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Big Brother 17: Week 11 Power of Veto Plans

It might be obvious that Austin is using the veto on himself, but the intended target this week isn’t. There has been multiple conversations about targeting either the replacement nominee or Liz, which is still up in the air.

Austin Matelson from Big Brother 17 - Source: CBS

Austin Matelson from Big Brother 17 – Source: CBS

Going into this week, Austin was the main target, though that obviously had to change once Austin won veto. Luckily for Steve and Vanessa, they had planned for this by leaving Julia off the block, the person least likely to win the veto, as the replacement nominee, thus guaranteeing that one of the twins goes. It might seem like the obvious option to get rid of Liz because of how good she is at competitions, the choice doesn’t seem so clear to those in the house that will be doing the voting.

Austin will be using the veto to save himself, obviously, which means that the back up plan that Steve set in place will come into effect. Steve will nominate Julia, leaving the two twins on the block together, guaranteeing that one if them is sent home. While all have agreed to let the twins choose, most have only said that in hopes that they both agree that it’s best for Julia to stay. Austin on the other hand, is actively campaigning for Liz, as you could have expected.

John and Vanessa came to the agreement that it’s better for Julia to stay because they need to do what will make it easier for them to win the next HOH, which is to take out Liz, the better competitor.¬†Vanessa tried working on Austin, explaining to him why it would not only be better for his game, but for the twin’s game as well if Julia were to stay. Vanessa explained to him that he and Liz would end up on the block together again, while Julia wouldn’t be a target any longer. Austin told Vanessa that they have time to think about it, though he later told Liz that he knows that the two of them will go up together, but he doesn’t care because he ‘loves’ her.

Ultimately what you can expect is for Austin to use the veto on himself, Julia go up as the replacement nominee, and for Liz to go to the jury house on Thursday, however, this is Big Brother and anything can change at any moment. There is three full days for them to discuss this, so opinions and decisions have plenty of time to change.

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