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Big Brother 17: Week 3 Battle of the Block Results

This week’s Battle of the Block is unlike any we’ve seen on Big Brother 17 so far. Instead of just easy to target pawns, 3 out of the 4 people competing are from the main alliance that has been controlling the house all season. Meaning regardless of who wins, the main alliance is going to have a member (or possibly even two) on the chopping block!

Big Brother 17 Battle of the Block Spoilers - Source: CBS

Big Brother 17 Battle of the Block Spoilers – Source: CBS

Austin and Vanessa have been planning all night and this morning to come up with the best way possible to get Jeff out this week. They settled on telling everyone that they’re going to nominate 4 people as pawns so that they can backdoor Audrey, when really they’re going to backdoor Jeff given the chance.

Austin and Vanessa discussed it they felt it was best for Vanessa to keep her HOH this week so that Austin could still be in good graces with Jeff’s group and be their inside man into their alliance. They both talked with John about throwing it to insure she stays HOH, he told them he was on board, so this week’s outcome will all boil down to if John actually threw the competition or not!

As planned, Jason and Meg won the Battle of the Block! Austin has been dethroned, so Vanessa remains the HOH.

This means that the plan to backdoor Jeff will continue¬†uninterrupted. The house still thinks that Audrey is the target, though James wasn’t happy after the competition and brushed Vanessa off when she tried talking to him after the competition. You can tell this is going to be a great week of Live Feeds already! The POV is tomorrow, so that will tell us if Jeff will be backdoored, or a second target will be chosen.

  • koam

    3 of the 4 are from the main alliance controlling the house? huh? They may have voted with the house but these are not people in a power alliance.

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