the Block for them once again. This means that when John throws the BOB, Jason and him will remain on the block, and Jason will be this week’s main target for everyone to try and get out.

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