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Big Brother 17: Week 4 Battle of the Block Results

Unlike the previous Battle of the Block competitions, both sets nominees are actually going to try and win it instead of throwing it to insure that two nominations stay the same or to insure that a certain HOH stays in power. It’s a pretty important competition as it’ll ultimately decide who is targeted.

Big Brother 17 Battle of the Block Spoilers - Source: CBS

Big Brother 17 Battle of the Block Spoilers – Source: CBS

This week Shelli nominated Jason with John, and Liz nominated Jackie with James. The original plan was for John to throw it to insure that Jason stays on the block to be targeted and ultimately sent home, but Shelli decided to tell John that he doesn’t need to throw it, that he just needs to go out there and win it because he’s played enough.

Jason will remain a target if Shelli’s nominees lose, however if they win, it’s unclear who the new target will be. The backup targets that have been mentioned are Jackie, James, and Audrey, though who knows if they’d be willing to pull the trigger on Audrey or not. Regardless, we’re going to be in for another great week of Big Brother!

Jackie and James have won the Battle of the Block! Liz has been dethroned! Shelli will be the remaining HOH in power, while Jason and John will remain the two nominees.

This means that the plan to target Jason will continue. Depending on who wins the POV, the target could either change or a new pawn could be put up to insure that Jason is the one sent home.

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