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Big Brother 17: Week 11 Head of Household Competition Results

We’re down to the final six after tonight’s double eviction, which left us with two groups of three that’ll be gunning after each other, though it ultimately depends on who win this HOH as to who Vanessa will roll with.

Julie Chen hosts the Big Brother HOH competition - Source: CBS

Julie Chen hosts the Big Brother HOH competition – Source: CBS

Vanessa is the deciding factor for how this week will play out. She’ll either stick with John and Steve to face off against Austwins, or she could join Austwins to take out both John and Steve. Though from conversations Vanessa has had, it seems as though she’s hoping for either John or Steve to win so that they can finally take a shot at Austwins.

No matter who wins tonight, bridges will be burned and deals will be broken. Though tonight’s winner will ultimately determine the pace of the rest of the game, as well as who will likely end up in the final three due to big moves being made or not.


Big Brother 17 Week 11 Head of Household Competition –

  • Steve


Steve said less than an hour before the competition that he’d put up both the twins, which means that we’re going to be in for one hell of a week, as even if he decided not to put up both twins, he has no choice but to put up big targets now. Make sure you check back tomorrow evening to find out who Steve decided to nominate!

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