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Big Brother 17: Week 12 Nomination Ceremony Results

With Vanessa winning HOH last night, it meant that we really had no idea as to what she’d do because everyone suspected she’d throw it because of how she’s aligned herself in the house, but now she’ll have to choose a side.

Big Brother 17 Nominations revealed - Source: CBS

Big Brother 17 Nominations revealed – Source: CBS

You might think that splitting up the showmance before the final four would be the obvious choice, but after a conversation between Austin and Vanessa, it seems as though Austin has misted her and she now looks at John and Steve as a couple as well, despite both John and Steve saying they’d take her over each other because the jury likes the other too much, while the jury supposedly hates her.

Vanessa made a deal with Austin and Liz that they’d throw the final four veto if she asked, as well as throw the first part of the three part final three HOH. Austin and Liz of course agreed, and Vanessa believed them, even though Liztin spent the previous hour telling her how they told Steve everything he wanted to hear if it meant safety for them. Regardless, Vanessa will make the decision that she believes is best for her game.


Big Brother 17 Week 12 Nominations –

  • John and Steve


It’s unclear who the target is, because Vanessa has switched back and forth between John and Steve, but it seems as though she is currently leaning towards targeting John because she believes everyone would bring him to the end for an easy win. Of course John has the chance to win the veto, which would change everything because Liz has agreed to go up as the pawn because she believes that they’ll have the votes, but will also give John and Steve a couple days to convince Vanessa that evicting Liz is her best option.

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