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Big Brother 17: Week 11 Nominations Plans

It’s nomination day in the Big Brother house, and now that we’re down to the final six, people who have been working together since day 20 are going to have to begin turning on one another, and Steve is preparing to make that big move.

Steve and John from Big Brotehr 17 - Source: CBS

Steve and John from Big Brotehr 17 – Source: CBS

There were only a coupleĀ people willing to take the first shirt at Austwins, and Steve happened toe be one of them. With Steve winning HOH last night, it ultimately came down to figuring out which combination of Austwins he nominates, as well as who he should have as his main target. After hours of discussion, Steve and his two allies seemed to be on the same page.

Flashback to 1:40am earlier this morning for Vanessa’s talk in private with Steve. Vanessa told Steve that it would be better for them to put up Austin with Liz, leaving Julia off. Vanessa explained that if they left a strong competitor off like Austin, he could win the veto, use it on Liz, then he would be forced to put up John, which would mean he gets evicted because Austin and Liz would control the vote. Vanessa went on to say that she believes she could talk Julia into not using the veto even if she were to somehow win it because they could promise her that Liz would be safe and they’d vote out Austin. After thinking about it, Steve admitted it was a good plan, but wanted to talk with John about it as well.

Steve finally had his talk with John at 2:30 am earlier this morning. After telling John about the new plan, John agreed and said he was on board with it. John told Steve that if they were to get rid a twin, they’d be leaving the possibility of Austin and Vanessa linking up, if they haven’t already, as she is getting information from them somehow. Steve asked if John was suggesting they get out Austin so that it takes away the chances of Vanessa choosing to work with Austin over them. John confirmed. Steve wanted to make sure, and asked John once more if he’s saying they should target Austin. John said that they should because that is the move that is better for their game. Steve thought about it and also agreed.

With both of Steve’s allies being on board with the same plan, as well as Austin later telling him that he’ll understand if he goes up, it’s a pretty clear choice for Steve now. The only thing that Steve will have to worry about containing tomorrow afternoon will be Liz’s reaction, however it’s possible that Vanessa will be able to calm her down without incident and reassure her that she has nothing to worry about. Regardless, make sure you check back later this evening to find out who Steve officially nominated at the nomination ceremony!

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