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Big Brother 17: Week 11 Nomination Ceremony Results

It’s nomination day in the Big Brother house, which means that it’s time for Steve to nominate two people that he’s been working with for most of the game. Now that we’ve made it to the final six, alliances finally have to turn on each other.

Big Brother 17 Nominations revealed - Source: CBS

Big Brother 17 Nominations revealed – Source: CBS

Steve has been in a secret alliance called ‘Scamper Squad’ with Austin, Liz, Julia, and Vanessa that formed week three. John wasn’t in the alliance, though Steve knows that targeting John over a trio would seal the deal that he isn’t going to win this season and would get fourth place at the very best. However, Austwins believe they’d be able to get Steve to do just that.

John and Vanessa, both of Steve’s closest allies, want Steve to nominate Austin and Liz, not both twins together because if Austin were to win the veto and take Liz off, they’d be forced to put up one of each other and Austwins would control the vote once more. This way if a nominee does win veto, they can just put up Julia as the replacement, ensuring that someone from Austwins goes home. However the decision ultimately lies with Steve, as he is the HOH and has the final say.


Big Brother 17 Week 11 Nominations –

  • Austin and Liz


Austin, Julia, and Liz are all under the impression that Liz is the target, which leaves Liz and Julia pissed off and Austin feeling safe, though that is not the plan at all. Steve, John, and Vanessa all have plans to get Austin out this week, it’s just the Austwins don’t know it yet. Once Liz and Julia are informed, it’ll be interesting to see if they tell Austin about it or not. Regardless, we’re in for one hell of a week.

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