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Big Brother 17: Week 2 Battle of the Block Results

We might only be in week 2, but this week’s Battle of the block will be critical because depending on who is dethroned and who stays HOH, the house could be flip upside down which would create chaos unlike any we’ve seen in a long time!

Big Brother 17 Battle of the Block Spoilers - Source: CBS

Big Brother 17 Battle of the Block Spoilers – Source: CBS

This week it was Becky’s nominees facing off against Shelli’s nominees. Depending on who the winner is, either Audrey or Da’Vonne will be targeted. Meaning that if Shelli’s nominees lose the Battle of the Block like John planned to make happen, she and a select few people would be going directly against what everyone in the house wants!

Steve and Jason won the Battle of the Block, which means Becky has been dethroned and Shelli is the remaining HOH.

Da’Vonne and John are still on the block.

Shelli plans to use her HOH this week to get out Da’Vonne, though we don’t know for sure yet if she’ll be able to rally enough votes. Depending on who gets the BB Takeover, that could totally decide who is going home this week.

You’re not going to want to miss all the drama that is going to happen this week! You can watch the entire week of drama on the Live Feeds free by signing up here.

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